Nothing in the world is more dangerous than
sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity

–Martin Luther King Jr.

Trump vows to remove all barriers to energy independence

trumpPresidential nominee Donald Trump vowed to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and dramatically reduce the EPA's budget and its regulatory stranglehold during yesterday's energy policy speech in North Dakota. Within hours, the usual suspects called his policies calamitous for planet Earth. That's because under the current administration, the EPA has become the largest single source of grants and monies funding the catastrophic global warming narrative. If elected, Trump would not send a single taxpayer dime to the United Nations to support the Paris Climate Agreement.

More than 7,000 attend Trump speech

trump bakken…snip…

Trump vowed to reverse the energy policy of President Barack Obama’s administration, which he said has been devastating to industry and inflicted pain on states such as North Dakota that rely heavily on the energy sector.

“If President Obama wanted to weaken America, he couldn’t have done a better job,” Trump said.

Among the policies he’d push to undo is the Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions rules targeting coal-fired power plants. The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year voted 5-4 to halt implementation of the rules governing new and existing power plants for now.

Leo Di Caprio isn’t the only climate change hypocrite

dicaprio instagramPoor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The serial modelizer and frequently man-bunned Hollywood playa was forced to rip himself from the babe-infested parties at the Cannes Film Festival last week to fly, via private jet, from France to New York City — where he accepted an environmental award.

Holy Gulfstream Hypocrisy!

Mr. Global Warming expanded his carbon footprint by some 8,000 miles in about 24 hours.

Bill Nye the Scientism Guy

bill nyeTrue science requires that data, observations and other evidence support a hypothesis – and that it can withstand withering analysis and criticism – or the hypothesis is wrong.

That’s why Albert Einstein once joked, “If the facts don’t fit your theory, change the facts.” When informed that scientists who rejected his theory of relativity had published a pamphlet, 100 authors against Einstein, he replied: “Why 100? If I were wrong, one would be enough.”

Prevailing theories have been proven wrong before

galileoIt is said that Galileo’s middle finger is displayed in Florence, Italy, thus in death “giving the finger” to those who put him under house arrest for daring to claim the Earth was not the centre of the universe. That the sun orbited the Earth was the scientific consensus of the time, backed by Biblical texts.

The penalty for Galileo’s effrontery in saying otherwise was not only prison and then house arrest. He was also forbidden to claim the obvious as fact. He could claim it only as theory.

Crusaders Aim To Force Exxon Shareholders To Divest The Company

protestAnti-fossil fuel groups are vowing to turn up the heat on ExxonMobil after the company refused to adopt resolutions to address climate change Wednesday, by urging the company’s shareholders to divest their shares entirely.

It was the shareholders, however, who refused to adopt the resolutions.

“The recommendation by Exxon’s board to outright reject every single climate resolution from shareholders sends an incontestable signal to investors: it’s due time to divest from Exxon’s deception,” May Boeve, executive director of environmentalist group, said after hearing of the shareholders’ decision.

Trump: Get The Feds Out Of The Energy Business

trump energyPresumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told reporters the federal government should get out of the energy business and let free markets work.

“We’ve got to get rid of some of these regulations,” Trump said at an event Thursday in Bismarck, North Dakota — America’s number two oil producing state. “It’s gotten out of control.”

Trump also took the time to blast Democratic candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for saying her policies would put coal miners out of work. He also said he would approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline and take some of the project’s profits.

RSPB: We Must Build More Bird-Chopping Eco Crucifixes!

wind turbines kill birdsBritain must build thousands more bat-chomping bird-slicing eco crucifixes in order to stave off “dangerous climate change” says the RSPB.

RSPB stands for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and, no, this is not The Onion.

Yes, Britain’s oldest and biggest ornithological society really has put out a report demanding the erection of yet more avian Cuisinarts – despite swathes of evidence showing that these monstrosities are responsible for killing many millions of birds around the world every year.

Exxon, Chevron Shareholders Reject Climate Resolutions

chevronShareholders at Exxon Mobil and Chevron rejected resolutions backed by environmentalists that would have pushed the companies to take stronger stands in favor of limiting climate change.

Environmentalists took solace, however, that some of their ideas gained considerable support.

At Chevron Corp., a resolution asking for an annual report each year on how climate-change policies will affect the company received 41 percent of the vote. A similar resolution at Exxon got 38 percent.

EU Reveals Its Inner Arrogance…Floats Plan To “Punish Parties That Don’t Represent EU Norms”

Austria's new president Alexander Van Der BellenAustria's new president Alexander Van Der BellenWell, in Europe it is not just a group of activist attorneys general who are calling for silencing dissent, but the EU itself!

According to Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten – DWN – (German Business News), “The EU is planning penalties for parties that do not represent ‘the values of the EU“.

The move is apparently in response to the rising wave of right wing parties currently sweeping across Europe – especially Austria, which saw a right wing figure almost winning national Presidential elections last Sunday. Europe’s established parties are spooked, and they aren’t coping well with growing opposition and voter dissatisfaction. Their latest solution: to punish it.

Cloud Seeding Discovery Could Alter Climate Predictions

cloudsCloud seeding usually results in the release of precipitation into parched regions of land. However, a discovery made about a natural version of the process reveals a surprising fact about the climate. The formation of clouds may be aided by a chemical produced by trees. A pair of experiments showed that molecules released by trees are capable of seeding clouds.

If these studies are confirmed, then skies in the pre-industrial world may have been significantly cloudier than previously believed. This would also mean that climate studies have underestimated the role played by clouds on the environment prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Greens vow to fight Exxon after defeats

exxon mobilEnvironmental groups are vowing to increase the pressure on Exxon Mobil and its allies, despite a string of defeats Wednesday.

Shareholders at the country's largest oil company rejected a number of resolutions to make climate change part of the company's business model.

The climate advocates say they won't back down from the challenge, which they say now includes Exxon supporters in Congress looking to block them from pushing a global warming agenda.