GOP Considering Repealing Obama’s Methane Rule

Methane venting

Republicans are pushing legislation to repeal federal methane rules that could impact communities in the western United States reliant on oil and natural gas.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released similar rules to reduce methane emissions from oil and natural gas wells. The House already voted to repeal BLM’s methane rule, and that bill is being considered by the Senate.

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Green Lunacy: £450 Million Lost Over Failed ‘Green’ Power That Is Worse Than Coal

Britain is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds subsidising power stations to burn American wood pellets that do more harm to the climate than the coal they replaced, a study has found. Chopping down trees and transporting wood across the Atlantic Ocean to feed power stations produces more greenhouse gases than much cheaper coal, according to the report. It blames the rush to meet EU renewable energy targets, which resulted in ministers making the false assumption that burning trees was carbon-neutral. –Ben Webster, The Times, 23 February 2017

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The great diesel disaster shows how badly wrong-headed environmentalism can harm the planet

Who do you think was responsible for Europe’s biggest environmental disaster of the past three decades; one that caused more widespread damage and killed more people than even the nuclear accident at Chernobyl?

Was it a) greedy and selfish capitalists, probably linked to Big Oil, riding roughshod over the stringent health and safety regulations our wise, caring politicians have designed to protect us and our natural environment?

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EPA Employee Claims ‘Forces’ Murdering Eco-Activists Abroad Will Get Stronger Under Trump

A unnamed EPA official published a lengthy screed online against the Trump administration, claiming the “same forces” allegedly behind the deaths of environmentalists abroad are “working against us in the US today.”

Environmental journalist Eric Holthaus published an essay by an EPA employee “who requested anonymity out of fear of retribution by the administration,” criticizing the Trump administration for wanting to roll back regulations and devolve more authority to the states.

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North Dakota offers protesters free rides home, food, hotels as evacuation deadline looms

Short of packing the protesters’ bags, North Dakota is doing everything it can to convince the remaining Dakota Access oil pipeline activists to meet Wednesday’s evacuation deadline with free bus tickets, food, hotel rooms and taxi rides.

The state, which has already spent $33 million on law enforcement and other costs associated with the 6-month-old protest, has established a travel-assistance center, a free service to “provide protesters with support as they prepare for their return home.”

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G20: Merkel Sets A Climate Ambush For @realDonaldTrump

Angela Merkel

German chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing to spring an ambush on President Trump at this year’s G-20 summit in July. And Trump’s response will determine whether his presidency plays out like George W. Bush’s second term or puts America’s energy exceptionalism at the service of reviving American greatness. –Rupert Darwall, National Review Online, 22 February 2017

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Standing Rock casino hopes to win back gamblers scared off by protests

Prairie Knights Casino

At this point, the Standing Rock Sioux could use fewer Dakota Access pipeline protesters in the camps and more high-rollers at the reservation casino.

The tribe’s Prairie Knights Casino & Resort reportedly has taken a $6 million hit amid the turmoil stemming from the protests, thanks in part to agitators who blocked roads, forced the closure of the Backwater Bridge after setting it on fire and left tons of garbage in their wake.

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New EPA chief Pruitt says agency will respect rule of law, states’ rights

Pruitt addresses EPA staff

He didn’t delve into policy specifics nor did he mention his predecessors by name, but new Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt on Tuesday told federal employees that under his leadership the agency once again will adhere to the rule of law and will respect states’ rights.

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Turns out the methane bomb scare was more Fake News

A new USGS report challenges the consensus belief that a warming climate would lead to an explosive release of methane into the atmosphere from the breakdown of frozen methane hydrates.

Climate alarmists like Al Gore have called this the ‘methane bomb,’ where frozen hydrates stored beneath the permafrost and seabed floors warms up, allowing the trapped gas to escape.

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