Science is a wonderful thing if one
does not have to earn one's living at it.

–Albert Einstein

US Opposition To Climate Finance Stalls UN Climate Talks

Bonn plenaryNegotiations on the Paris climate change agreement’s second draft slipped behind closed doors on Wednesday in Bonn, Germany. The US reiterated their long-standing position that public funds were expected to be a small portion of the $100 billion that the developed world is required to provide annually starting 2020. The US also asked all countries to contribute to the climate funds. This implied that emerging economies should also contribute to the climate funds, which under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) only developed countries are obliged to provide so far. This was opposed by negotiators from developing countries. --Nitin Sethi, Business Standard, 22 October 2015

Study shows climate change made Calif. drought less likely to occur

jerry brownA new peer-reviewed study refutes Gov. Jerry Brown's assertion that global warming is behind California's drought, indicating that climate change neither makes droughts more likely to occur nor exacerbates them. The study, published this week in the Journal of Climate, shows that the "net effect of climate change" has made California's agriculture drought "less likely" to occur and that the "current severe impacts of drought on California’s agriculture" has not been exacerbated by long-term climate changes. This is another stinging indictment that Gov. Brown's belief that global warming is causing California's drought is bordering on wish fulfillment.

The Only Global Warming Chart You Need from Now On

When I make charts and graphs, I generally make it a practice to scale the vertical axis of a chart from zero (0) to the upper bound of the range. Compressing a chart’s vertical axis can be grossly misleading. For example, the usual chart the climatistas display of ambient atmospheric carbon dioxide levels looks like this:

CO1-1 copy

Oooh—that looks scary! Look how fast CO2 is rising! We’re galloping toward the all-important doubling of CO2, after which the world will come to an end.

No, Greenies, Exxon Did Not Hide ‘The Truth’ About Global Warming

exxonThis column is sponsored by my kind friends at ExxonMobil: the Gaia-raping, children-of-the-future-murderers you can trust!

No, of course it isn’t really and that’s my only serious beef with ExxonMobil. It ought to support its media defenders but it doesn’t.

So what if it’s a big oil company? Big oil companies make the world go round.

So what if its annual revenues, if expressed in GDP, would make it one of the world’s 30 largest companies? That’s capitalism.

British Steel’s Green Death

steel's deathThe loss of so many jobs in the UK steel industry in such a short period of time is nothing short of a tragedy. British steelmakers pay nearly twice as much for their electricity as their German and French rivals. Dealing with this would require the UK government to row back on the green policies that slowly ratcheted up energy bills for British businesses. A couple of years ago, I asked the head of a large US fund management company for his opinion on the biggest risk Europe faced. I expected him to say Greece, or the euro, or something about our ageing populations. But he instantly alighted on European energy policy, labelling it “nuts”. Those workers in Scunthorpe and Redcar who have recently been laid off would likely agree. --Ben Wright, The Daily Telegraph, 20 October 2015

Expert: Increased methane gas plumes are not linked to global warming

Figure 1.)  Offshore Washington / Oregon seafloor bottom topography (bathymetry).Figure 1.) Offshore Washington / Oregon seafloor bottom topography (bathymetry).As the Paris Climate Talks begin, the mainstream media has ramped up output of alarmist man-made global warming articles, this time focusing on increased methane gas plumes. Specifically, methane gas bubbling up from the seabed at several locations off the coast of Washington state. Methane gas plumes that they say are the result of man-made atmospheric global warming and indicative of a pending disaster.

Here's what we're told:

Human CO2 emissions have warmed the atmosphere, which has acted to warm mid-ocean depth levels in localized areas off the coast of Washington. This warmed seawater has heated, and therefore destabilized, selective and underlying seafloor methane-rich geological rock layers. These destabilized methane-rich geological rock layers are now emitting methane gas into the overlying ocean and are indicative of an impending worldwide catastrophic methane release. Methane gas is a so-called greenhouse gas with a potency 23 times greater than carbon dioxide (CO2).

Scary stuff!

Coal Company Faces $5,000 Fine For Displaying ‘Fire Obama’ Signs

fire obamaThe coal company Murray Energy agreed to pay a $5,000 fine for failing to disclose it funded anti-Obama signs during the 2012 election cycle, according to a decision by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The FEC ruled Friday that Murray Energy will be fined for not disclosing payments for signs saying “STOP the WAR on COAL — FIRE OBAMA” in the months leading up to the 2012 election. The FEC investigation found that Murray Energy had paid $22,000 for anti-Obama signs, but did not include a disclaimer on them as required by federal election laws.

Murray energy argued it didn’t know it had to disclose paying for the signs, adding that the signs could “reasonably be read to primarily advocate a policy result longtime publicized” by the company. Murray also argued it stopped distributing the signs once a complaint against them was filed, and the company noted it hadn’t included a disclaimer because other similar signs did not have one.

Fanatics Want To Draft Americans To Fight This Dumb War

protest climateThe political left is ready to go to war, but not against any real threat. It wants to fight global warming — and of course that will require Americans to make sacrifices that just happen to align with the left's objectives.

Al Gore popularized the phrase "fighting global warming" to underscore what he thinks is the seriousness of the matter. Though profoundly childish, the expression caught on and apparently inspired a Seattle-based writer to lay out in the Atlantic a plan for war.

Gov. Brown's link between climate change and wildfires is unsupported, fire experts say

brownThe ash of the Rocky fire was still hot when Gov. Jerry Brown strode to a bank of television cameras beside a blackened ridge and, flanked by firefighters, delivered a battle cry against climate change.

The wilderness fire was "a real wake-up call" to reduce the carbon pollution "that is in many respects driving all of this," he said.

"The fires are changing.... The way this fire performed, it's not the way it usually has been. Going in lots of directions, moving fast, even without hot winds."

India plans to buy coal mines in South Africa

coal 2India is talking to South Africa to buy coal mines there to feed its expanding steel industry, Coal Secretary Anil Swarup said, adding that New Delhi also hopes to stop imports of coal used to generate power in three years as domestic output jumps.

After years of poor production crippling power supply, state-run Coal India is boosting output at a record pace to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi's goal of connecting to the grid millions of Indians who still make do with kerosene lamps.

Academic Stalinism Still Thriving

cartoon-gw-heresy-lgThere are many opinionated people on each side of the political spectrum, including me, but I haven’t heard of any conservatives trying to muzzle leftists. Liberals on the other hand? Ha.

Man-made global warming liberals ridicule skeptics as corrupt or brain-dead deniers, and their advocate in chief, President Obama, habitually derides conservatives for rejecting his hysterical narrative on climate change.

Don’t assume they do this solely for political advantage. It can be far more serious than that.

Developing Nations Reject Paris Draft Agreement

A storm of anger rising from developed countries negotiators gathered strength at the Climate Change talks at Bonn on the weekend, ahead of the formal launch of the negotiations on Monday. The Africa Group joined hands with the Like-Minded Developing Countries, of which India and China are member, to oppose the draft for the Paris agreement in its current shape. The two groups conveyed that further negotiations would not be possible without countries being first allowed to re-insert their proposals unopposed back in to the imbalanced draft agreement. --Nitin Sethi, Business Standard, 18 November 2015


Elizabeth and Sheldon Torquemada

warrenAs Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition for 15 years, Tomas de Torquemada presided over the interrogation, torture, imprisonment and execution of thousands, for the “crimes” of religious heresy and pretended conversion to Christianity. Historian Sebastián de Olmedo titled him "the hammer of heretics.”

Today Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) are pursuing their own inquisition against perceived “heretics.” Thankfully, they don’t have Friar Torquemada’s torture devices or sentencing options. But they are vindictive and effective nonetheless – abusing their congressional powers to silence critics of their policy agendas, often with the help of media, White House, Justice Department, Internal Revenue Service and Big Green allies.