“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Australian Govt Rebukes Obama’s Climate Claims

polarAustralian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop criticises US president Barack Obama for a speech in Brisbane last weekend in which he claimed climate change threatened the Great Barrier Reef. It is highly unusual for an Australian foreign minister to openly criticise a US president. Ms Bishop also said Australia currently had no intention of committing extra forces or resources to the mission against Islamic State, even though the White House had discussed it with the Abbott Government. --Radio Australia, 20 November 2014

Why did the Southern Beaufort polar bear population survey stop in 2010? It’s clear that the recently-published and widely-hyped new study stopped before the population rebound from a known decline was complete. The researchers of the recently-published paper knew before starting their mark-recapture study in 2007 that the population decline had taken place. They also knew why the numbers dropped and that previous declines, caused by similar conditions, had been followed by a full recovery. In fact, a US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) fall survey of Southern Beaufort polar bears in 2012 found numbers were higher than they had been in a decade. --Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science, 19 November 2014

Newspapers Mislead Public About Polar Bear Numbers

Earlier this week, the Guardian newspaper ran a headline claiming that the ‘polar bear population in frozen sea north of Alaska falls 40% in 10 years’ – a claim repeated today by the AFP news agency.



Dr Susan Crockford, a Canadian zoologist and professor with more than 35 years experience, has been highly critical of these stories, claiming that they are misleading the public.

Senate Democrats stiff Mary Landrieu on Keystone XL pipeline; green lobby wins

"I'm shocked. Shocked! Well, not that shocked.""I'm shocked. Shocked! Well, not that shocked."Senate Democrats filibustered the Keystone XL pipeline on Tuesday, in a vote that reverberated from Louisiana, where a key senator's career is now likely doomed, to the broader national Democratic Party, where environmentalists have emerged triumphant in a divisive internal battle with labor unions.

The Keystone vote took on symbolism far beyond the small impact on American crude supplies and the slight effect expected on gas prices. Environmentalists drew lines and dared moderate and conservative Democrats to cross it. In the end, most were unwilling to defy the ascendant movement, and it marked a key moment in the climate change debate.

"It's time to make this turn. And there's no better moment to make this turn than on this pipeline that would bring the filthiest fuel in the planet into circulation," said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat.

The vote fell one shy of the 60 needed to overcome the filibuster, with 14 Democrats joining all 45 Republicans in backing the project.

Podesta Says Congress Can't Stop Obama On Climate

podestaElections have consequences. In 2014, that means the losing Obama administration decides to rule by fiat. Case in point: The White House now says Congress can't stop Obama's global warming agenda.

'I don't believe they can stop us," White House lawyer John Podesta said Monday in a media conference call, referring to President Obama's climate change agenda.

"I believe the president will complete actions," said Podesta. "It is a top priority of his."

Podesta accused Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, who will become Senate majority leader in January, of making it "a top priority" "to leave the air dirtier," and outlined some of the stunts that the White House will pull without congressional oversight.

Once Again with the Global Meaningless Temperature

cartoon 400000yearsclimatechangeFor some reason known only to the voodoo scientists at the U.N., a two-degree rise in temperatures will mean the end of the world as we know it. Well, not so fast. One has only to go back to the Cretaceous period (CO2 was 1700 ppm and the average global temperature was 4°C higher) and the Carboniferous period (CO2 was 800 ppm and the average global temperature was 0°C higher) to see that our planet is quite accustomed to higher CO2 levels (the other meaningless unit of measurement) and a warmer environment.

Let's go back even further to the Cambrian period (541–485.4 million years ago) where mean CO2 levels were 4500 ppm! And the mean surface temperature was a balmy 21°C (69.8°F). It was only during the Neogene period (which ended about 3 million years ago) did CO2 levels drop dramatically to 280 ppm and the mean surface temperature was 14°C (57.2°F).

It is truly surprising that so many "environmental" journalists refuse to do this basic "background" on earth's climatological history. If they did, it would put our current climate in proper perspective and invoke quite a few yawns.

Global Warming’s Rough Patch

steyerWith much media fanfare, Silicon Valley billionaire Tom Steyer set out earlier this year to put an end to global warming skepticism through campaign contributions to favored candidates. Estimates of what he and his PAC spent range from $57 million to $74 million. What did he get for the money? Zip. A Republican majority in the Senate, an enlarged one in the House, and more Republican governors and state legislatures than before. There will be quite a few global warming skeptics among them.

He must have been paying too much attention to some pre-election academic polls and little to what voters were saying about 2014 priorities. He and fellow Democrats were cheered by two polls that measured perceptions. One, by Stanford University last year, had 73 percent of respondents saying they believed that global warming had been taking place over the last 100 years. And, 81 percent said they think it poses a serious problem for the U.S.

VIDEO: College Students Attempt to Explain Global Warming

According to Weather Channel founder John Coleman, man-made climate change is a myth. College students at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) strongly disagree.

Coleman says: “The ocean is not rising significantly. The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar bears are increasing in number. Heat waves have diminished, not increased.”

UN Climate Treaty May Fail Over Economic Risks, Tony Abbott Warns

Tony AbbottTony AbbottAustralian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Wednesday warned that next year’s landmark climate change summit in Paris will fail if world leaders decide to put cutting carbon emissions ahead of economic growth. “It’s vital that the Paris conference be a success… and for it to be a success, we can’t pursue environmental improvements at the expense of economic progress,” Abbott said. “We can’t reduce emissions in ways which cost jobs because it will fail if that’s what we end up trying to do.” --Jane Aardell, Reuters, 19 November 2014

Plans for the government to donate (sic) hundreds of millions of pounds to a new Green Climate Fund could lead voters away from the Tories in an upcoming by-election. Senior Tories fear that the contribution has jeopardised the party’s chances of obtaining votes from potential UKIP supporters – skeptical of climate change claims and opposed to foreign aid. David Cameron has done little to address these fears, by refusing to disclose the precise amount that Britain plans to donate to the fund, although he stressed that the money would come from existing funds. --Nick Reilly, Metro News, 17 November 2014

Abbott gets advice from Hartcher that would kill him and hurt Australia

tony-abbott-pmAustralian PM Tony AbbottPeter Hartcher, the Sydney Morning Herald political editor, is losing touch with reality.

Yesterday he claimed a former Fairfax colleague from Melbourne who’d vilified Australia in the Leftist Los Angeles Times was proof of a ”towering international indignation” over Tony Abbott.

Today he claims Abbott could and should strike a global warming deal with China:

...it’s not only possible for Abbott and Xi to put together a deal on climate change, it’s also desirable in the national interest and in the Abbott government’s political interest…

But didn’t China already announce its plan last week in Xi’s joint announcement with Barack Obama? Not at all. China merely said its emissions would peak by 2030, earlier if possible. Another way of saying it is this: We reserve the right to keep increasing emissions for another 15 years.

What the mainstream media wont tell you about global warming

cartoon-snowman-upsetBetween the recent “deal” with China, reports of Obama taking climate action via executive fiat, and the debate over keystone, global warming has been over the mainstream media recently. But instead of debating whether or not the global warming hypotheses is a valid threat to the Earth, the media starts with the premise that the theory is real and anybody who contests global warming is the equivalent of people who don’t believe the holocaust actually happened, they are called deniers.

The “LA Times” refuses to print letters that disagree with global warming, CNN openly mocks them on air, the NY Times ran a cartoon suggesting climate change skeptics should be stabbed to death, and MSNBC and CBS only interview climate change believers on their programs.

Lower Oil Prices Slow Fracking, but Kill Solar

cartoon-wind-energyEnvironmentalists should be ecstatic. The Saudis are doing for them what they have tried and tried and tried to do for themselves, but could not:  Stop fracking.

But their green smiles are quickly turning into frowns as more and more enviros recognize the same lower oil prices that hurt fracking are killing their most treasured darlings: Solar and wind power.

Today fracking  -- pumping sand and water at high pressure to release copious quantities of oil and natural gas from hard to reach places -- is on the verge of turning the United States from an energy importer to energy exporter.

Keystone supporters scramble for final Senate vote

cartoon-keystone-environuttersWith the clock ticking, supporters of a Senate bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline are still scrambling to find the last vote.

With 59 Senators publicly voicing support, the hunt was on for the 60th vote before a critical vote Tuesday to advance the measure. Maine independent Sen. Angus King left the possibility open, telling reporters he was a “probable no.”

All 45 Republicans support it, and 11 Democrats have signed onto the bill, along with three others who have publicly said they will vote “yes.”