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California Dem Proposes Law Targeting Global Warming Skeptics

exxonA California lawmaker wants to change a law to make it easier for state prosecutors to go after companies skeptical of global warming. The proposed bill would punish skeptical companies for “many years of public deception” with regards to global warming science.

“I want to give law enforcement the tools they need to hold people accountable for their actions if that’s where the evidence takes them,” Democratic state Sen. Ben Allen, who proposed legislation targeting skeptics, recently told InsideClimate News.

Rajendra Pachauri: third woman accuses ex-IPCC chair of sexual advances

rajendra pachauri(h/t Raining Sky) A third woman has claimed she was sexually harassed by the former head of the UN climate change panel, Rajendra Pachauri, who is charged with sexually harassing, stalking and intimidating a female employee.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said on Thursday she had decided to make a public statement after reading an article in the Observer in which Pachauri denied the allegations against him claiming his email account had been hacked and the claims were a conspiracy to defame him.

How geological forces 'rock' the Earth's climate

Figure 1.)  Ancient Super Continent “Pangea” (credit University of Texas at Austin)Figure 1: Ancient Super Continent “Pangea” (credit University of Texas at Austin)Odd how we can be staring right at something and not see it.

Every fifth grader knows that South America and Africa fit together like puzzle pieces when seen on a map. Then Alfred Wegener "proposed in 1912 that the continents had in fact drifted apart." The consensus sneered at continental drift for fifty years. The theory was "denied by the greatest names of geology–until 1961, when it began to seem as if the sea floors were spreading." The result: it took the so-called consensus fifty years to acknowledge what any schoolchild can plainly see.

There are more: "Examples of consensus science and eventual errors are endless. Jenner and smallpox, Pasteur and germ theory. Saccharine, margarine, repressed memory, fiber and colon cancer, hormone replacement therapy...the list of dramatic, damaging errors of the consensus goes on and on. New ones are reported almost every day in the newspaper."

Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare

cartoonWhile the global warming alarmists have done a good job of spreading fright, they haven’t been so good at hiding their real motivation. Yet another one has slipped up and revealed the catalyst driving the climate scare.

We have been told now for almost three decades that man has to change his ways or his fossil-fuel emissions will scorch Earth with catastrophic warming. Scientists, politicians and activists have maintained the narrative that their concern is only about caring for our planet and its inhabitants. But this is simply not true. The narrative is a ruse. They are after something entirely different.

Al Gore, Democratic AGs launch attack to silence climate skeptics

Standing alongside Al Gore, Democratic attorneys general from 16 states announced yesterday they will prosecute oil and gas companies that challenge the catastrophic global warming narrative. Articles were released last year by "journalism entities that receive funding from foundations known for their climate change activism" that allegedly show Exxon knew the dangers of carbon dioxide and suppressed the information. A spokesperson for Exxon/Mobil said the charges are baseless.

Democratic attorneys general to police climate change dissent

al gore democrat agsA coalition of Democratic attorneys general in 16 states announced Tuesday an unprecedented campaign to pursue companies that challenge the catastrophic climate change narrative, raising concerns over free speech and the use of state authority to punish political foes.

Standing beside former Vice President Al Gore, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the state officials are committed to “working together on key climate-related initiatives,” including queries into whether fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil have committed fraud by deceiving the public and shareholders about the impact of man-made carbon dioxide emissions.

The global warming industry’s RICO gambit

gavelThe Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act is a law adopted to fight organized crime. Yet, in recent months, a chorus has emerged calling for a breathtaking abuse of RICO by state attorneys general and the Department of Justice against political opponents.

Specifically, lawmakers, academics and the “green” lobby demand that prosecutors use the law to extort money from legitimate businesses who oppose them, under threat of RICO investigations and prosecution. The objective is to silence political opposition, extract a vow not to support other opponents and, finally, to force companies to underwrite the global warming industry. Yes, the global warming industry.

Constitutional Lawyer: Dem AGs Are Trying To Silence Global Warming Skeptics With Prosecution

AG Eric SchneidermanAG Eric SchneidermanA prominent constitutional lawyer has fired back against Democratic attorneys general pledging to investigate oil, coal and gas companies for not being alarmist enough about how global warming will impact their finances.

“We should all be concerned when state prosecutors announce that they will be targeting Americans for their views on controversial issues like climate change,” David Rivkin, Jr., a constitutional litigator who served in former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush’s administrations, said in an emailed statement.

Tidal Gauge Shows Marshall Islands Aren’t Being Drowned By Rising Sea Levels

Aerial view of Majuro, one of the many atolls that makes up the Marshall IslandsAerial view of Majuro, one of the many atolls that makes up the Marshall IslandsScientists and activists have warned for years that Pacific Islands were sinking because man-made global warming was accelerating the rise of sea levels, but that’s not the case for the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands government officials have been sounding the alarm on sea level rise, even claiming the dead bodies of World War II veterans have washed ashore after being disturbed by the rising water. Indeed, the tidal gauge on Kwajalein showed a sharp acceleration in sea level rise since 2000.

Why the Arctic did not have record-low sea ice this winter

Polar bearsNews outlets are reporting the Arctic is getting very warm and the surrounding sea ice is taking a hit. Temperatures are 15 degrees higher than normal, glaciers are retreating, and the north shore of Svalbard has no visible ice. There's only one problem: that was in 1922, not 2016. So it's surprising to read breathless accounts today of the Arctic experiencing the same issues as nearly a hundred years ago. Tony Heller, who writes regularly on the Arctic and runs the popular climate site Real Science, calls this cherry picking your data.

Global Warming Guru Blames ‘Deniers’ For Legal Troubles

rajendra pachauriNoted climate change guru Rajendra Pachauri is blaming man-made global warming skeptics for his legal troubles after looking at a possible prison sentence and a long fall from grace.

The former head of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Pachauri announced in February 2015 he was resigning from his position at the UN after two women accused him of sexual harassment. His decision was prompted by a 33-page complaint by an unnamed woman alleging that Pachauri engaged in “unwanted physical advances” through email, text messages, and other electronic messaging tools, The Times of India reported in 2015.

Climate Campaigner Bill McKibben's Misleading Anti-Fracking Crusade

mckibbenClimate campaigner Bill McKibben is against fracking shale to produce natural gas. In a new article, "Global Warming's Terrifying New Chemistry," over at The Nation, McKibben claims that recent research suggests that leaking methane is offsetting the reductions in carbon dioxide emissions that come from switching from coal to gas to generate electricity. Burning methane produces about half the carbon dioxide that burning coal does. However, methane in the short run is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and so much is supposedly escaping into the atmosphere from fracking that shale gas could be worse than coal for the climate. As a consequence, McKibben wants to ban fracking.