The best scientist is open to experience and begins
with romance - the idea that anything is possible.

–Ray Bradbury

Gov. Brown's link between climate change and wildfires is unsupported, fire experts say

brownThe ash of the Rocky fire was still hot when Gov. Jerry Brown strode to a bank of television cameras beside a blackened ridge and, flanked by firefighters, delivered a battle cry against climate change.

The wilderness fire was "a real wake-up call" to reduce the carbon pollution "that is in many respects driving all of this," he said.

"The fires are changing.... The way this fire performed, it's not the way it usually has been. Going in lots of directions, moving fast, even without hot winds."

India plans to buy coal mines in South Africa

coal 2India is talking to South Africa to buy coal mines there to feed its expanding steel industry, Coal Secretary Anil Swarup said, adding that New Delhi also hopes to stop imports of coal used to generate power in three years as domestic output jumps.

After years of poor production crippling power supply, state-run Coal India is boosting output at a record pace to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi's goal of connecting to the grid millions of Indians who still make do with kerosene lamps.

Academic Stalinism Still Thriving

cartoon-gw-heresy-lgThere are many opinionated people on each side of the political spectrum, including me, but I haven’t heard of any conservatives trying to muzzle leftists. Liberals on the other hand? Ha.

Man-made global warming liberals ridicule skeptics as corrupt or brain-dead deniers, and their advocate in chief, President Obama, habitually derides conservatives for rejecting his hysterical narrative on climate change.

Don’t assume they do this solely for political advantage. It can be far more serious than that.

Developing Nations Reject Paris Draft Agreement

A storm of anger rising from developed countries negotiators gathered strength at the Climate Change talks at Bonn on the weekend, ahead of the formal launch of the negotiations on Monday. The Africa Group joined hands with the Like-Minded Developing Countries, of which India and China are member, to oppose the draft for the Paris agreement in its current shape. The two groups conveyed that further negotiations would not be possible without countries being first allowed to re-insert their proposals unopposed back in to the imbalanced draft agreement. --Nitin Sethi, Business Standard, 18 November 2015


Elizabeth and Sheldon Torquemada

warrenAs Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition for 15 years, Tomas de Torquemada presided over the interrogation, torture, imprisonment and execution of thousands, for the “crimes” of religious heresy and pretended conversion to Christianity. Historian Sebastián de Olmedo titled him "the hammer of heretics.”

Today Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) are pursuing their own inquisition against perceived “heretics.” Thankfully, they don’t have Friar Torquemada’s torture devices or sentencing options. But they are vindictive and effective nonetheless – abusing their congressional powers to silence critics of their policy agendas, often with the help of media, White House, Justice Department, Internal Revenue Service and Big Green allies.

Paris Climate Draft ‘Unacceptable’, Indian Negotiator Warns

Former chancellor Nigel Lawson.Former chancellor Nigel Lawson.“The [Paris] draft is unacceptable. It is an attempt to rewrite the convention (UNFCCC) through the backdoor and does not respect the existing principles and provisions of the very convention under which the Paris agreement is to be housed. It does not reflect most of our or other developing countries’ concerns. It breaches our red-lines (non-negotiable issues) and favours some developed countries,” said a senior Indian negotiator. --Nitin Sethi, Business Standard, 14 October 2015

Factories may have to shut down on weekday evenings this winter to keep household lights on as Britain faces the worst power crunch in a decade, National Grid has warned. There is an “increased likelihood” that there will be “insufficient supply available in the market to meet demand”, forcing the UK to rely on “last resort” measures such as paying factories to power down, National Grid warned. --Emily Gosden, The Daily Telegraph, 15 October 2015

Shutting down debate on climate change

jail wikimediaAre you skeptical of human-caused global warming or climate change like many respected scientists and climate experts? Then you should be prosecuted like a Mafia mob boss, according to 20 academics at ivory towers such as Columbia, Rutgers and the University of Washington.

Apparently, these professors either don't believe in the First Amendment or are profoundly ignorant of the basic rights it protects. They recently wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking for anyone who questions the climate-change dogma to be criminally prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, because they have "knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change."

NOAA's winners and losers in its winter weather forecast

Outlook map 2015 temperaturesIf you live in New England, or anywhere across the northern tier of the contiguous U.S., expect a slightly warmer winter with above-average precipitation. That's according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center, which issued its US Winter Outlook report today showing what to expect for the 2015-2016 winter season. Most of this can be attributed to a strong El Niño that has taken hold across the equatorial Pacific Ocean, a natural phenomenon where sea surface temperatures are unusually warm for an extended period.

But a strong El Niño is not the only factor determining NOAA's seasonal divinations. According to Mike Halpert, Deputy Director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, "Cold-air outbreaks and snow storms will likely occur at times this winter." Which is what happens in winter unless you live in Key West. But forecasting the frequency, number and intensity of winter storms can't be "predicted on a seasonal timescale." They are also predicting that the southern tier of the contiguous U.S. will have cooler and wetter weather.

The Real Story of Sea Level Rise the Media Won't Tell You

Figure 1.) The Mississippi Delta, Mississippi Flood Plain, and Gulf of MexicoFigure 1. The Mississippi Delta, Mississippi Flood Plain, and Gulf of Mexico.7.4 Inches

From 1950 to 2015 the global sea level rose 7.4 inches, a rate of 0.11 inches per year. Yep, that’s it. This is the real story of sea level rise the media refuses to tell you.

Correspondingly, from 1950 to 2015 the global atmospheric temperature increased 0.65 degrees Fahrenheit, a rate of 0.01 degrees Fahrenheit per year. These temperature numbers strengthen the reliability of the sea level rise numbers. Here's why: The 1950 to 2015 nominal atmospheric temperature increase equates to nominal ice-melting power. Nominal ice melting equates to nominal sea level rise from glacial melt water. All these facts tie together and helped confirm their reliability.

Opinions vs. facts: A climate change primer

ice ice babyClimate is always changing, but luckily, we live in an era with a stable, benign, warm climate and a healthy, abundant biosphere.

Alarmists who claim that today’s climate changes are unprecedented have not checked climate history written in the rocks, the ice cores, the satellite registers and the tide gauges.

Ice core records show that current temperatures and sea levels are not extreme – they are more stable than they were as the last ice age ended just 12,000 years ago.  At that time, global temperature increased quickly, the great ice sheets melted, sea levels rose rapidly (130 meters), and the warming seas expelled much of their dissolved carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide?

Patrick MoorePatrick MooreMy Lords and Ladies, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you for the opportunity to set out my views on climate change. As I have stated publicly on many occasions, there is no definitive scientific proof, through real-world observation, that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of the global climate that has occurred during the past 300 years, since the peak of the Little Ice Age. If there were such a proof through testing and replication it would have been written down for all to see.

The contention that human emissions are now the dominant influence on climate is simply a hypothesis, rather than a universally accepted scientific theory. It is therefore correct, indeed verging on compulsory in the scientific tradition, to be skeptical of those who express certainty that “the science is settled” and “the debate is over”.

New Gallup poll shows it's the economy, not climate change, biggest concern

gallup ECIYesterday, Gallup released the U.S. Economic Confidence Index (ECI) and the results showed Americans are still concerned about the bleak economy, rating it a -12. Gallup's ECI is based on the combined results of two questions: The first asks respondents to "rate economic conditions in the U.S. today," and the "second asks whether they think economic conditions in the country as a whole are getting better or getting worse." The index can go as high as 100 if all Americans rated the economy as "excellent" or "getting better" and as low as -100 if Americans thought the economy as "poor" or "getting worse."