“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

EPA Allows Groups More Time To Comment On Its 730-Page CO2 Plan

GinaMcCarthyBowing to pressure from a wide range of interest groups, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday it would be extending the time groups have to comment on its controversial “Clean Power Plan” (CPP) by 45 days.

The rule itself is 130 pages long and contains more than 600 pages of additional documents, making it a mountain for states and other stakeholders to claw through in just 120 days.

“Because of the strong amount of interest we’ve seen from stakeholders, we’re extending the public comment period for the rule by 45 days,” Janet McCabe, the acting head of the EPA’s air and radiation office, told reporters on a conference call. “We’re still working towards a June deadline to finish up the rule.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Science of Smug Condescension

TysonI have to admit that I missed out on the ascendancy of Neil deGrasse Tyson. In my era, the nation’s beloved “scientific communicator” was Carl Sagan.

And he had many of the same flaws. As I’ve written about elsewhere, Sagan spoke eloquently about need to follow the evidence wherever it goes, without regard for your own preconceptions or ideological preferences. Then he bowed to his own preconceptions, declaring that industrial civilization must be destroying the earth, it’s just that we don’t know whether it’s going to bake the globe or freeze it. (This was back when the doomsayers were making their transition from global cooling to global warming.)

So we had an advocate of the method of science who adopted the worst intellectual model of all, the method of modern journalism: decide on the story first, then gather the facts.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets UN Appointment as Climate Change Rep

De Caprio is finally king of the world!De Caprio is finally king of the world!Leonardo de Caprio may not have won Oscar, but at least the United Nations has recognized him, maybe not for his impeccable acting skills, but for being genuinely for the preservation of Mother Earth. The United Nations is making him a Climate Change Representative!

No, it's not for him being  lead actor in Titanic and neither because the film involved ice bergs, which by the way are melting in the Antarctic.

According to UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon, it is because the actor has been actively participating in organizations that want to solve the worsening climate change problem.

Obama Delays Climate Plan Until After November Elections

solarBarack Obama applied the brakes to the most critical component of his climate change plan on Tuesday, slowing the process of setting new rules cutting carbon pollution from power plants, and casting a shadow over a landmark United Nations’ summit on global warming. In a conference call with reporters, the Environmental Protection Agency said it was extending the public comment period on the power plant rules for an additional 45 days, until 1 December. The delay follows heavy lobby by Republicans and industry lobby groups to delay the rule – or withdraw it outright. --Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian, 16 September 2014

Activists Make Embarrassing Errors Attacking Texas Climate Texts

reconsideredThe climate activist group National Center for Science Education embarrassed itself yesterday by making basic errors attacking climate science in Texas.

NCSE objected to proposed science textbooks that note many scientists question key components of alarmist global warming theory. NCSE’s attack on the science claimed educational textbooks should state there is no scientific debate on the causes of recent global warming.

The global warming activist group expressed particular outrage that science texts encourage students to consider competing scientific theories and make up their own minds. In a section titled “What do you think?” the textbook presents an argument from the United Nations that human greenhouse gas emissions were almost certainly the primary cause of warming during the late 20th century. The textbook also presents an observation published by the Heartland Institute that many scientists say the verdict is still out on the causes and natural factors may have played a major role.

From The Solar Perplexus Dept.

640x360xs4-1024Infrared image of Earth from space.Only in the fantastical world of global-warming alarmist science does black mean white and up mean down. From AOL NEWS:

Scientists now believe that global warming is to blame for extreme cold snaps in North America during the winter months – and that it will only keep happening.

The "polar vortex" that plunged Canada and the U.S. into historical cold last winter is said by researchers to have occurred because melting polar ice changes weather patterns, according to a study published earlier this month.

A team of Korean and American scientists asserted in a new study that the melting ice causes the northern jet stream (upper level air flow) to shift south and bring polar air with it.

Al Gore vs. Reality on Planetary Ice Caps and Global Warming

goreIt appears that reality is not cooperating with the myth that man-made CO2 is causing global warming. Recent satellite images show that both the Arctic and the Antarctic sea ice have dramatically increased in size and thickness. 

Despite Al Gore’s 2007 apocalyptic predictions that in just 7 more years the Arctic ice cap will be “completely gone,” it has instead dramatically increased by 43% in size since 2012.  The North Pole ice cap grew by 1.715 million square kilometers, an area the size of Alaska, in the last two years.  In solidarity, the South Pole ice cap has also reached record-breaking levels, and not stands at 20 million square kilometers, the highest level since records began.

Leo vs. science: vanishing evidence for climate change

dicaprioIn the runup to the Sept. 23 UN Climate Summit in New York, Leonardo DiCaprio is releasing a series of films about the “climate crisis.”

The first is “Carbon,” which tells us the world is threatened by a “carbon monster.” Coal, oil, natural gas and other carbon-based forms of energy are causing dangerous climate change and must be turned off as soon as possible, DiCaprio says.

But he has identified the wrong monster. It is the climate scare itself that is the real threat to civilization.

DiCaprio is an actor, not a scientist; it’s no real surprise that his film is sensationalistic and error-riddled. Other climate-change fantasists, who do have a scientific background, have far less excuse.

Who Pays For Green Dreams?

wind-farm-landRenewable energy is coming to an economic crossroads, one that could have dire unintended consequences for some of the most vulnerable populations – the poor and the elderly.

As renewable energy expands, activists around the world are calling for programs that would supplant conventional fuels – coal, oil and, to a lesser extent, natural gas – with renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Programs such as the misguided fossil fuel divestiture movement, ignore the costs that forcing a move away from fossil fuels imposes on those who are slowest to embrace the change. While there are benefits to diversifying our fuel portfolio, in its current form, the growing use of renewables requires a subsidy from fossil fuels.

NASA Data on Massive Solar Storm and Impact on Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming

solar stormRecent observations of the effects of a massive solar storm on the Earth’s atmosphere made by NASA using the SABER instrument on the TIMED satellite have very important implications for the two main classes of hypotheses backing the idea of catastrophic man-made global warming.

During this solar storm, gigantic quantities of energy were dumped into the Earth’s upper atmosphere by highly energetic particles.  The SABER instrument measures the infrared emissions from the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  The NASA measurements of those infrared emissions during the solar storm showed that 95% of the energy dumped into upper atmosphere was quickly re-emitted into space.  There was no significant warming of the Earth’s surface.

EU Dismantles Climate Commission Amid Economic Struggles

cartoonEuropean Union leaders announced they will be consolidating energy and environmental goals under a new commissioner, effectively axing the intergovernmental groups’ climate arm as green policies are making it harder for citizens to pay their power bills. “The EU is signalling a historical shift away from its green priority towards a new focus on economic recovery, competitiveness and energy cost,” Dr. Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Forum, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This policy shift has been in the making for the last two years, but only now has Europe new leaders who are no longer obsessed with climate change,” said Peiser, who is based in the UK. --Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller, 12 September 2014

Environmentalists call on philanthropies to drop fossil fuel investments

gas pumpEnvironmentalists from across the world are pressuring philanthropic foundations that help fund climate change projects to drop their investments in fossil fuels.

The environmentalists, all of whom have won major environmental honors, say they are targeting the foundations that handle billions of dollars in funding for climate change projects because those organizations likely are unaware that some of their finances are tied up in fossil fuels, which most scientists blame for causing global warming.