If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.
–Albert Einstein

Study: No increase in extreme droughts, rainfall during 20th century

droughtSouth Dakota circa 1936 during dustbowlA new study published yesterday shows there hasn't been an increase in extreme rainfall and droughts during the 20th century, even as humans ramped up burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil) in the late 1800s. It also shows that previous centuries show much more extreme weather, even though carbon dioxide levels were far lower than today's. The study used marine sediments, tree rings, ice cores and mineral deposits to reconstruct weather patterns over the last 1,200 years.

The scientists behind the study examined the interaction between the climate and hydrological (water) cycle in the northern hemisphere. What they found was no evidence to support the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) contention that "dry areas will become ever drier and wet ones wetter as the global temperature rises."

Astronomers Say New ‘Little Ice Age’ Could Trump Global Warming

iceageAstronomers from India, China and Japan have found evidence from sunspots showing that Earth may be heading into a “little ice age.”

A recent, lower than average, sunspot count by the Physical Research Laboratory in India indicates Earth could enter a period of low solar activity by 2020, according to a report published Wednesday in The Times of India. Sunspot activity is currently approaching a 200 year low.

EPA chief: Next administration must continue Obama's climate legacy

mccarthyEPA's Administrator Gina McCarthy had a message for voters yesterday: there's much more climate work to be done and it will be the next administration's duty to carry it out. This comes after the Supreme Court issued a rare 'stay', preventing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from moving forward with its landmark Clean Power Plan (CPP). If not resolved by the lower courts, it could be the first sign of the CPP's eventual death.

The CPP is a none-too-subtle, heavily criticized plan to 'bankrupt' the coal industry by rolling out thousands of new regulations that would be too costly to implement. McCarthy has even admitted to congress the CPP would only avert a temperature increase of .01 degrees Celsius (see video), and that it was largely created to "show 'leadership' rather than actually curb projected warming." What it will create, though, are hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers across the country affected by the new rules.

China Promised To Ban Coal And Iron Imports From North Korea

coalChina announced Tuesday it will trash North Korea’s economy by no longer purchasing coal, iron ore and other commodities from its reclusive neighbor.

China’s Ministry of Commerce in Beijing said it will comply with last month’s United Nations sanctions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

North Korea is deeply dependent upon trade with China, as commodities account for more than 40 percent of North Korea’s overall exports to the People’s Republic, according to customs data. China accounts for about 90 percent of the hermit kingdom’s trade, which it uses to purchase the vital food, weapons, fuel and hard currency needed to prop up its government. China imported 19.6 million metric tons of coal from North Korea last year.

Scientists Say ‘Anomalously High’ Geothermal Heat Is Melting Greenland’s Ice Sheet

greenland surface meltGreenland has been sitting over a particularly hot mantle of the Earth’s crust, which a new study says is melting the base of the world’s second-largest ice sheet.

Between 80 million and 35 million years ago, Greenland moved over an area of “anomalously high geothermal flux,” according to scientists at the German Research Centre for Geosciences. The study’s authors “suggest that this anomaly explains the observed melting of the ice sheet’s base, which drives the vigorous subglacial hydrology and controls the position of the head of the enigmatic 750-km-long northeastern Greenland ice stream.”

Earth's internal heat drives rapid ice flow, subglacial melting in Greenland

GreenlandThe town of Kulusuk in Southeast Greenland. NASAFrom Science Daily (h/t Raining Sky):

The North Atlantic Ocean is an area of active plate tectonics. Between 80 and 35 million years ago tectonic processes moved Greenland over an area of abnormally hot mantle material that still today is responsible for the volcanic activity of Iceland. The mantle material heated and thinned Greenland at depth producing a strong geothermal anomaly that spans a quarter of the land area of Greenland. That distant history of the North Atlantic region contributes to the present-day ice loss, suggests a new report.

18 years – 10 months! The Global Warming ‘Pause’ refuses to go away, despite greatly exaggerated rumors of its death

mar 16The Pause Update: March 2016 (Preliminary)

Well my last post certainly stirred up some Global Warming Enthusiasts who found it difficult to get their heads around the continued existence of The Pause. What will they make of this month’s update? The Pause refuses to go away, despite greatly exaggerated rumours of its death.

Dr Roy Spencer has just released UAH v6.0 data for March.This is a preliminary post with graphs only for the Globe, the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere, and the Tropics.Other regions will be updated in a few days’ time when the full data for March are released.(These preliminary figures may change slightly as well.)

‘Climate Hustle’ goes to DC: Skeptical film to premiere on Capitol Hill

nyeWith welcoming remarks by Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), Chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee and headlined by Gov. Sarah Palin, the panel will be taped and shown during the national theater event. The discussion will be moderated by Brent Bozell, Founder and President of the Media Research Center, and will also include other notable experts including respected climatologist Dr. David Legates and a special video appearance by Emmy Award-winning educator Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Obama Claims Global Warming Will Literally Drive People Crazy

crazyThe Obama administration released a new report claiming global warming will make mental health issues worse — the report notes even “perceived” threats from global warming will harm the mentally ill.

“Many people will experience adverse mental health outcomes and social impacts from the threat of climate change, the perceived direct experience of climate change, and changes to one’s local environment,” reads a new report released by the administration.

Indonesian government to Leonardo DiCaprio: Shut up or stay out

dicaprio instagramDiCaprio has been criticized for having a carbon footprint as big as Wall Street. Now it seems that DiCaprio may no longer be welcome in Indonesia after posting photos and diatribes online bemoaning the country's environmental deforestation policies, outlets are reporting today. DiCaprio posted to Instagram a stream of posts condemning Indonesia's use of rain forests to grow palm trees and his concern over species whose habitats may be threatened. A spokesperson for the Indonesian government said Saturday Leo could be blacklisted because of his online comments.

The Green Witch Hunt

eric schneidermanLed by agenda-setting New York State and radical left-winger Al Gore the progressive persecution of climate change skeptics by the states is underway.

Top law enforcement officers in several states are joining with the Chicken Littles of green activism to weaponize the scientifically dubious argument that human activity is not only changing the earth's climate but that unprecedented world catastrophe awaits unless draconian, economy-killing carbon emission controls are imposed more or less immediately.