The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it.
–George Bernard Shaw

Cloud Seeding Discovery Could Alter Climate Predictions

cloudsCloud seeding usually results in the release of precipitation into parched regions of land. However, a discovery made about a natural version of the process reveals a surprising fact about the climate. The formation of clouds may be aided by a chemical produced by trees. A pair of experiments showed that molecules released by trees are capable of seeding clouds.

If these studies are confirmed, then skies in the pre-industrial world may have been significantly cloudier than previously believed. This would also mean that climate studies have underestimated the role played by clouds on the environment prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Greens vow to fight Exxon after defeats

exxon mobilEnvironmental groups are vowing to increase the pressure on Exxon Mobil and its allies, despite a string of defeats Wednesday.

Shareholders at the country's largest oil company rejected a number of resolutions to make climate change part of the company's business model.

The climate advocates say they won't back down from the challenge, which they say now includes Exxon supporters in Congress looking to block them from pushing a global warming agenda.

Study: Global Warming Could Mean MORE Snowfall In The Arctic

arcticA University at Buffalo study published Tuesday found that global warming will increase the amount of snow in the Arctic, causing the Greenland ice sheet to melt much more slowly.

The study examined ancient lakebeds in western Greenland and found that historically, winter snowfall increased as temperatures rose because more precipitation occurred. The research focused on lakebeds laid down between 6,000 and 4,000 years ago, when Earth’s Northern Hemisphere was much warmer than it is today. Increased snowfall in Greenland means that its ice sheets would expand more than expected in the winter, totally disrupting the climate modeling that leads to devastating predictions of global warming.

Study: Global Warming Isn’t Causing More Wildfires

wildfiresA new study out of a Welsh university found there’s been no increase in “area burned or in fire severity for many regions of the world,” despite predictions global warming would cause more severe wildfires as temperatures rise.

In fact, researchers found “increasing evidence that there is overall less fire in the landscape today than there has been centuries ago.”

Zoologist: alleged grizzly-polar hybrid killed not a 'sign of climate change'

Facebook - IshalookAn Inuit hunter from Arviat, Canada, shot a blonde polar bear and it's causing quite a stir this week. Not because the hunter, Didji Ishalook, killed the animal for sustenance, but rather the various news outlets alleging this was a grizzly-polar bear hybrid, a clear sign of global warming. While DNA evidence was only recently sent out to make a 'hybrid' determination, that didn’t stop The Washington Post from running a misleading story that global warming was forcing grizzlies to hook up with polar bears. The DNA results are still being processed.

Pipelines are the way to go — economically and environmentally

pipelinesThanks to America's ongoing energy revolution, oil isn't the only source of energy that's selling at bottom-of-the-barrel prices.

Natural gas is too – and it's saving consumers some big bucks.

A recent study by IHS Economic, commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers, says that record-sized increases in U.S. shale gas production and its accompanying lower natural gas prices in 2015 contributed $156 billion to real disposable income — which means the average American family had an extra $1,337 in disposable income.

United Methodist Church Refuses To Treat Fossil Fuels Like Porn

climate protestThe United Methodist Church voted against divesting fossil fuel investments, and in so doing refused to place the fossil fuel industry on par with that of pornography and alcohol.

The divestment issue has roiled many inside the church. It came to a head during the General Conference 2016, a quarterly hearing of the United Methodist Church’s top-policy makers. The question ultimately came down to which was the best way to influence energy producers to focus efforts on climate change: engagement or purges.

Climate Scientist Dubious About Global Warming Octopus Study

octopusA climate scientist is dubious global warming is causing octopus and cephalopod populations to increase, as claimed by a Australian University of Adelaide study.

The study published Monday analyzed the number cephalopods caught and speculated the ecologically and commercially important invertebrates could be benefiting from rising ocean temperatures. The study’s lead author stated in a press release cephalopods are very adaptable animals which could allow them to adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions.

An Inconvenient 10 Years: Al Gore Gets More Alarmist While The Science Doesn’t

gore1It’s been 10 years since Al Gore released his film “An Inconvenient Truth” that reinvigorated the eco-left and brought the issue of global warming to American homes.

Unfortunately for Gore, as the years go by not only are many of his film’s predictions wrong, but Gore’s own view of man-made warming becomes more alarmist while the science suggests otherwise.

“Sorry to risk sounding grandiose, but the future of human civilization is at stake,” Gore said in an exclusive interview with WIRED on the 10th anniversary of his Oscar-winning film.

How geologic forces are melting southern Greenland ice sheet

Figure 1.)   Seafloor trace of the Greenland / Iceland portion of 14,000-mile-long Mid-Atlantic Ridge / Fault System (red line).Figure 1.) Seafloor trace of the Greenland / Iceland portion of 14,000-mile-long Mid-Atlantic Ridge / Fault System (red line).The most plausible scenario for southern Greenland’s surface ice melt is related to geologically induced heat flow and not atmospheric warming for various, well-established reasons. Based on research by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (see here), the top surface of southern Greenland’s ice sheet is currently melting at a high rate and therefore greatly reducing surface ice volume. They attribute this geographically localized melting effect to an unusually persistent and man-made atmospheric high pressure system (a so-called Omega Block) that has remained stationary above southern Greenland during the spring of 2016.

This non-moving high-pressure system has trapped a cell of very warm air above southern Greenland resulting in higher-than-normal surface ice melting rates and volumes. NOAA and the mainstream media are portraying this above-average melting as undeniable proof man-made global warming damaging our planet.

Australia calls end to El Nino

coralsOne of the strongest El Niños in history has ended, with sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean returning to “neutral” levels, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said on Tuesday.

However, the bureau said there was a 50 per cent chance of a La Niña weather pattern developing before the end of 2016. The event typically brings cooler and wetter conditions in the Pacific and more storms in Europe and the US.

World’s Largest Wealth Fund Getting Squeezed By Socialist Lawmakers To Purge Coal

Torstein Tvedt SolbergTorstein Tvedt SolbergThe Socialist Left and the Green Party in Norway are browbeating the country’s massive wealth fund into divesting billions of dollars of coal assets — and the fund is likely to face other bans in the future on fossil fuels and oil investments.

“We’re not finished, it’s not ‘job done,’” Torstein Tvedt Solberg, who represents Labor on the Finance Committee, said during an interview about the need to impose more rules on the wealth fund. “We see that there are weaknesses and a potential for improvement. Our ambition is to get the fund out of coal, which means we must close all loopholes.”