In questions of science, the authority of a thousand
is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

–Galileo Galilei

NOAA's 'Common Core' Climate Science: Breaking The Global Warming Pause

chartOne wonders if the massive temperature dataset adjustment performed by NOAA during 2015 was a direct result of 'pause embarrassment.'

The global warming 'pause' (aka the 'hiatus') has been persistent, lasting well past a decade. It's been widely written about and extensively researched and opined about.

The extended 'pause' appears to have finally rattled the scientists at NOAA. They seemingly chose to robustly adjust thousands of past monthly temperature observations to make sure the embarrassing pause would be no longer.

Bernie Sanders to climate skeptic High School student: ‘You’re wrong’

Socialist SandersSocialist SandersBernie Sanders has made fighting climate change a central part of his message, and he’s not about to hold back when challenged by someone who questions the scientific consensus that human-caused emissions are behind global warming — even if it’s a teenager.

The Vermont senator, old enough to be the grandfather to many of the attendees at a town hall at Roosevelt High School Thursday, was asked by a 17-year-old about his position on climate change. She said that she was not convinced it was caused by humans.

China’s Subsidized Electric Car Industry Is Rife With Fraud

Cheap, and deadlyChina’s electric car industry has been rocked by allegations of fraud due to companies taking advantage of corruption and lax oversight to cash in lucrative government subsidies.

Electric car companies reportedly “exaggerated deliveries of electrified vehicles, sold the vehicles built with substandard parts, and faked vehicle deliveries by shipping cars to shell companies rather than consumers,” according to Automotive News China.

Measuring global temperatures: Satellites or thermometers?

weather satelliteThe official global temperature numbers are in, and NOAA and NASA have decided that 2015 was the warmest year on record. Based mostly upon surface thermometers, the official pronouncement ignores the other two primary ways of measuring global air temperatures, satellites and radiosondes (weather balloons).

The fact that those ignored temperature datasets suggest little or no warming for about 18 years now, it is worth outlining the primary differences between these three measurement systems.

World Health Organization says Zika virus is 'spreading explosively'

mosquitoThe World Health Organization (WHO) announced today it will be holding an emergency meeting on Feb. 1, 2016, to determine if the current Zika virus outbreak is a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern," which can direct money and resources at the virus much faster. The last time the WHO declared an emergency of this magnitude was for the Ebola virus outbreak. The Zika outbreak is being linked to a number of babies being born with microcephaly, a birth defect that causes underdeveloped brains.

New Study Allays Monsoon Alarm

india rainfall mapIndia’s monsoon is in no danger of catastrophic collapse in response to global warming and air pollution, two atmospheric scientists said today, refuting earlier predictions that the monsoon could shut down within 100 years. Their results contradict earlier forecasts by scientists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany portending frequent and severe failures and even a breakdown of the monsoon, which is critical to India’s food, water resources and economy. The earlier modelling exercises had predicted that the monsoon, under the influence of global warming and air pollution, would experience a “tipping point” that would lead to a sharp drop in rainfall over India. Boos and his colleague Trude Storelvmo have now shown that the theory and models that were used to predict such “tipping points” had omitted a key term in climate behaviour, ignoring the fact that air cools as it rises in the atmosphere. --G.S. Mudur, The Calcutta Telegraph, 26 January 2016

Two new studies show climate affected by geological forces

After ten years of research the Plate Climatology Theory was formally introduced on October 7th, 2014 in a previous Climate Change Dispatch (CCD) post. Recently the theory was presented at the American Meteorological Society Annual convention in New Orleans on January 13, 2016, (refer here) thereby marking it “published” by a major and well recognized scientific organization.

Figure 1) Geological heat flow from earth’s mantle is here shown breaking through earth’s outer crust thereby altering earth’s oceans, atmosphere, and climate.Figure 1. Geological heat flow from earth’s mantle is here shown breaking through earth’s outer crust thereby altering earth’s oceans, atmosphere, and climate.

Now two recently published peer-reviewed studies, one from Harvard and the other from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, show the basic tenets of Plate Climatology Theory essentially correct. (see end for references)

Will La Niña Take El Niño’s Place In The Pacific?

sea surfacePeople all over the world are keeping a very close eye on how this historic El Niño evolves during the next few months. We know from previous ocean monitoring that the end of El Niño is often followed by the reversal of the phenomenon, known as La Niña, although that is not always the case. Many years of ocean data show that La Niña events have followed 11 of the last 15 El Niño events. As the equatorial Pacific slowly cools down with a decaying El Niño, La Niña could start taking over as early as summer of 2016. --The Weather Network, 26 January 2016

Murder: An Acceptable Means For Fighting Global Warming?

deltaActivists accused of blocking a rail line were acquitted last week of obstruction. Jurors apparently felt their actions were justifiable because they were trying to save the climate. How far will this be allowed to go?

Though the activists, known as the Delta 5, were absolved of obstructing a train, they were found guilty of lesser misdemeanor trespassing charges. They considered it a victory. One member of the group, Abby Brockway, told jurors that “this was probably the best verdict that could have been returned to us.”

WaPo Pushes Global Warming Theory Based On Movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’

blizzardThe Washington Post’s Chris Mooney tried to tie man-made warming to massive winter blizzards Monday, like the one that left millions of Americans covered in two feet of snow over the weekend.

The article, published Monday afternoon, was provocatively titled “The Surprising Way That Climate Change Could Worsen East Coast Blizzards.”

Time runs out on Al Gore's global-warming Armageddon

gore todayTen years ago, Rush Limbaugh started a countdown clock after Al Gore reportedly claimed there were only 10 years left to save the world from the ravages of global warming.

Actor and activist Larry David was quoted as saying, “You know, Al is a funny guy, but he’s also a very serious guy who believes humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.”

For 10 years, the Al Gore “Armageddon” clock counted down at Rush Limbaugh’s website, heading toward its expiration at midnight Tuesday.

Britain Faces Energy Crisis, Engineers Warn

power plant coal firedEnergy bills will soar as green policies shut coal-fired power stations and cause an “electricity supply crisis”, experts say. Prices will be forced up as the UK has to import more power, according to a report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers today. --Craig Woodhouse, The Sun, 26 January 2016

The UK is heading for a severe electricity supply crisis by 2025, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) is warning today. IME, which has more than 112,000 members in 140 countries says the closure of coal and nuclear plants would lead to a 40-55% shortfall amid growing demand. And the group’s new report – Engineering the UK Electricity Gap – also says plans to plug the gap by building combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants are unrealistic as the UK would need about 30 of them in less than 10 years. IME head of energy and environment Jenifercorr Baxter, lead author of the document, said: “The UK is facing an electricity supply crisis. As the UK population rises and with the greater use of electricity use in transport and heating, it looks almost certain that electricity demand is going to rise.” --Keith Findlay, Energy Voice, 26 January 2016