“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Governor Jerry Brown lashes out at Sen. Ted Cruz on Meet the Press

meetCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown (D) reacted angrily on yesterday's Meet the Press after watching a clip of Sen. Ted Cruz (R) saying that debates on climate change-related events should follow the science and the data. Cruz made those comments on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Brown had come on NBC's Meet the Press to discuss Cruz's earlier announcement that he was running for president. Brown was then shown footage of the senator talking about the environment on Late Night and delved into a rant that Cruz was a "bald-faced ignorant liar" and 'absolutely unfit' to run for office.

Obama’s Green Regulations Trigger U.S. Shale War

cartoonThe Obama administration issued the first federal mandates governing hydraulic fracturing on public land Friday, triggering an immediate lawsuit from oil industry groups and a pledge by congressional Republicans to undo the regulation. --Jennifer A. Dlouhy, San Antonio Express News, 20 March 2015

Republicans on Friday roundly rejected the Obama administration’s rules for hydraulic fracturing on federal land and pledged to fight them. The GOP warned that the regulations will hamper the nation’s economic recovery that has been bolstered by the boom in natural gas and oil production, much of which depends on fracking. “America’s energy boom is one of the best things going for our economy, and keeping it going should be one of the federal government’s top priorities,” Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement. “Instead, the Obama administration is so eager to appease radical environmentalists that it is regulating a process that is already properly regulated.” --Timothy Cama, The Hill, 20 March 2015

Environmentalism and Religion

cartoon caveman iceage endingIt’s Wisconsin in the spring, so when someone tells you that the planet is warming up and that global warming is real, you just have to take it on faith. Nothing in your own experience could tell you that it’s getting hotter every year. And there’s no way for you to find out for yourself. You can’t possibly amass enough data to personally verify the existence of global warming. You just have to believe. It’s what we’re all told. Just believe it.

More than just believe it, though. Change your ways. Your carbon footprint is a selfish reflection of your ego. If human beings don’t turn from their wicked ways, bad things will happen. You remember Hurricane Sandy? We brought that on ourselves. Selfish, greedy humans are ignoring the very earth that gave them life. If we don’t change our ways, we will all be doomed to a tragic end.

Greenpeace Founding Member: Climate Alarmism “Preposterous,” CO2 Emissions Saving Lives

mooreWhile Al Gore is suggesting that climate-change realists be punished and schoolchildren braved a snowstorm to hear a rapper give a “happy” climate-alarmism message, an environmentalist presented a truly happy message on the subject:

Climate change isn’t caused by man, there’s been no significant warming for nearly two decades, and, even if there had been, it would probably be a good thing.

Furthermore, he suggests that human CO2 emissions might have prevented disaster.

Brown Blasts Republicans on Climate–but Silent on His Oil Fortune

jerry brown govDemocratic Presidential candidate Governor Jerry Brown told NBC News’ Meet the Press on Sunday that a letter that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is “a disgrace” for the sent to all 50 governors urging them to block or ignore the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed carbon pollution regulations was “a disgrace.” Brown is somewhat of a hypocrite on the issue, because his family’s wealth reportedly comes from control of two huge imported oil trading firm.

In slamming McConnell for supporting his state’s coal business, Brown said, “Here’s the point, that the buildup of carbon coming from coal and petroleum and other sources, that this is going to create these droughts and much, much worse. And that’s why to have the leader of the Senate, Mr. McConnell representing his coal constituents, are putting it at risk, the health and well-being of America, is a disgrace.”

The BBC could have checked Wikipedia for the truth about Cyclone Pam

"Devastation after Cyclone Pam 14 March 2015" by Graham Crumb/Imagicity.com. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons"Devastation after Cyclone Pam 14 March 2015" by Graham Crumb/Imagicity.com. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia CommonsInevitably quick off the mark after Vanuatu’s Cyclone Pam disaster were the climate ghouls to claim that this terrible event must have been caused by global warming. First up was the country’s president, Baldwin Lonsdale, who, although aware that the storm was on its way, had departed a few hours earlier to attend a conference on “disaster risk” in Japan, where he burbled to reporters that it was evidence of “climate change, rising sea levels” etc. Next, in a similar vein, came France’s President Hollande, due next December to host the mammoth global conference where they hope to agree on a treaty to halt this threat to the planet.

But equally inevitable was that the BBC would get in on the act. Thus Monday’s Today programme wheeled on Professor Tim Palmer, in charge of climate modelling at Oxford University, to confirm President Lonsdale’s worst fears. Such “incredibly intense” category five cyclones, he told John Humphrys, are “exactly the type of cyclone that is predicted by the climate models to increase under climate change, under global warming”.

Global Warming: A Flop at the Box Office

OreskesOreskesNaomi Oreskes’s career is an excellent example of how academics benefit from the global warming scare. She managed to be promoted from the University of California to a position at Harvard. Her main claim to fame is the book Merchants of Doubt, written with co-author Erik Conway. Conway is a science historian at NASA.

Now Merchants of Doubt has been made into a movie of the same name – and a box office failure.

The theme of Merchants of Doubt is that global warming skeptics are fossil fuel company hacks, paid to spread doubt and confusion, or else they are fanatical anti-communists who see sinister communist influence everywhere. Opposing these villains are sincere scientists dumbfounded that anyone would make such evil attacks on their completely sound science.

The movie has been disconcertingly pasted together from clips spanning decades. The skeptic scientist Fred Singer appears many times. We see the 50-year-old Singer and the 90-year-old Singer, and everything in between.

Interior launches fracking rules

fracking wikimediaThe Obama administration unveiled the first major nationwide safety restrictions for fracking on Friday, a move that will touch off a fresh political confrontation between the president and his critics in Congress and the energy industry.

The Interior Department’s rules are the federal government’s most comprehensive foray to date toward regulating the technology at the heart of the U.S. oil and gas boom, addressing worries such as potential dangers to drinking water. They will also offer oil and gas supporters new room to accuse President Barack Obama of seeking to throttle fossil-fuel production, despite his repeated boasts about the nation’s booming energy supplies.

New Study: Climate Alarmism Takes One Helluva Beating

sensitivityNic Lewis reports on the publication of a very important paper in Journal of Climate. Bjorn Stevens has created a new estimate of the cooling effects of pollution ("aerosols") on the climate. Readers will no doubt recall that to the extent that aerosol cooling is small the warming effect of carbon dioxide must also be small so that the two cancel out to match the observed temperature record. Only if aerosol cooling is large can the effect of carbon dioxide be large. --Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, 19 March 2015

Fracking Rules Expected to Be Unveiled by Obama Administration Friday

Fracking the Bakken Formation in North DakotaThe Obama administration on Friday is expected to issue long-awaited regulations setting new standards for hydraulic fracturing in the oil and natural-gas industries, people familiar with the matter said.

The drilling technology, commonly known as fracking, has been key to unlocking vast reserves of oil and gas across the U.S., but qualms about its environmental impact have made it controversial.

The regulations will set standards for wells and disposal of wastewater, and will require disclosure of chemicals used, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Tuesday in a speech in Washington.

Glacier Melts And Alarmists Desperately Want To Blame Man

totten glacierNo matter what happens, the alarmists blame man for changing the climate. In their minds, there are no other explanations. In reality, there can be many, with melting in Antarctica as one example.

Indeed, a massive glacier in East Antarctica that holds vast amounts of water is melting. Should it thaw completely, the water it releases could contribute to a rise in sea levels. The question, of course, is why is the Totten Glacier [pictured], which is about 75 miles long and roughly 20 miles wide, melting?

And while we ponder that, let's not forget that a complete meltdown of Totten would likely take centuries, not months or even years. New York and Los Angeles won't be underwater by the end of the summer.

Obama drives ahead on climate with government emissions cuts

obama executive orderPresident Barack Obama ordered the federal government on Thursday to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by nearly half over the next decade, driving his climate change agenda forward despite percolating challenges from Republican-led states.

By curtailing pollution within the U.S. government, Obama sought to increase political pressure on other nations to deal seriously with climate change. The U.S. and other nations will soon announce how much they're willing to cut their national emissions as part of a global climate treaty to be finalized in December; scientists warn that if those pledges are too lax, the treaty could be too weak to stop the worst effects of global warming.

"We thought it was important for us to lead by example," Obama said at the Energy Department headquarters, where he toured a sprawling installation of solar panels on the building's roof. "These are ambitious goals, but we know they're achievable goals."