Science is a wonderful thing if one
does not have to earn one's living at it.

–Albert Einstein

Britain signals closure of dirty coal power plants

coal terminalBritain will shut polluting coal-fired power plants by 2025, its government said Wednesday ahead of November's key UN climate change talks in Paris.

All coal power stations that do not have the technology to capture carbon emissions will be closed within ten years, the government said in a statement, in line with its pledge to phase out coal.

Environmentalists gave the announcement a cautious welcome, but warned that the government planned to switch to gas, rather than cleaner technology like wind or solar power.

Forget Terrorism, Paris Climate Summit To Focus On 'Real' Threat

bernieThe normally humming French capital went quiet in the aftermath of last week's terrorism, as any civilized city would. But one hardy group won't be kept from its appointed rounds. Absurdity knows no bounds.

Much of Paris shut down in the hours and days after Friday's terrorist attacks. Events were canceled; theaters, museums, schools, libraries and markets were closed, and the Eiffel Tower faded to black.

But not to worry: The horrific bloodshed won't affect the United Nations climate summit scheduled to begin at month's-end. It's still on.

The End of the World, All Over Again

chicken littleOnce again, the sky is falling. Only this time it's the ocean that is rising, but the narrative is the same. The world as we know it is coming to an end – that is, unless we enact crippling new carbon taxes, write ever bigger checks to corrupt dictators and U.N. agencies, and reward the host of professional doomsters who are pushing this scam.

The U.N.-sponsored International Climate Conference, which opens in Paris at the end of the month, is already generating more than its share of hot air.

Once the 85 presidents and prime ministers, and thousands of other bureaucrats, activists, journalists, and lobbyists arrive, the Paris conference will turn into a carbon circus, with every environmentalist in town warning of greater catastrophes.As such, it will resemble nothing so much as the medieval Dance of Death – the fabled revels of those caught up in the Great Plague, who, according to legend, caroused in the streets in expectation of imminent doom.

Climate Propagandists Want To Be Sure Kids Properly Indoctrinated

cartoon-settled-scienceOne definition of propaganda is the information, ideas or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. Its roots are traced back to the Latin phrase: congregation for propagating the faith.

This definition does not precisely capture an effort at Southern Methodist University to prevent grade-school students from learning there are two sides to the global-warming debate. But if we said that some of the fine folks at SMU are book burners, that wouldn't be accurate either.

It's not far from reality, though.

Britain To End Pursuit Of Green Energy At All Costs

balloon prickBritain will no longer pursue green energy at all costs and will instead make keeping the lights on the top priority, Amber Rudd, the energy secretary, will vow this week. Households already face paying over-the-odds for energy for years to come as a result of expensive subsidies handed out to wind and solar farms by her Labour and Lib Dem predecessors, Ms Rudd will warn. a major speech setting out a new strategy, the energy secretary is expected to say that from now on, policies will balance “the need to decarbonise with the need to keep bills as low as possible”.“Energy security has to be the first priority. It is fundamental to the health of our economy and the lives of our people,” she will say. —Emily Gosden, The Sunday Telegraph, 15 November 2015

CLIMATE CHANGE: What's the truth? Antarctic sea ice extent has 'GROWN' over several years

antarcticaThe ice reached its extent for the year last month - and it was the first time it reduced in size for the past four years - but that is largely being blamed on the El Nino Pacific weather effect.

The years 2012 to 2014 were each record-breaking in terms of the scale of the ice since satellite measurements began 37 years ago.

A NASA spokesman said: "This year’s maximum extent is both the 22nd lowest and the 16th highest. More remarkably, this year’s maximum is quite a bit smaller than the previous three years, which correspond to the three highest maximum extents in the satellite era, and is also the lowest since 2008."

The Ecologist: Paris Massacre May Scupper Climate Talks

parisDespite the 129 dead and the hundreds more wounded, The Ecologist has cut through all the emotive nonsense about the Paris massacres and identified the real victim of this grisly affair: why, the forthcoming UN climate change conference, of course!

Some would argue that with France in a state of emergency, Paris terrorized, and with many of the bodies so hideously mutilated they haven’t yet been identified, that perhaps it’s a bit too early to make extremely tenuous links between an act of Islamist terrorism and global warming.

Peggy Noonan Mocks Sanders Saying ISIS Exacerbated by Climate Change

bernieDuring an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan strongly rebuked Bernie Sanders’ claim during Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate that climate change has contributed to the rise of ISIS.

Noonan argued that Sanders’ statement “makes him to many people look slightly daffy like someone who doesn’t understand what the real subject is” because “[t]his is about terrorism. This isn’t about climate change and deserts and people migrating because it’s hot.”

Green Tech – the climate crisis syndicate

corn ethanol pumpRenewable Portfolio Standard advocates recently held their 2015 National Summit. The draft RPS agenda suggests it was quite an event – populated by bureaucrats, scientists and consultants who have jumped on the climate and “green energy” bandwagon, to follow the money.

Indeed, they are no longer content with 10% corn ethanol in gasoline, or some wind and solar power in the electricity mix. Now they want to convert the entire electrical grid from fossil-fuels to renewable sources and, if Catholic bishops get their way, totally eliminate hydrocarbons by 2050, despite the horrendous impacts that would have on workers, families and the world’s poorest people.

An Outbreak Of Sanity Down Under

sealevelThe Australian is reporting that the New South Wales government has suddenly come over all sensible on the subject of sea-level rise. This is of course precisely the approach recommended by Carter and de Lange in their GWPF report on the subject. --Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, 13 November 2015

The NSW government will today unveil sweeping changes to how the state’s coastline is managed, building on its insistence that local councils look at the science and evidence of individual beaches rather than blindly adopting UN predictions of climate change. Planning Minister Rob Stokes will announce what he says are world-first strategies that treat the 2007km NSW coast not as static fixed geography but as a constantly changing and evolving phenomenon. The initiatives mark the second phase of the Coalition government’s demolition of the previous Labor government’s policy, which among other things directed local councils on the coast to enforce the climate change and sea level rise predictions of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. --Ean Higgins, The Australian, 13 November 2015

How La Ninas Successfully Prove That El Ninos are Geological in Origin

Someone once said that "behind every successful woman is herself." In an era when all anyone can talk about is El Nino, it takes a woman, La Nina, to prove that both El Ninos and La Ninas are geological in origin. Even more interesting, it turns out that this same woman proves there is no such thing as the famous climatological event called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). There is no oscillation, no changing from an El Nino warm phrase to a La Nina cool phase. El Nino and La Nina are actually the result of the same geologically induced deep ocean seafloor fluid flow event.

Figure 1.) SST Maps of El Nino and La Nina events (credit NASA).Figure 1. SST Maps of El Nino and La Nina events (credit NASA).

These are extremely bold contentions to be sure, especially when one considers that it implies every climate scientist, world renown university, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have gotten it wrong. Well the facts speak for themselves.

Britons Less Concerned About Climate Change Than Any Other Nation

pewBritish people are less concerned than any other nationality about the risk they face from climate change, according to a survey ahead of negotiations on a global deal on emissions next month. Only 46 per cent of British people believe climate change will harm them personally in their lifetime, far below the global average of 72 per cent. The British are also less likely than most other major countries to agree with the statement that “global climate change is a very serious problem”. --Ben Webster, The Times, 12 November 2015

Acidic water may be a sign of healthy corals, says a new study, muddying the waters still further on our understanding of how coral reefs might react to climate change. Andreas Andersson of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California, and his colleagues carefully monitored a coral reef in Bermuda for five years, and found that spikes in acidity were linked to increased reef growth. “At first we were really puzzled by this,” says Andersson. “It’s completely the opposite to what we would expect in an ocean-acidification scenario.” --Michael Slezak, New Scientist, 9 November 2015

Shun the global warming extremists

"We really snookered this time, buddy.""We really snookered this time, buddy."It’s on the order of craziness, this scuttling of the XL Keystone pipeline, but that’s not where overreaching global-warming alarmism can do the most harm.

How about criminalizing free speech? How about saddling the nation with anti-warming policies whose primary effect will be economic hurt? How about an upcoming international conference on climate that could keep the undeveloped world undeveloped as the developed world regresses?

None of this is to say that global warming is an issue with no serious questions requiring rapt attention. The worry is that apocalypse-fearing absolutists are the ones dictating policies that not so coincidentally are despotic, hurtful and poorly justified. For years, scientists have been researching the proposed oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, yet how much attention have screeching opponents paid to the findings? Virtually none.