“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

With Air 62 Pct. Cleaner, Look at Obama Himself As Possible Cause For Malia's Asthma

Obama SmokingA Wednesday "Good Morning America" piece gave President Barack Obama an open mic to claim that, in ABC's words, "climate change became a personal issue for him when his older daughter Malia, now 16, was rushed to the emergency room with an asthma attack when she was just a toddler."

Somehow, ABC managed to avoid another possible contributor — besides the obvious possibility that Malia developed asthma independent of external influences — namely the President's 30-year smoking habit. He is said to have quit once and for all in 2011. USA Today columnist James S. Robbins wasn't impressed with the President's "reasoning," and with good cause, as he articulated in a Thursday evening column. He even managed to get a "there's been no warming for a long time" observation past USA Today's editors (links are in original; bolds are mine):

Peer review: Unsettling 'science'

journals“Peer-reviewed” science received a poke in the eye when a major publisher of medical and science articles retracted 43 papers because of bogus reviews.

Worse still, a multidisciplinary group including 9,000 journal editors suggests the problem goes much further, The Washington Post reports.

The publisher BioMed Central of the United Kingdom, responsible for 277 peer-reviewed journals, flagged the “fabricated” reviews, which predominately included those written by Chinese scholars. BioMed Central's senior editor for research integrity said an investigation revealed a concerted effort to deceive journal editors.

The Obama climate monarchy

obamaISIS terrorists continue to butcher people, while hacking into a French television network. Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons remains on track. In a nation of 320 million people, American businesses hired only 126,000 workers in March, amid a pathetic 62% labor participation rate. Wages and incomes are stagnant.

And yet President Obama remains fixated on one obsession: dangerous manmade climate change. He blames it for everything from global temperatures that have been stable for 18 years, to hurricanes that have not made US landfall for nearly 9.5 years, and even asthma and allergies. He is determined to use it to impose energy, environmental and economic policies that will “fundamentally transform” our nation.

For Congress, people should rank ahead of fish

smeltCALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown has just been forced to order unprecedented water restrictions on residents all over his state. Although the details have yet to be worked out, they will likely be expected to sacrifice time in the shower and loads of laundry and dishes, or else face fines.

It is difficult for Americans on the East Coast to understand, but water is a constant worry in the American West. Even so, it doesn’t often get as bad as it is now in the Golden State. California is now being hit by a true natural drought — the result of a change in Pacific weather patterns that scientists generally agree is not the result of global warming.

Punishing 'climate change deniers'

cartoonFailing to convince the public that global warming, is and urgent cause for concern, hysterical fear-mongers are turning to the armory of tyrants, and demanding punishment for those they call “deniers,” consciously inking Holocaust denial. The recent rebranding of their cause as “climate change creates a certain awkwardness, as nobody denies that climate has and always will change. Glaciers, after all, covered a good part of the northern tier of the United States, carving out the Great Lakes, for example.

Global warming didn’t give Malia asthma

maliaPresident Obama blames global warming for his daughter’s asthma. Today that’s politically useful spin, but the science says something different. If you’re looking for a culprit, it just might be Malia’s dad.

In an interview Wednesday in support of a new White House climate change awareness campaign, the president noted that his 16-year-old daughter had asthma when she was 4. He said that as a father, when your child says she has trouble breathing, “the fright you feel is terrible.” Fortunately, doctors were able to treat Malia’s condition quickly.

India Bans Greenpeace Funding, Suspends Licence

Greenpeace India and villagers gather on the fringes of the Mahan forest during a protest against a coal mining project in Singrauli districtGreenpeace India and villagers gather on the fringes of the Mahan forest during a protest against a coal mining project in Singrauli district.Greenpeace India's all seven bank accounts have been frozen with immediate effect. The Central government has suspended the registration of the organisation, including its branches and units for six months beginning Thursday. The order comes against the backdrop of government reports raising concerns that the United Kingdom has been showing interest in the organisation's India operations. --Devesh Pandey, The Hindu, 10 April 2015

The Indian government has frozen seven bank accounts belonging to Greenpeace’s India arm and suspended the environmental group’s foreign-funding license for allegedly violating rules governing overseas currency transfers. It is the latest move to block activities of nonprofits that some officials regard as anti-development. --Joana Sugden, The Wall Street Journal, 9 April 2015

Two new studies show that global warming is not behind California drought

california blobAccording to yesterday's Washington Post, there is a gigantic warm blob in the Pacific Ocean that is fueling California's four-year-long drought, and it has nothing to do with global warming. Two new studies released this week in the journal "Geophysical Research Letters", explain how this large expanse of warm ocean water is affecting California's weather as well as the East Coast's past two brutal winters.

In the first study, Nick Bond, Washington's state climatologist, believes the blob, a.k.a. the "warm anomaly," is behind California's ongoing warm and dry winters. Discovered in the fall of 2013, the warm anomaly is roughly 1,000 miles wide and about 300 feet deep, and according to Bond, is about 3°C (5°F) warmer than is typical for that area of the Pacific ocean. When viewed on a map showing ocean water temperatures, "the great circular mass does indeed look like a blob."

Jerry Brown Showers California with More Government

jerrybrownAs I listened to California Governor, Jerry Brown on a Sunday morning talk show this past weekend, he confirmed that the ongoing water “crisis” has nothing to do with water, and everything to do with control.

Brown, who took unprecedented emergency action, gave viewers a glimpse of the massive government intrusion that’s coming.

“It’s requiring action and changes in behavior from the Oregon border all the way to the Mexican border,” Brown said of his mandate. “It affects lawns. It affects people’s–how long they stay in the shower, how businesses use water.”

With Brown, there’s always a method to his madness.  All you have to do is listen to him.

Obama Claims Asthma Sufferers Need Global Warming Regs, That Hurt Asthma Patients

asthmaI’m not sure what the difference between Global Warming and witches is anymore. You can blame anything on both and both were considered the science of the day.

These days shouting Global Warming is as much empty nonsense as shouting, “A witch did it.”

A little reminder of that from the Global Witchfinder-in-Chief

“Obama says climate change first became a personal issue for him when his 16-year-old daughter was rushed to the hospital 12 years ago after suffering from an asthma attack.”

It first became an issue for me when I ran out of butter, which like Malia’s asthma had nothing to do with Global Warming.

The Church Of Climate Scientology: How Climate Science Became A Religion

mckibbenBill McKibbenCCD Editor's Note: Having just watched HBO's "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief," I wanted to see if anyone else noticed the frightening similarities between their tactics and the global warming faithful. I found this little nugget on Forbes.com written by Alex Epstein:

* * * * *

“Science” is perhaps the most abused word in the English language.

The word used to name the method of Galileo, Newton, and Einstein has also been used to rationalize some of the most destructive political policies in human history, such as socialism and population control. The Nazis invoked the once-renowned “science” of eugenics to justify a Holocaust of “scientifically inferior” races.

Obama Keeps Telling Renewable Energy Lies

windfarmImagine you wanted to get in your electric car and drive a considerable distance. It wouldn’t take long for your car to run out of power, so you would have to have another car, one using gasoline, to drive behind you to make sure you reached your destination.

That’s a description of “renewable energy”, wind and solar, in America today because they both require backup from traditional energy sources such as coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear. And “renewable energy” based on “free” sun and wind power costs more to produce and purchase. Need it be said that the sun does not always shine consistently everywhere or at night and that the wind does not always blow?