If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.
–Albert Einstein

Climate-change hysterics: Meet reality

cartoon-gore AIT tempsThe news this week must have been very hard on Al Gore.

The Economist magazine notes it has been 20 years since there has been any evidence of global warming.

You remember global warming. It was the crisis that called for reordering the way the entire world works: No more gas and oil. Only alternative “green” fuels to keep down carbon emissions. Global taxes. World government.

Al Gore staked his reputation, such as it was, on this hoax.

Even more shocking was the way the scientific elite bought into the fraud. There were grants at stake. No one wanted to be a heretic. Those who dared to look at reality and actual facts were vilified as “climate-change deniers.”

Coal Makes A Comeback In Europe As Conventional Gas Dries Up

CoverEurope is in a quandary. For years, it has claimed to be a global leader in fighting climate change and slashing carbon emissions. Now it finds itself running out of conventional gas and turning back to dirty coal. With its conventional gas fields nearly depleted and gas prices four times higher than in the United States, Europe would like to develop a thriving shale gas industry, but that seems unlikely in the near term. --Arthur Max, Midwest Energy News, 3 April 2013

The EU’s energy commissioner warned Germany not to rule out fracking, a controversial method of drilling for natural gas – saying it could hurt the country’s competitiveness, in an interview published on Tuesday. Günther Oettinger, Germany’s designated EU commissioner, criticised his country’s scepticism of fracking, telling the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that research had fallen victim to the “emotional” debate over the issue. In his interview with FAZ, Oettinger said Germany must be prepared to take certain risks to remain competitive – and would be wise not to discount fracking altogether. --The Local, 2 April 2013

Global Warming: Was It Just A Beautiful Dream After All?

newyorkcitywinterwallpaLike most of you, I yearn for shorter winters, more shirt-sleeve weather, less lashing from frigid winds. As a confirmed New Yorker, I’m not willing to do what millions have done: move to the sunbelt. I want warmer weather here in the Big City.

But I’ve grown old waiting for the promised global warming. I was 35 when predictions of a looming ice age were supplanted by warmmongering. Now I’m 68, and there’s still no sign of warmer weather. It’s enough to make one doubt the “settled science” of the government-funded doom-sayers.

Remember 1979? That was the year of “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge, of “The Dukes of Hazard” on TV, and of “ Kramer vs. Kramer” on the silver screen. It was the year the Shah was forced out of Iran. It was before the web, before the personal computer, before the cell phone, before voicemail and answering machines. But not before the global warming campaign.

In January of 1979, a New York Times article was headlined: “Experts Tell How Antarctic Ice Could Cause Widespread Floods.” The abstract in the Times archives says: “If the West Antarctic ice sheet slips into the sea, as some glaciologists believe is possible, boats could be launched from the bottom steps of the Capitol in Washington and a third of Florida would be under water, a climate specialist said today.”

What the Auditor Didn’t Say

drugsandhallucinationsAn Auditor General helps ensure that public money is being spent wisely. He or she is usually an accountant and therefore looks closely at numbers and dollar signs.

When John Doyle, the Auditor General of British Columbia, released a damning report last week he properly stuck to his narrow mandate (see my previous posts here and here). It wasn’t his job to second-guess government policy.

But reading his report as a layperson, I felt as though I’d tumbled down Alice’s rabbit hole. Even if the carbon offsets purchased by the BC government had been legitimate, the report was describing an absurd situation.

I’ve already suggested that there’s something narcissistic about a jurisdiction of 4.5 million people imagining that it can – and should – be a global leader in the fight against climate change. It’s cool to fancy yourself a general, but where’s the army?

Thin clouds drove Greenland’s record-breaking 2012 ice melt

clouds2And cloud formation is affect by Solar activity.

The media release is below.

Click for how solar activity affects cloud formation and, therefore, climate.


Thin clouds drove Greenland’s record-breaking 2012 ice melt

MADISON — If the sheet of ice covering Greenland were to melt in its entirety tomorrow, global sea levels would rise by 24 feet.

Three million cubic kilometers of ice won’t wash into the ocean overnight, but researchers have been tracking increasing melt rates since at least 1979. Last summer, however, the melt was so large that similar events show up in ice core records only once every 150 years or so over the last four millennia.

Last summer was not actually angrier than other summers

Source: The AustralianCLAIMS from the latest report by the Climate Commission, titled The Angry Summer, have been widely circulated through international media. On the basis of a few sporadic episodes, which in any other era would have been regarded as marginal weather (infrequent but perennial), the Climate Commission has proclaimed that such events are now the norm - the signature of climate change come home to roost.

This report is but the latest in a series of dire proclamations from this panel. It just happens to buttress the government's controversial carbon tax, a maladroit policy that will be pivotal in the forthcoming federal election.

The commission's position, as proclaimed by its chief commissioner, is that "the baseline has shifted" like "an athlete (who) takes steroids". "The same thing is happening to our climate system . . . We're getting fewer cold days and cold events and many more record hot events" (The New York Times, March 4).

The evocative nature of these claims is matched only by the imagination behind them. On a continental scale (the scale relevant to climate), Australian temperature this summer was unremarkable - it was within the range of previous variability.

Thousands Die Due to Climate Change Policies and Carbon Taxes

solar raysIn the coldest March in 43 years in the UK, thousands of people are dying as unreliable ‘green’ energy sources like wind and solar are crippled by the cold and snow leaving taxpayers stranded. Friends of Science warn North Americans to stop carbon taxes and relax climate change policies.

“In Alberta, Canada the Pembina Institute wants early closure of coal-fired plants, but Dr. Ross McKitrick’s review of their statistics shows the facts have been being skewed to drive a ‘green’ agenda,” says Ken Gregory, director of Friends of Science. “Do we want a heat or eat crisis in Alberta? People will die.”

Citing “misguided faith in green energy” and ‘problems of an energy policy that puts expensive, inefficient green power before coal-fired and nuclear power.” The Sunday Telegraph lambasted the UK government for “Too much green energy is bad for Britain.

The UK has suffered a “heat or eat” crisis for years since the inception of climate change policies and carbon taxes. Friends of Science state that this crisis situation is unnecessary. They state that advanced research shows the sun is the main driver of climate change. A growing number of citizens are joining their push for a review of climate change legislation around the world.

What are the alarmists so afraid of?

moncktonClimate change scientists are in a tizzy that a sceptic is touring their country. If they're so sure about their proclamations of doom and gloom, why the alarm? Historically, people who knew that deep down their science was flawed imprisoned or killed anyone who strayed from "the word." But thank god we live in an enlightened age. Right?

From The New Zealand Herald:

New Zealand's top climate change scientists have rallied together to slam a visiting sceptic who is touring the country to proclaim global warming as a myth that should be ignored.

NOAA spends on climate change while weather forecasting is shortchanged, critics say

hurricanesandypredictioSeveral days ahead of “superstorm” Sandy's East Coast landfall in October 2012, many weather models — including those of the U.S.'s National Weather Service (NWS) — were still predicting the hurricane would dissipate back into the Atlantic Ocean.

But at least one, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), successfully predicted Hurricane Sandy would swing towards the mid-Atlantic Coast more than two days before the other models picked up on such a probability — advance notice that could have given those in harm’s way an important head start on emergency preparations.

Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric science at the University of Washington in Seattle, says such a discrepancy in weather models not an isolated occurrence, but an alarming trend.

The Shale Revolution Goes Global

shalegasEuropean industries and some European governments have recently begun to recognise that the unconventional gas revolution is no longer confined to North America, but is spreading globally. The energy revolution is having a big impact on the overall economic competitiveness of the US economy and industries towards rivals in Asia and Europe. Cheap shale gas also calls into question the renewable energy policies of the EU, particularly those of Germany. Foreign investments in European petrochemical companies are already shifting from Europe to the US. --Frank Umbach, Geopolitical Information Service, 19 March 2013

Natural gas began flowing out of the Tamar gas field off the coast of Israel yesterday, in a sign of Israel’s changing position in the global energy landscape. The Tamar field is the smaller of two adjacent reservoirs, and developing it was the largest infrastructure project in Israel’s history. Together, the Tamar field and its larger neighbor, named Leviathan, are among the largest offshore natural gas discoveries in the past decade. Beyond this milestone, the Tamar and Leviathan fields will change Israel’s position in the geopolitical and energy world. --Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest, 31 March 2013

Meet the New Climate Deniers

timeThere are few things sadder than the “climate denier.” He ignores the data and neglects the latest science. His rhetoric and policy proposals are dangerously disconnected from reality. He can’t recalibrate to take account of the latest evidence because, well, he’s a denier.

The new climate deniers are the liberals who, despite their obsession with climate change, have managed to miss the biggest story in climate science, which is that there hasn’t been any global warming for about a decade and a half.

“Over the past 15 years air temperatures at the Earth’s surface have been flat while greenhouse-gas emissions have continued to soar,” The Economist writes. “The world added roughly 100 billion tons of carbon to the atmosphere between 2000 and 2010. That is about a quarter of all the CO2 put there by humanity since 1750.” Yet, no more warming.