Science is a wonderful thing if one
does not have to earn one's living at it.

–Albert Einstein

Government of, by and for activists

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Lisa Jackson’s resignation as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has focused attention on the “unfinished agenda” she leaves for this agenda-driven agency’s next director (probably Clinton era assistant EPA administrator and current California Air Resources Board chairwoman Mary Nichols).

One of the most notable leftovers involves an activist think tank that recently informed EPA it intends to file a lawsuit demanding that the agency establish a cap-and-trade system for transportation fuels. The group had petitioned EPA in 2009 to regulate and ration how much motor fuel goes into the U.S. economy from refiners and fuel importers – thereby putting EPA in charge of cars, trucks, boats, trains and planes, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent alleged “dangerous manmade global warming.” Jackson’s EPA did not respond, leaving the lawsuit and potential regulations to the next administrator.

Met Office Forecasts No Global Temperature Rise

Nigel Lawson“Shall I send a cheque to the House of Lords?” Letwin asked LawsonThe UK Met Office has revised its global temperature predictions as a result of a new version of its climate model and climate simulations using it. It now believes that global temperatures up to 2017 will most likely be 0.43 deg C above the 1971 -2000 average, with an error of +/- 0.15 deg C. In reality this is a forecast of no increase in global temperatures above current levels. If the latest Met Office prediction is correct, and it accords far more closely with the observed data than previous predictions, then it will prove to be a lesson in humility. It will show that the previous predictions that were given so confidently as advice to the UK government and so unquestioningly accepted by the media, were wrong, and that the so-called sceptics who were derided for questioning them were actually on the right track. --David Whitehouse, The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 7 January 2013

Global warming, the tool of the West

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For years, the Elites of the West have cranked up the myth of Man Made Global Warming as a means first and foremost to control the lives and behaviors of their populations. Knowing full well that their produce in China and sell in the West model and its consequent spiral downward in wages and thus standards of living, was unsustainable, the elites moved to use this new "science" to guilt trip and scare monger their populations into smaller and more conservatives forms of living. In other words, they coasted them into the poverty that the greed and treason of those said same elites was already creating in their native lands.

Exit of EPA boss a protest

Keystone XL demonstration, White House,8-23-20...

Keystone XL demonstration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EPA chief Lisa Jackson suddenly resigned last week because she was convinced that President Obama is planning to green-light the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, The Post has learned.

“She was going to stay on until November or December,” said a Jackson insider. “But this changed it. She will not be the EPA head when Obama supports it [Keystone] getting built.”

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Sets All Time December Record – 9 Million Sq Km More Than 32 Years Ago!

Earlier today a reader (I think Juraj)  left a comment with a link to a snow cover chart that disappeared on me. Sorry about the accidental deletion, but I’ve managed to find the chart using Google. According to Rutgers University here, snow cover over the northern hemisphere reached record December levels last month, thus dumping cold water on the notion that wintertime snows are getting rarer.

snowcoverDecember northern hemisphere snow cover.
Chart source:Rutgers University

Terror TV Pays Al Gore $100 Million for U.S. Media Access

His Highness Sheikh Hamid bin Khalifa Al-Thani...

His Highness Sheikh Hamid bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Al-Jazeera, once considered the voice of Osama bin-Laden and known for anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric, has announced the purchase of Al Gore’s low-rated cable channel, Current TV, in a transparent attempt to buy access to the U.S. media market for operatives of the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Gore has reportedly made $100 million from the $500 million deal.

The Arab government-funded TV channel, labeled “Jihad TV” by Judea Pearl, father of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, says the purpose of the unprecedented acquisition of Current TV is to create a channel called “Al-Jazeera America” and reach a potential audience of 40 million U.S. homes. It claims this will bring Al-Jazeera “into closer competition with American news channels like CNN, MSNBC and Fox.” 

Al-Jazeera seen as using Al Gore to bolster network’s legitimacy in United States

Logo of the network

Logo of the network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is Al-Jazeera trying to use former Vice President Al Gore to gain acceptance in America? Yes, say some experts.

On Wednesday it was announced that the Qatari-funded news station had purchased Current TV, the liberal cable channel co-founded by Gore, for a reported $500 million. Gore and fellow co-founder Joel Hyatt will join the advisory board of Al-Jazeera America, the network set to replace Current TV.

Al-Jazeera, which currently has both English and Arabic language stations, is seen by many as having an anti-Israel and anti-American slant. 

Nobelist Gore Gets $70 Million From Qatar-Funded Network

Al Gore

Al Gore (Photo credit: Livia Iacolare)

Al Gore, who shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against global warming, may gross about $70 million from the sale of his Current TV network to Al Jazeera, the cable channel funded in part by oil-rich Qatar.

Al Jazeera will pay about $500 million for Current TV, including the stake held by Gore, 64, according to two people with knowledge of the deal. The network is one of dozens of investments made by the former vice president since he lost the 2000 presidential race by a slim margin.

Global warming guru Al Gore becomes rich hypocrite with sale of Current TV to Qatar, Inc.

Al GoreHow much does presidential election loser Al Gore hate conservatives? Enough that he wouldn’t sell his little-watched Current TV to conservative Glenn Beck, but he would sell it to anti-American terror mouthpiece Al Jazeera for half a billion dollars.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "Glenn Beck's The Blaze approached Current about buying the channel last year, but was told that 'the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view,' according to a person familiar with the negotiations.”  So, Gore, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 after producing the climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," thinks conservatives are bad but Al Jazeera is his kind of folks.

AGW Bombshell? A new paper shows statistical tests for global warming fails to find statistically significantly anthropogenic forcing

graphicesdcoverhomepage[h/t to Gator] From the journal Earth System Dynamics billed as “An Interactive Open Access Journal of the European Geosciences Union” comes this paper which suggests that the posited AGW forcing effects simply isn’t statistically significant in the observations, but other natural forcings are.

“…We show that although these anthropogenic forcings share a common stochastic trend, this trend is empirically independent of the stochastic trend in temperature and solar irradiance. Therefore, greenhouse gas forcing, aerosols, solar irradiance and global temperature are not polynomially cointegrated. This implies that recent global warming is not statistically significantly related to anthropogenic forcing. On the other hand, we find that greenhouse gas forcing might have had a temporary effect on global temperature.”

Green Weenie of the Week: The Kyoto Keystone Kops

kyotowhataboutAmerica’s tax system wasn’t the only thing that went over a cliff at midnight on December 31.  The Kyoto Protocol on climate change—the treaty I’ve called the most feckless and unserious act of international diplomacy since the Kellogg-Briand Pact—expired on December 31.

Despite all the best efforts of the worst people, there was no 11th hour rescue, no climate “grand bargain,” and not even a tax increase on the top 1 percent of emitters!  To the contrary, more nations announced that they would not participate in any successor treaty, starting with Russia (which only joined the first Kyoto when it looked like an opportunity to sell phantom carbon credits to western European suckers).  Ukraine may follow. Canada bailed months ago.