“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Watters' World in Snowy Boston: 'I'm Up to My Rear End in Global Warming'

watersThis week, O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to Boston, where residents this year have been dealing with more than eight feet of snow.

"I'm up to my rear end in 'global warming', and if I see Al Gore, I'd punch him in the mouth," a man told Watters. Gore, the former Tennessee Senator and Vice President, has become the face of global warming/climate change advocacy.

"Climate Change, they're saying, is causing all of this snow," Watters said to a woman. "Yes. The temperature of the ocean water rises, the more humidity there is in the air, so it causes more precipitation," she replied. "So, if the Earth is warming, you get more snow?" Watters asked.  "Yes," she said. "So, if the Earth starts to cool, would we get less snow?" he followed-up, eliciting a long pause.

Rift System Geology Rocks Global Warming Theory

mantleScientists from Lamont-Doherty University and the University of Oxford have published research that links increased activity along earth’s major upper crustal plate boundaries with climate change. Both studies show that there could be a “complex feedback loop among ice ages, sea level changes” and “bursts of volcanic activity.”

This new research also confirms one of the most basic tenets of Plate Climatology theory (PCT) that suggests geologically based events and the climate are inextricably linked and are the most probable explanation for natural climate variations rather than manmade global warming.

It's an Ice Age for Sure

icecubeSome say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire.
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate.
To say that for destruction ice Is also great.
And would suffice.

-- Robert Frost, American poet.

Robert W. Felix borrowed from the poet Robert Frost for the title of his book, “Not by Fire, But by Ice”, first published in 1997 and devoted to the science of magnetic reversals and the Earth’s ice ages. I read it first in 2010 and was absolutely floored because Felix makes a very strong case for a reversal that would lead to a widespread extinction of life at some point in the future. In the near, more predictable future, he said the Earth was heading into a new ice age.

Kerry Issues Climate Warning: 'There is No Planet B'

Using Kepler Telescope transit data of planet “b”, scientists predicted that a second planet “c” about the mass of Saturn orbits the distant star KOI-872.Using Kepler Telescope transit data of planet “b”, scientists predicted that a second planet “c” about the mass of Saturn orbits the distant star KOI-872.Secretary of State John Kerry continued to beat the drum on the dangers of climate change Friday, noting that "there is no Planet B." The secretary made the remarks at the swearing-in ceremony for Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom David Saperstein. He drew a religious connection to the issue of climate change, saying that "when it comes to the fundamental health of Earth, folks, we’d better stick to the Creator’s original plan." 

Kerry said he and Saperstein had worked together on a number of issues in the past thirty years, including climate change:

Together we got behind the CHIPS legislation for children’s health care. We pushed for the proposed Workplace Religious Freedom Act, which unfortunately never passed. We were partners in the struggle to help veterans who had been affected by Agent Orange. And we have been allies in trying to awaken the world to the dangers of climate change – and let me just say that when it comes to the fundamental health of Earth, folks, we’d better stick to the Creator’s original plan, because there is no Planet B. (Applause.)

'World's Largest' Solar Panel Business Collapses

qcells plant in MalaysiaThe solar photo-voltaic (PV) industry has another victim: Q-CELLS plant in Thalheim, Germany. As of March 1, 2015, the plant will cease production altogether and will only be selling PV panels made in Malaysia, 550 of its previous workforce of 800 will be laid off. Not that long ago, in 2007, the company had a workforce of 1700 and claimed to be the world’s largest producer of PV panels.

The Super-Greens just can’t win. Wind-power by turbine, PV panel manufacturers, ocean wave power device builders and the like have fallen off the renewable energy-cliff, one by one. What’s happening? Were they not supposed to rescue the world from Al Gore’s prophecies of doom and gloom, runaway overheating of the earth from a few parts per million of anthropogenic (man-made) carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air? Hasn’t the ice cap in the Antarctic disappeared yet? Are there still any polar bears left in the Arctic? If so, why haven’t they drowned yet?

Experts Smeared by Media and Greenpeace for Debunking Global Warming

William Matthew ("Matt") Briggs, Ph.D.William Matthew ("Matt") Briggs, Ph.D.A not so funny, but somewhat predictable, event occurred after Dr. Matt Briggs co-authored a major peer-reviewed climate physics paper that exposed significant errors in the billion-dollar computer models used by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Briggs and his colleagues were smeared by the New York Times, the Guardian, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe because the revealed errors suggest that there is no climate crisis after all.

Global Warming Believers Launch Attack Campaign Against Renowned Scientist

protestFirm believers in global warming are ganging up to attack the integrity of an Harvard astrophysicist, Breitbart reports.

Dr. Willie Soon’s crime was to publish a peer-reviewed study showing that climate models are simply running too hot – they overestimate temperature increases.

Climate change advocates are not attacking the facts of his study, which seem to agree with satellite data showing no warming for over 18 years. Instead, they are looking for conflicts of interest, for dark money that might have influenced his research. The New York Times took the lead by reporting that Soon received many donations from the fossil fuel industry, which they believe constitutes a conflict of interest.

NYT Smears Scientist Willie Soon for Telling the Truth About ‘Global Warming’

soonAnother day, another attack on the integrity of the Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon, this time in the New York Times.

I first became aware of Soon in 2009 when reading through the Climategate emails. One of them was a jocular suggestion by a warmist called Tom Wigley as to how best to smear Soon and his co-author Sallie Baliunas.

Might be interesting to see how frequently Soon and Baliunas, individually, are cited (as astronomers). Are they any good in their own fields? Perhaps we could start referring to them as astrologers (excusable as…’oops, just a typo’).

You might be wondering what Soon and Baliunas had done to incur the wrath of the climate alarmist establishment. Well, they’d just published a meta-analysis of all the papers which had been written on the Medieval Warm Period (MWP). What their paper showed is that contrary to claims by one Michael Mann (the name may be familiar), the MWP was not a small, localised event but global, big and widespread.

Obama Administration Declares Green War on India

28d339fac0a1He wouldn’t put it this way, but Secretary of State John Kerry announced this week that the U.S. government will turn the screws on India over the country’s environmental record. This is a bold challenge to the Indian government that could become an extremely effective exercise of soft power. But even if AirNow  monitoring doesn’t work a diplomatic miracle in time for the Paris climate conference, at least the fact that India’s pollution problem hurts its people will be well-articulated. That can only increase public pressure to clean up India’s development strategy. --Stephen Stromberg, The Washington Post, 20 February 2015

The climate con goes on

cartoon global warming orthodoxySome 200 nations may sign a “modest” Kyoto II climate treaty, say December 2014 media reports from Lima, Peru. But will developing nations agree to stop using coal to generate electricity? No. Curtail economic growth? No. Cease emitting carbon dioxide? Maybe, but only a little, sometime in the future, when it is more convenient to do so, without binding commitments. Then why would they sign a treaty?

Primarily because they expect to get free energy technology transfers, and billions of dollars a year in climate “mitigation, adaptation and reparation” money from Western nations that they blame (and which blame themselves) for the “dangerous climate change,” rising seas and “extreme weather” that they claim are “unprecedented” and due to carbon dioxide emissions during the 150 years since the Industrial Revolution began. These FRCs (Formerly Rich Countries) have implemented low-carbon energy policies and penalties that have strangled their economies, dramatically increased energy prices and killed millions of jobs. But now poor developing countries demand that they also transfer $100 billion per year, for decades (with most of that probably going to their governing elites’ Swiss banks accounts).

Heavy Snow in Jerusalem is Neither New Nor Alarming

snowForget for the moment that Jerusalem gets a heavy snowstorm every seven years on average and you might, just might, think that something is amiss with the climate in that region. Actually, the climate is behaving as expected, contrary to the alarmists who contend climate change, aka global warming, is behind the snowstorm that hit Israel (bold added):

An uncommon winter blizzard has left Jerusalem and neighboring countries buried in over 10 inches of snow, due to a cold front that hit the Middle East on Thursday and Friday.

Reminiscent of the snow storms gripping the East Coast in the United States, the blizzard left many scrambling to purchase gas heaters in countries including Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.


The real threat of climate change alarmism

cartoon al gore making moneyFor nearly four decades, we’ve increasingly been bombarded with global warming alarmism. What actually should alarm us is the corruption of science and, consequently, the undermining of knowledge-based authority.

“Global warming” began being called “climate change” about the time warming so obviously had tapered off that annual differences were essentially immeasurable, and well within the margin of error.

But warmists profit by scaring people to justify heavy-handed schemes for wealth transfer and control. To salvage their schemes, they substituted an unremarkable, meaningless expression – climate change – and claimed it had an innate, identical urgency.