The control of information is something the elite always does,
particularly in a despotic form of government…
If you can control information, you can control people.

–Tom Clancy

Multi-Year Stupidity

Sea ice, ice berg and fog.

Sea ice, ice berg and fog. (Photo credit: Derek Keats)

The reason why Arctic sea ice summer minimums have been low recently is because there is a lot less thick multi-year ice than there was 20 years ago.

Experts say that this confirms global warming, but it has little to do with it. Most multi-year ice is lost during the winter, not the summer. The ice gets blown by strong winter winds out into the North Atlantic, where it melts. During the winters from 1988-1996, most of the multi-year ice was lost.

END the wind PTC and business/government cronyism!

English: The , also known as the Green Mountai...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the Batavia Daily News observed recently, Invenergy is eagerly waiting for this “Lame Duck” Congress to extend the decades-old federal Production Tax Credit (PTC) for industrial wind facilities. Meanwhile, thousands of local tax- and rate-paying citizens are eagerly awaiting the expiration – the permanent expiration – of this $0.022/kWh subsidy. The PTC is nothing more than a tax-shelter-generator for wealthy, multinational, rent-seeking corporations like Invenergy.

Former U.S. Navy Meteorologist Blasts Super Storms Hype

hurricanesandyCiting one of the world’s top meteorologists as his source Dr. Martin Hertzberg tears a hole in the cherry-picked alarmist claims made in an article by Tim Lydon, an Alaskan parks ranger and occasional jobbing journalist who gets plenty of column inches pontificating about meteorology without any apparent science training. Dr. Hertzberg is co-founder and senior fellow of Principia Scientific International, a fast-growing science body campaigning for higher standards and greater transparency in discredited government science. While the Summit Daily News has published Hertzberg’s riposte there was no such joy at the NYT. Below is an unabridged version of Hertzberg’s letter:

David Cameron: ‘Britain Must Be At The Heart Of The Shale Gas Revolution’

cameronvBritish Prime Minister Tells Greens: 'You Are Wrong On Shale Gas'

Britain must be at the heart of a “shale gas revolution”, David Cameron has said, which could bring down energy prices and help “re-industrialise” the economy. He said he wanted Britain to play a full part in the “revolution underway” and criticised environmentalists who were opposed to exploiting the technology.  Giving his public backing for plans to exploit the country’s onshore gas reserves – which is expected to be given the go-ahead by the Government very shortly – Mr Cameron said the new technology could transform our energy supplies. But his stance was attacked by climate change scientists and energy experts who warned his dash-to-gas policy was “misleading and dangerous”. --Oliver Wright, Michael McCarthy, Tom Bawden, The Independent, 12 December 2012

New Intimidation Effort Launched Against Skeptics: The ‘Checks and Balances Project’

cartoon-grants-solar-energyAlthough little corporate money goes to skeptics (especially as compared to the corporate money that goes to alarmists), the green-run Checks and Balances Projects apparently aims to resurrect that myth with two goals in mind: (1) continue to intimidate corporations from funding skeptics and (2) intimidate the media from running skeptic commentary.

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Salad for Ethiopia: How Climate Policy Keeps Poor People Poor

ethiopiaThe dirty secret of climate policy is that it works against the interests of poor people around the world who want to become rich like you and me. I have discussed how this works in terms of the definitions that we use in international assessments -- One way to create scenarios which have both carbon dioxide stabilized at 450 ppm and a dramatic expansion of energy access around the world is to define "energy access" at a very low level -- such as 2% of the amount that Americans consume in their households every year.

Advisors to Obama: 'Accommodate' China, embrace global warming

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

Is two times the charm? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The authoritative Atlantic Council, whose members include key Obama advisors, is urging the president to retune his second-term agenda to "accommodate" China's needs and dive head first into the climate change debate by pushing a tax on carbon emissions.

In a weighty "companion" to the official U.S. National Intelligence Council report also issued Monday, President Obama was advised to stop fighting with China and take a more cooperative approach since both countries have emerged as the world's remaining economic and military superpowers.

Refuting IPCC Claims, New Study Finds Global Warming Is Not Hurting Plant Growth

agroecosystemsA new study by the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change – The State of Earth’s Terrestrial Biosphere: How is it Responding to Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Warmer Temperatures? – refutes claims by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that global warming is stressing Earth’s natural and agro-ecosystems by reducing plant growth and development.

The American Geophysical Union and Climate Hysteria

Benjamin D. Santer: Ready to fightBenjamin D. Santer: Ready to fightThe American Geophysical Union (AGU) is an important scientific society. It includes many earth science disciplines and publishes numerous journals. Unfortunately the organization has been co-opted by global warming extremists. The great majority of the scientists who study the Earth's climate don't have an extremist position on climate change. However, true believers of the "imminent catastrophe" school tend to be activists. These are the people who stay to the end of every meeting, get appointed to committees, and generally punch above their weight in organization politics.

The true believers don't waver in the face of contradictory facts or data. For the true believers, ideology trumps facts. They are agile thinkers and can always figure a method of explaining away any negative information that might disconfirm the impending climate catastrophe.

Many delegates leave climate talks in despair

dohacop18At the end of another U.N. conference that yielded no progress on curbing greenhouse emissions, many of those most concerned about climate change are close to despair.

As thousands of delegates left Doha, some asked whether the U.N. system even made matters worse by providing cover for leaders to take no meaningful action.

Supporters say the U.N. process is still the only framework for global action. 

Mother Jones sounds the alarm about global warming! This time about the north pole.

A male polar bear

A male polar bear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summary:  Americans’ gullibility, our receptiveness to pleasing propaganda, dominates the politics of both Left and Right (although to different degrees). Of course, since both factions draw from the same population. The election showcased the Right’s (often quite irrational) propaganda. Today we look at similar tactics on the Left, using exaggerated fears to stampede us in the desired direction.


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Green Activists Close To Despair After UN Climate Confab

cartoonDoha Climate Summit Ends In Disgrace

At the end of another lavishly-funded U.N. conference that yielded no progress on curbing greenhouse emissions, many of those most concerned about climate change are close to despair. --Barbara Lewis and Alister Doyle, Reuters, 9 December 2012

The United Nations climate talks in Doha went a full extra 24 hours and ended without increased cuts in fossil fuel emissions and without financial commitments between 2013 and 2015. However, this is a "historic" agreement, insisted Qatar's Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, the COP18 president. --Inter Press Service, 10 December 2012