The best scientist is open to experience and begins
with romance - the idea that anything is possible.

–Ray Bradbury

Shale Revolution Vs The Greens

giveMassive shale oil reserves could give California one of the biggest oil booms on Earth, but the uber-powerful California green lobby is gearing up for the fight of its life. The stakes of the battle could be huge. Hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs for Californians, versus environmental concerns about fracking, pipelines, and greenhouse gasses. The intrigues in this drama are many. Will black gold bail out big blue California? Bring lots of popcorn. This is going to be a terrific show. --Walter Russell Mead, Via Meadia, 4 February 2013

Book: Polar bear population on the rise

Polar Bears at Cape Churchill (Wapusk National...

Polar Bears at Cape Churchill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Global hysteria ensued after former Vice President Al Gore posed a theory in his film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” that polar bears were on the edge of extinction. Soon after, reports of fish shortages, cross-breeding between species and even polar bear cannibalism added to the global-warming debate.

These reports piqued the interest of Zac Unger, who wanted to become “a hero of the environmental movement,” proving how man-made global warming is affecting the polar bear population. He packed up his wife and kids and headed for Churchill, Manitoba, an isolated piece of land on the Hudson Bay in northern Canada accessible only by train or plane.

In Their Own Words: Climate Alarmists Debunk Their "Science"

cartoon obama-statue liberty CFCPresident Obama has put salvation from dreaded climate catastrophes on his action agenda hot list. During his inaugural address he said: “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.” He went on to shame anyone who disagrees with this assessment, saying, “Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and powerful storms.”

US News Item on How Working Less Might Slow 'Climate Change' Ignores Underlying Radical 'De-Growth' Agenda

vacaA Monday US News item by Jason Koebler ("Study: Global Warming Can Be Slowed By Working Less") illustrates how radical thought injects itself into establishment press news stories.

Koebler's work attempts to be cute, with its picture (a cyclist taking a nap), its subheadline (a suggestion that "a more 'European' schedule would reduce the effects of climate change"), and its opening ("Want to reduce the effects of global warming? Stop working so hard"). The seemingly innocent concept is that "working fewer hours and more vacation time, could prevent as much as half of the expected global temperature rise by 2100." It takes a bit of digging before one learns that the whole idea is really premised on "de-growth" -- "a political, economic, and social movement ... (which) advocate(s) for the downscaling of production and consumption," or, in other words, "the contraction of economies."

Outgoing EPA chief convinced Obama serious on climate change

Lisa JacksonEPA Head Lisa JacksonFrom Reuters. Emphasis added:

Jackson plans to leave office on February 14. She cites among her achievements rules to limit carbon emissions from power plants for the first time, and having struck a deal to make U.S. cars more fuel efficient. Her signature achievement, she said, was the so-called endangerment finding that greenhouse gases pose a danger to human health, a formal declaration that paved the way for the agency to write the carbon-cutting rules.

Climate seers as blind guides; Forecasters often use unscientific computer models

cartoon 400000yearsclimatechangeThe science of forecasting is complex. After 50 years spent studying the issue, I have found there is plenty of experimental evidence that in complex, uncertain situations, experts cannot forecast better than those with little expertise. In 1980, MIT Technology Review published my “Seer-sucker Theory”: “No matter how much evidence exists that seers do not exist, suckers will pay for the existence of seers.” Since 1980, research has provided more evidence for this surprising theory, especially Philip Tetlock’s 2005 book, “Expert Political Judgment.”

Chris Huhne: right result, wrong reason

English: Chris Huhne at the Liberal Democrat S...

Chris Huhne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before we all get too excited about the news from the Chris Huhne trial – and I must admit, my immediate response on Twitter was "Alleluia alleluia alleluia" – I think our gloating ought to be tempered by a bit of sober analysis.

I don't know about you, but in the unlikely event I were ever going to commit an imprisonable offence, it would be probably be along the lines of the one to which Huhne has just pleaded guilty.

The Inconvenient Truth About Polar Bears

Polar bear males frequently play-fight. During...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"There are far more polar bears alive today than there were 40 years ago"... "polar bear populations are large, and the truth is that we can't look at it as a monolithic population that is all going one way or another."

by NPR STAFF  February 02, 2013

In 2008, reports of polar bears' inevitable march toward extinction gripped headlines. Stories of thinning Arctic ice and even polar bear cannibalism combined to make these predators into a powerful symbol in the debate about climate change.

The headlines caught Zac Unger's attention, and he decided to write a book about the bears.

Obama’s climate team appears primed for action

kerryJohn Kerry, eco-warriorWho will help President Barack Obama meet his ambitious promises to tackle climate change?

Eco-celebrities and tree-climbing protesters need not apply. This is a job for wonks.

The president’s top climate appointees and the outside advisers best positioned to shape his agenda are a team replete with heavy hitters — including green-minded business leaders, buttoned-down environmental lobbyists and bureaucrats who have spent years wrestling with the minutiae of regulations.

Prince Philip Invites Climate Sceptic To Buckingham Palace

English: Crop of photograph of Prince Philip, ...

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prince Philip has invited David Bellamy, who was allegedly banned from the BBC because of his views on global warming, to give a lecture at Buckingham Palace. The Prince of Wales warned in March 2009 that there were “less than 100 months to act” to save the planet from irreversible damage due to climate change. His father is known to be more sceptical. Now, the Duke of Edinburgh has invited Britain’s best-known global warming heretic to give a lecture at Buckingham Palace. --Richard Eden, The Sunday Telegraph, 3 February 2013

Super Bowl Weekend - Open Topics and Discussion

Will she lip sync or not?Will she lip sync? Will anyone care?

This is Super Bowl weekend in the States, which means lots of chicken wings and plenty of betting. We'll be down for a few days so feel free to post and discuss on anything you like, from the Super Bowl to global-warming news to where to get the best pizza and buffalo wings. ;)

Is It Hollywood Or Washington? Global Warming Activists Control Government Climate Report

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man menaces the Ghos...

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In one of the most memorable scenes in the classic movie, The Sting, grifter Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman) cheats crime boss Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw) out of $15,000 in a card game  by secretly switching four jacks into his hand in place of the cards that were dealt him. This scene, in which Lonnegan knows he was cheated but can’t prove it in front of the other players, sets the stage for the entire second half of the film.

I have always loved The Sting, and the crooked card game has always been my favorite scene. Nevertheless, something always bothered me about the memorable scene; it wasn’t very believable. After all, how could Gondorff be certain none of the other players had been dealt a jack, which would result in Gondorff’s instant death if one of the other players called Gondorff out on it? Indeed, how could Gondorff be sure Lonnegan himself didn’t hold at least one jack, which would give Gondorff enough of an excuse in front of the others to kill Gondorff for cheating? Would Gondorff really risk his own life on the unlikely event that nobody else in the hand had been dealt a jack? In short, the scene was long on Hollywood entertainment but short on believability.