Climate change journalism is mostly crap if you didn’t notice,
because it’s not done by journalists. Mostly advocacy & self promotion.

–Climate scientist Ryan Maue via twitter (@RyanMaue)

The President’s Climate Action Plan – the good, the bad, and the ugly

goodbaduglyThis post was written last night, shortly after I received the document. It is autopublishing at 6AM EDT (3AM PDT) since I’ll hopefully be asleep here in California when the embargo time passes.

There were two documents provided to the press: a fact sheet/summary and the full plan. Both are available as PDF’s at the end of this essay. I see a lot of “pie in the sky” language in the plan document, with little in the way of concrete ideas. It seems just another expansion of “big government” bureaucracy with little tangible benefit to the American citizen.

This by no means a complete point by point commentary, I’m just touching on things that caught my eye. Readers are encouraged to submit responses to specific points in the comments section below.

WH Climate Adviser: 'A War on Coal Is Exactly What’s Needed'

Obama: Killing the Coal IndustryObama: Killing the Coal IndustryDaniel P. Schrag, a White House climate adviser and director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, tells the New York Times "a war on coal is exactly what's needed." Later today, President Obama will give a major "climate change" address at Georgetown University. 

“Everybody is waiting for action,” Schrag tells the paper. “The one thing the president really needs to do now is to begin the process of shutting down the conventional coal plants. Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal. On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.

Obama's speech today is expected to offer "a sweeping plan to address climate change on Tuesday, setting ambitious goals and timetables for a series of executive actions to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and prepare the nation for the ravages of a warming planet," according to the Times.

Global warming fraud: Obama expected to end traditional coal-fired power

Coal-Fired Power PlantCoal-Fired Power PlantIt can’t be said often enough. There has been no global warming for the past 15 years, and now even the New York Times can no longer pretend otherwise. But just because “climate scientists” swung and missed on that hanging curveball doesn’t mean Barack Obama is about to be deterred. He’s got a socialist agenda, and global warming is the excuse for why it must be implemented urgently right now, Congress and the truth be damned.

Obama’s admirers at Mother Jones are pretty excited about what to expect in today’s big fraud, er, speech:

Here are four things that are expected to be included:

Emission rules for existing power plants: The EPA has already issued (but not yet finalized) rules for new power plants, which will likely mean the end of conventional coal-fired power in the United States. But Obama is expected to unveil standards for the fleet of existing power plants, which account for 40 percent of all emissions in the US

Tougher efficiency standards for homes and appliances: The Department of Energy tightened efficiency standards on some household appliances in 2009. But a number of new standards have been stuck at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the White House awaiting approval.

How Many Things You Do Today Will Kill You Or The Planet?

© Naj - Fotolia.comSo how’s your day going so far?  Sure, even if you’re doing okay, what about all the bad stuff you have caused to your health, to less fortunate people throughout the world, and for that matter, even to the planet’s climate and environment since the time you got out of bed this morning.

Have you had your coffee or tea yet? Golly…I sure hope you’re not overdoing it! According to Dr. Sam Robbins in an article published in Health, Fitness & Longevity Solutions, more than about one cup three or four times weekly would be excessive if you’re over 35 and worried about heart disease, joint pain or diabetes. He says that multiple cups or higher-dosed caffeinated products such as expresso, energy drinks or weight loss pills can really bring you grief. Hey, we’re talking increased risks of heart attacks, excretion of stress hormones, depression and attention disorders, body fat, ulcers and acid reflux…and that’s only the beginning. I can’t ever bear to tell you the other hazards.

Previewing Obama’s Climate Speech

ClimateMy segment on the Kudlow Report (I’ll post a link when I can) went really fast, as these cable TV shows usually do, so I didn’t have time to cover much ground.  A few observations on what Obama is going to do with his climate speech tomorrow, which the White House has been building up for the last 10 days or so:

—Obama is desperate to placate the greens, for whom he did not lift a finger in any significant way in his first term.  He was completely AWOL on the cap and trade bill as it was dying in the Senate.

—Most of what has leaked out is just the same-old-same-old.  Emissions standards for coal-fired power plants?  Check.  Increased efficiency standards for homes and appliances?  Check.  More solar and wind on federal lands?  Check.

—Yet environmental leaders are nearly orgasmic today in anticipation of a speech, calling it a “major turning point in the climate fight,” which shows what cheap dates they remain for the Democratic Party. (By the way, EPA coal regs will take five to ten years to develop and implement, and might be vulnerable to legal challenge depending on how they unfold.  They will be litigated, no matter what.)

Obama Unveils Sweeping Carbon Reduction Plan

Georgetown University's main campusGeorgetown University's main campusCiting moral, economic and weather related concerns, President Barack Obama is set to unveil sweeping measures aimed at reducing U.S. carbon emissions Tuesday [June 25, 2013] during a speech at Georgetown University on climate change. In addition to cutting carbon emissions in America, Obama hopes to prepare the United States for climate change and lead a global effort, working with countries such as China, India and Brazil to accomplish similar goals.

Obama will double-down on several policies already in place, including a widely anticipated move to extend a proposal to regulate carbon standards for new power plants to include existing plants as well, according to a White House fact sheet. Many experts have said the expected Environmental Protection Agency regulation would end the building of new coal plants because doing so would no longer be profitable.

Global Warming: There's Nothing To Fight Against

johnkerrybeingswornin copy"The science of climate change is screaming at us for action," Secretary of State John Kerry said over the weekend. Yes, we hear screams, but not from science. They're from the alarmist movement dying.

But it's not going easily. On Tuesday, President Obama will lay out his plan for fighting climate change at a speech at Georgetown University. He's expected to announce a regime for regulating greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants.

This from the same politician who in 2008 as presidential candidate promised that his administration would bankrupt anyone who wanted "to build a coal-powered plant."

Global Warming Fraud: More Evidence Carbon Dioxide Innocent

fraud[h/t to Ronald] The greatest difficulty facing the promoters of the theory that human emissions of carbon dioxide cause dangerous global warming is the inconvenient truth that it is impossible to measure the average temperature of the earth’s surface by any known technology. Without this information it is not possible to claim global warming.

In order to fake this claim the “Mean Global Surface Temperature Anomaly Record” (MGSTAR) was fabricated from temperature measurements made at meteorological weather stations.

It did not matter that:

  • There is no standardized method for making these observations;

  • They are unrepresentative of the earth’s surface, and worse the further back you go;

  • Their locations are mainly close to cities;

  • Only maximum and minimum temperatures are measured;

  • The number and location of stations changes daily

Greedy Africans are starving our cars

biofuel facilitybiofuel facility“You’ve heard of Live Aid? Well, this is Drive Aid,” an ardent young man says, as he approaches London pedestrians. “Greedy people in developing nations are eating huge amounts of food that could easily be turned into biofuel to power our cars. African acreage the size of Belgium is being used for food, and we’re saying it should go to cars here in the UK. Can we have your support?”

Londoners reacted with disbelief and outrage, the ActionAid UK video shows, and refused to sign his mock petition. The amusing stunt drove home a vital point: Biofuel programs are turning food into fuel, converting cropland into fuel production sites, and disrupting food supplies for hungry people worldwide. The misguided programs are having serious environmental consequences, as well.

Obama's Enormous Climate Lies

2BMedalPutting aside Obama’s intention to further reduce our nuclear arsenal as articulated in his June 19 speech in Berlin, he has solidified his position as the World’s Greatest Liar with his statements about climate change, aka global warming, which he called “the global threat of our time.”

Let us stipulate that the global threat of our time is the rise of Islamic fanaticism in its pursuit of a worldwide caliphate. It threatens some six billion of the world’s population that represent other faiths. It is on the rise throughout the Middle East and into northern Africa’s Maghreb. It has cells in South America and it threatens the lives of millions of Americans if the jihadists acquire nuclear arms.

Regarding the President’s call for nuclear disarmament, veteran journalist Bill Gertz observed that “The president is using a new term to support his earlier disarmament call back in 2009 in Prague, and it’s called ‘peace with justice’ which has a very Marxist-Leninist ring to it. All the rhetoric of the communist groups around refer to peace with justice, (and) now the president has employed it for the first time.”

Precautionary double standards

wind turbines and birdsWind turbines and birds don't mixJessica Marszelek, federal politics reporter for Australia’s News Limited Network, recently posted an article titled, “Australia: Wind power 'terrorising' rural communities.” Some 150 people turned up for a three-hour rally at Canberra’s Parliament House, she reported, to express their concern about the health effects of wind turbines.

The residents from small towns around the country complain that the giant turbines cause “a constant rumbling and pulsing in their heads and a feeling of oppressive anxiety,” she noted. “Everyday farmers” are upset over growing numbers of turbines in their communities. 

“Retired Naval electronics engineering officer and beef farmer” David Mortimer receives Aus$12,000 a year to allow these avian Cuisinarts on his land, and 17 more are planned. However, Mr. Mortimer says he now “suffers night-time panic attacks, acute anxiety, heart palpitations, tinnitus, earaches, headaches and angina-like pains, and his wife has dizzy spells.”

A cooling consensus

cartoon cry wolf[H/T to Tom Nelson] GLOBAL warming has slowed. The rate of warming of over the past 15 years has been lower than that of the preceding 20 years. There is no serious doubt that our planet continues to heat, but it has heated less than most climate scientists had predicted. Nate Cohn of the New Republic reports: "Since 1998, the warmest year of the twentieth century, temperatures have not kept up with computer models that seemed to project steady warming; they’re perilously close to falling beneath even the lowest projections".

Mr Cohn does his best to affirm that the urgent necessity of acting to retard warming has not abated, as does Brad Plumer of the Washington Post, as does this newspaper. But there's no way around the fact that this reprieve for the planet is bad news for proponents of policies, such as carbon taxes and emissions treaties, meant to slow warming by moderating the release of greenhouse gases. The reality is that the already meagre prospects of these policies, in America at least, will be devastated if temperatures do fall outside the lower bound of the projections that environmentalists have used to create a panicked sense of emergency. Whether or not dramatic climate-policy interventions remain advisable, they will become harder, if not impossible, to sell to the public, which will feel, not unreasonably, that the scientific and media establishment has cried wolf.