“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Fracking Rules Expected to Be Unveiled by Obama Administration Friday

Fracking the Bakken Formation in North DakotaThe Obama administration on Friday is expected to issue long-awaited regulations setting new standards for hydraulic fracturing in the oil and natural-gas industries, people familiar with the matter said.

The drilling technology, commonly known as fracking, has been key to unlocking vast reserves of oil and gas across the U.S., but qualms about its environmental impact have made it controversial.

The regulations will set standards for wells and disposal of wastewater, and will require disclosure of chemicals used, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Tuesday in a speech in Washington.

Glacier Melts And Alarmists Desperately Want To Blame Man

totten glacierNo matter what happens, the alarmists blame man for changing the climate. In their minds, there are no other explanations. In reality, there can be many, with melting in Antarctica as one example.

Indeed, a massive glacier in East Antarctica that holds vast amounts of water is melting. Should it thaw completely, the water it releases could contribute to a rise in sea levels. The question, of course, is why is the Totten Glacier [pictured], which is about 75 miles long and roughly 20 miles wide, melting?

And while we ponder that, let's not forget that a complete meltdown of Totten would likely take centuries, not months or even years. New York and Los Angeles won't be underwater by the end of the summer.

Obama drives ahead on climate with government emissions cuts

obama executive orderPresident Barack Obama ordered the federal government on Thursday to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by nearly half over the next decade, driving his climate change agenda forward despite percolating challenges from Republican-led states.

By curtailing pollution within the U.S. government, Obama sought to increase political pressure on other nations to deal seriously with climate change. The U.S. and other nations will soon announce how much they're willing to cut their national emissions as part of a global climate treaty to be finalized in December; scientists warn that if those pledges are too lax, the treaty could be too weak to stop the worst effects of global warming.

"We thought it was important for us to lead by example," Obama said at the Energy Department headquarters, where he toured a sprawling installation of solar panels on the building's roof. "These are ambitious goals, but we know they're achievable goals."

Why I’m a Climate Change Skeptic (And warmists should chill out)

cartoon inquisitionDespite being a moderately intelligent and relatively well-educated person, I find it hard not to be skeptical of the popular theory of anthropogenic (man-made) climate change or global warming.

I’m not a scientist, but I have no difficulty accepting the doctrines of this or that science provided a consensus exists among scientists in a particular field. Thus I have no difficulty accepting the periodic table of the elements, or the idea that later biological species descend from earlier species, or the notion that our physical universe is 13 or 14 billion years old. And so on.

So why do I find it difficult to believe in global warming when I’m told every day that 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists agree that human behavior makes a significant contribution to climate change? Let me list the reasons.

Revealed: Gates Foundation's $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments

gatesCCD Editor's Note: It seems Al Gore, Tom Steyer, et al aren't the only ones who've profited from fossil fuel investments.

* * * * *

The charity run by Bill and Melinda Gates, who say the threat of climate change is so serious that immediate action is needed, held at least $1.4bn (£1bn) of investments in the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies, according to a Guardian analysis of the charity’s most recent tax filing in 2013.

The companies include BP, responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Anadarko Petroleum, which was recently forced to pay a $5bn environmental clean-up charge and Brazilian mining company Vale, voted the corporation with most “contempt for the environment and human rights” in the world clocking over 25,000 votes in the Public Eye annual awards.

Inhofe ignores Democratic 'witch hunt'

inhofe addressSenate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe will ignore a politically- motivated "witch hunt" targeting climate scientists who are skeptical of global warming, with aides calling the Democrats' effort an "exercise in theatrics."

The Oklahoma Republican is content to ignore the Democratic effort aimed at undermining the scientists' credibility by showing they were unduly influenced by money allegedly received from fossil fuel companies

Inhofe sees the investigations as an "exercise in theatrics from the minority" that does not warrant a "whole hearing," the committee aide said. The panel's oversight team will keep the issue on the radar, but the chairman doesn't want to do anything that would benefit the opposition party and fuel the Democrats' agenda.

Obama's 'Signature Achievement' Will Be Bypassing the Constitution

obama signingFor a guy who’s not a fan of certain foreign leaders, Barack Obama sure does place a tremendous amount of trust in the good will of other nations. For legacy-building purposes, for example, the administration trusts that Iran will police its own nuclear ambitions – or, as John Kerry might put it, we’ve entered into a nonbinding agreement that is also not based on trust. The same goes for the Chinese government, whom we will soon have to trust so the president can get his legacy-building global-warming deal.

As it’s been reported, Obama is working hard to nail down what he hopes will be one of his “signature achievements”: a wide-ranging global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If all things go according to plan, the agreement will be signed in December. And as with most of the president’s triumphs since 2010, this one will be nonbinding and unenforceable, accomplished with unprecedented executive fiat. If he keeps this up, Obama’s single most notable achievement will be circumventing checks and balances with more regularity than any president in history.

For The First Time Since 1969, No US Tornadoes Reported In March

cycloneThe US tornado count for March 2015? Zero. That’s right, so far this month there have been no tornadoes reported in the U.S. — this is only the second time this has happened since 1950, according to Weather Channel meteorologist Greg Forbes.  “We are in uncharted territory with respect to lack of severe weather,” Greg Carbin, a meteorologist at NOAA, said in a statement. “This has never happened in the record of [Storm Prediction Center] watches dating back to 1970.” --Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller, 18 March 2015

So there you have it, despite what projections there may be for the future, and remember projections are not reality until they have been shown to be accurate, the consensus regarding Cyclone Pam is that there is no clear evidence for a link between it and climate change. This means that any responsible scientist would not assume such a link exists, as it hasn’t been proven. The answer must not be ‘it’s difficult to say’ – the only scientifically valid answer is ‘there is no link.’ --David Whitehouse, Global Warming Policy Forum, 17 March 2015

It's Not "Global Warming." It's "Springtime."

springtimeAfter decades of environmental claims that “global warming” would plunge the planet into catastrophic harm to its human and other inhabitants—at the same time blaming humans for causing it—the sheer arrogance and ignorance of these claims always ignores the real power that is represented by the Earth itself and the beginning of Spring should be proof enough for anyone paying any attention.

This year, Spring begins in the northern hemisphere on Friday, March 20 at 6:45 PM EDT. In the southern hemisphere it marks the beginning of Autumn.

Spring manifests itself in ways we take for granted yet it is a combination of many events that should make us marvel if we gave them any thought. For example, where does all the snow go? The U.S. and the rest of the world set records of snowfall levels throughout Winter.

Obama to sign executive order to slash carbon dioxide emissions

obamaAccording to The Hill and other news organizations, "President Obama will sign an executive order [today] ordering federal government agencies to slash their greenhouse gas emissions."

"A White House official said the order is a way for the government to “lead by example” by curbing emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases believed to cause global warming.

"Several major companies that supply goods to the federal government will announce their own voluntary effects to cut greenhouse gases, the White House said.

University of Delaware spurns House Democrats’ probe into climate professor

grijalvaUniversity of Delaware officials have refused to provide information on the funding of a climate professor to House Democrats, stating that to do so would violate the university's policies on academic freedom.

In a response dated Monday and later released to reporters, officials at the University of Delaware provided Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, Arizona Democrat, with general information about the institution's funding policies. But they refused to turn over details related to the financial backing of professor David Legates.

"The University of Delaware chooses not to act in a manner inconsistent with its governing principles and contractual commitments," said the letter signed by UD president Patrick T. Harker and provost Domenico Grasso.

Obama to order government to cut greenhouse gases

Obama penPresident Barack Obama is directing the federal government to cut its emissions of heat-trapping gases blamed for global warming.

Obama will sign an executive order targeting greenhouse gases at the White House on Thursday. The White House says a number of major companies that sell to the federal government will also announce commitments to cut their emissions.