In questions of science, the authority of a thousand
is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

–Galileo Galilei

The candidate in the coalfields

Bo Copley listens to Clinton wiggle her way out of her kill coal industry comments.Bo Copley listens to Clinton try and wiggle her way out of her anti-coal comments.The picture was worth a thousand words. An AP photo of Hillary Clinton confronted during a West Virginia campaign stop by unemployed coal miner Bo Copley and his wife, holding a picture of their young daughters. Copley, tearful and choked up, managed to ask the presumptive heir to President Obama's anti-coal policies how she could "come in here and tell us you're going to be our friend" after promising on CNN two weeks earlier to "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."

FOIA E-Mails: Politically Inexperienced, Publicity-Hungry Scientists Get Burned In Political Arena

FOIAUnfolding is the latest chapter in the sad state of climate science and the tragic consequences scientists face when they decide to go political without having the experience to do so.

One has to wonder what these people were thinking when they expected dissenters to just roll over and waive their precious free speech rights.

Indian court says former UN climate chief to stand trial

pachauri(h/t Raining Sky) A court in India's capital ruled Saturday that there's enough evidence in a stalking and sexual harassment case for former U.N. climate chief Rajendra Pachauri to stand trial.

Judge Shivani Chauhan announced that the next hearing in the case will be on July 11, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

Police filed charges against Pachauri earlier this year after a female colleague filed a complaint. Pachauri, 75, has been charged with sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation of the 29-year-old woman.

Sons of Climategate: Dodgy Scientists Caught Red-Handed by FOIA Lawsuit

shukla letterThe dodgy scientists who wrote to President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding that RICO laws be used to prosecute climate skeptics just got even more badly screwed.

Already one of them — George Mason University professor Jagadish Shukla — is under Congressional investigation for what has been described as the “largest science scandal in US history.”

Now the background to their footling conspiracy has been exposed thanks to a FOIA request by the Competitive Enterprise Institute which has forced them to release their private letters and emails.

Like Climategate, it makes for some fascinating reading, mainly because — yet again — it shows the climate alarmist establishment in such a terrible light.

It’s Not the Free Market that is Killing Coal

coalThese days, the pundits are offering a lot of different reasons why America’s coal industry is faltering: Natural gas is taking the place of coal; Demand in China has slowed; A warm El Nino winter has meant less power use. The list goes on.

However, we never hear much about the big elephant in the room— the Obama Administration’s deliberate efforts to strangle the nation’s coal sector.

Ben Rhodes spins climate change

rhodesEmploying his college degree in fiction writing, White House communications strategist Ben Rhodes wrote deceitful talking points on the Benghazi attack and one-sided Iran nuclear deal – and later bragged about manipulating “clueless reporters.” Perhaps he’s also orchestrating administration climate spin.

Rising ocean tides will bring “waves of climate refugees” to America and Europe, President Obama has declared. “Environmental migrants” are already fleeing shrinking islands in the Pacific, and it is a “dereliction of duty” for military officers to “deny the reality” of dangerous manmade climate change.

The Charade of the Climate Change Charlatans on Parade

bill mckibbenBill McKibbenWhat makes 350 so devious, is that they hijack public emotions (and ignorance) using phony “divestment” as a disorganizing tool to redirect activism away from effective work.—Jay Taber

A coalition of environmental activist groups, led by, is promoting a series of “Break Free From Fossil Fuels” training sessions and protests during May 4-15, 2016, at locations involved in fossil fuel production or transportation. The protests will occur at key sites related to production and transport of fossil fuels, including rail lines and yards, in the United States and Canada.  The problem? only cares about fossil fuels when the cameras are rolling.

Climate Change Delivered the Death Blow to Neanderthals

NeanderthalClimate change has detrimental real world consequences. Just ask the Neanderthals. Oopps! They're extinct and a new study argues climate change hastened their extinction.

In the case of the Neanderthals, it was global cooling and not global warming that did in this subspecies of human in the genus Homo that became extinct between 40,000 and 28,000 years ago, said a new study published in Journal of Human Evolution.

A team led by Dr. Jamei Hodgkins, a zooarchaeologist at the University of Colorado Denver, found evidence that during colder periods, Neanderthals worked harder to remove meat and marrow from bones of animals they had slaughtered than they did during warm periods.

AGs’ motives questioned as Exxon climate change ‘fraud’ probe recalls tobacco windfall

claude walkerAfter winning an $800 million settlement last year against Hess Oil, Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude E. Walker was eager to find what he described as other litigation “targets.”

He found one such deep pocket in Exxon Mobil. But his investigation into whether the company engaged in climate change “fraud” is drawing accusations that the end game for Mr. Walker and other like-minded attorneys general is a mammoth payday modeled after the 1998 tobacco settlement.

Flint Mayor Calls Political Corruption Allegations ‘Outrageously False’

Flint Mayor Karen WeaverFlint Mayor Karen WeaverFlint Mayor Karen Weaver flatly denied allegations Wednesday she redirected money meant for the victims of the city’s water crisis to her political action committee.

“It saddens me that someone would attempt to taint me as mayor of a city that is dealing with a major public health crisis, which has affected every man, woman and child in Flint,” Weaver said about the allegations in a press statement to the Detroit News.

Science not there: global warming not fueling Alberta's wildfire

Fort McMurray wildfire, DarrenRD, WikimediaFort McMurray wildfire, DarrenRD, WikimediaNo “credible scientist” or media outlet should try to link the wildfires in Alberta to global warming, says a growing chorus of voices this week challenging alarmist rhetoric. One individual who said climate change was behind the Fort McMurray wildfires was Marko Princevac, a University of California/Riverside fire expert, who said: "Based on what we know and in which direction the climate is going, yes, we can expect more frequent super fires." But Canada's Green Party leader Elizabeth May, and a few climate scientists, are pushing back.

Bill Nye Is A Huckster

Bill Nye fashions himself a voice of rational thought and scientific inquiry. His shtick has gotten him into classrooms and on an endless loop of evangelizing TV appearances. Yet nearly every time he speaks these days, Nye diminishes genuine science by resorting to scaremonger-y nuggets of easily dismissible ideologically-motivated nonsense.

Take this tweet he sent out to his nearly three million followers: