If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.
–Albert Einstein

Super-strong El Ninos are nature's underwater 'forest fires'

Figure 1. Forest fires provide essential woodland rejuvenation.Figure 1. Forest fires provide essential woodland rejuvenation.El Niño events have occurred for the past 500 years (1525-2016) based on reliable historical documents from seafaring vessels and modern-day climate data. By incorporating geological data from rock layers into this database, it's clear the recent El Niño was particularly strong. But contrary to alarmist claims, they are more akin to deep ocean forest fires, helping the Earth’s coral reefs, fish populations, and ecosystems to thrive..

During this very long time period the strongest El Niños have acted to: alter Earth’s entire climate, redirect marine and land animal migration patterns, influence ocean phytoplankton blooms, dramatically change the configuration of huge coral reef complexes, and end entire human civilizations (Anasazi Indians).

Europe’s Green Mega-Flop

turbinesHundreds of wind turbines in the Netherlands are operating at a loss and are in danger of being demolished. The main cause is the very low energy prices, which mean that the maintaining the turbines cost more than what the generated energy bring in, the Financieele Dagblad reports based on own research. Subsidies for generating wind energy are in many cases no longer cost-effective. Smaller, older windmills in particular are running at a loss, but even newer mills are struggling to be profitable with insufficient subsidies. --Janene Pieters, NL Times, 15 April 2016

NASA attacks Facebook users over Bill Nye's global warming post

postOn any given day, you can turn on the Science channel and hear NASA scientists talk about all the possible ways the Earth may get destroyed: From Coronal Mass Ejections to gamma ray bursts to wandering black holes to our planet's core eventually stopping. But when it comes to global warming, it's a sacrosanct subject. At least on Facebook, where the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) this week pounced on users who even hinted that global warming wasn't catastrophic, occurring, or occurring at a much slower rate.

And it wasn't even NASA's Facebook page being defended, but rather Bill Nye the 'science guy's,' who recently entertained the idea of jailing climate skeptics for "affecting my quality of life." Marc Morano, the reporter and filmmaker behind the upcoming documentary Climate Hustle, interviewed Bill Nye and confronted him on certain statements made by climate activists, such as "jailing skeptics as war criminals." Nye responded: "For me as a taxpayer and voter — the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen."

Europe’s Energy Crisis Poses Warning for the U.S.

solar panelsEurope has a problem that may soon become ours.  Countries like Germany, Spain, and England are finding that their recent “green energy” experiments are proving too costly to continue. Between 2005—when the European Union adopted its emissions trading scheme—and 2014, residential electricity rates in the EU increased by an average of 63 percent. In Germany, rates increased by 78 percent; in Spain, by 111 percent; and, in the U.K., by a whopping 133 percent. Over the same decade, residential rates in the United States rose only 32 percent. 

Exxon Fires Back at Climate-Change Probe

exxonExxon Mobil Corp. went to court Wednesday to challenge a government investigation of whether the company conspired to cover up its understanding of climate change, a sign the energy company is gearing up for a drawn-out legal battle with environmentalists and officials on the politically charged issue.

The company filed court papers in Texas seeking to block a subpoena issued in March by the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, one of several government officials pursuing Exxon. Wednesday’s filing argues that the subpoena is an unwarranted fishing expedition into Exxon’s internal records that violates its constitutional rights.

Eco-Activists Met ‘Behind Closed Doors’ To Push RICO Investigation Into Exxon

Bill MckibbenBill McKibbenEnvironmental activists met behind closed doors in January to coordinate on how best to get government prosecutors to go after ExxonMobil for allegedly misleading the public about global warming, according to documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

“A key meeting in the new push unfolded in January behind the closed doors of a Manhattan office building,” the WSJ reported Wednesday. “The session brought together about a dozen people, including Kenny Bruno, a veteran of environmental campaigns, and Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, two activists who helped lead the successful fight to block the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Al Gore Searches For Relevance With Public Appeals Against Oil Companies

gore agsAn energy insider believes former Vice President turned hardcore environmentalist Al Gore is making public comments against ExxonMobil because he senses the upcoming presidential election may wipe out gains made by green groups over the past eight years.

“Al Gore has come out of hiding now that he may be sensing political victory on climate and energy policy based on the next presidential election,” Marc Morano, the founder of ClimateDepot.org, told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Wednesday.

Sen. Whitehouse Knows Nothing About Elementary Climate Science

Sheldon WhitehouseJust a quick take on this morning’s U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing, ‘Examining the Role of Environmental Policies on Access to Energy and Economic Opportunity.’  During the hearing, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) demonstrated why the global warming debate so often gets sidetracked by nonsensical and incorrect assertions.

The senator made two statements that were both factually incorrect, demonstrating his obvious lack of understanding of even the most basic climate science.

Sanders vows to ban fracking if elected president

sandersThe Democratic-Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders doubled down on Monday his commitment to ban fracking across the country at a New York rally. He renewed his focus to end hydraulic fracturing, a process to extract oil and gas from shale rock formations. This relatively new method has created a glut of oil and natural gas, and the savings have been passed on to consumers in lower electricity and gas prices. Energy analysts predict that the "resulting boom in traditional energy sources will allow the United States to overtake OPEC giant Saudi Arabia in oil production by 2020."

El Nino Collapses - Global Sea Ice Makes A Strong Comeback

graphGlobal temperatures spiked during the last half of 2015 as a result of the strong El Nino and were still at very high levels relative-to-normal as recently as last month. In addition, global sea ice appeared to be impacted by El Nino as it took a steep dive during much of 2015 and remained at well below-normal levels going into this year. In the past couple of months, however, El Nino has begun to collapse and will likely flip to a moderate or strong La Nina (colder-than-normal water) by later this year.  In rather quick fashion, global temperatures have seemingly responded to the unfolding collapse of El Nino and global sea ice has actually rebounded in recent weeks to near normal levels. --Paul Dorian, Vencor Weather, 11 April 2016

Twilight of the Climate Change Movement

cartoonCCD Editor's note: Thanks to climatologist Judith Curry for bringing this to people's attention at her website. Below is a snippet based on what she thought was most relevant. Full article at American Interest (one free article per month to read):

The UN’s climate summit in Paris at the end of 2015 concluded with a bang. The world’s governments promised sweeping cuts in carbon emissions. Rich countries promised to help poor ones with $100 billion per year in climate assistance. The consensus quickly jelled that this was a major, historic achievement.

Study: Economic prosperity equals increased use of fossil fuels

Infographic illustrates the close link between increased country prosperity and greater carbon footprints that a recently released article has analyzed. Graph by Aron StrandbergInfographic illustrates the close link between increased country prosperity and greater carbon footprints that a recently released article has analyzed. Graph by Aron StrandbergDespite Bill Nye the 'science guy' saying the energy revolution is akin to human slavery, your quality of life does improve with the increased use of fossil fuels. So says a new study published in the journal Global Environmental Change (h/t Raining Sky):

Must greater prosperity necessarily lead to a greater carbon footprint and increased greenhouse gas emissions? "In theory, no, but in practice this seems to be the case," says researcher Max Koch from Lund University in Sweden. His study of 138 countries is the first ever to take a global approach to the connections between growth, prosperity and ecological sustainability. The study was recently published in the journal article Global Environmental Change.