When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity;
when many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion.

–Robert Pirsig

This Liberal Media Outlet Says Fracking To Blame For Green Civil War

protestThe environmental benefits of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, are causing a split in the global green movement, according to an article published Wednesday in the progressive magazine Mother Jones.

Anti-fracking environmentalists, led by 350.org, Greenpeace and The Sierra Club, claim that natural gas is actually accelerating global warming more than coal due to methane emissions, even if it does cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. These activists heavily doubt the official Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) figures on methane leaks, largely because of an article published by Bill McKibben, the leader of 350.org.

Greenpeace files complaint about UW fishery professor

Greenpeace desecrating another tourist attraction.Ray Hilborn, a prominent University of Washington fishery scientist, is under attack from Greenpeace for sometimes leaving out mention of industry funding he receives in articles published in academic journals and elsewhere.

In a letter sent Wednesday to university President Ana Mari Cauce, Greenpeace filed a complaint against Hilborn’s research practices, and asked for an investigation.

Scientist to Liberal Media: No Climate Change is NOT Drowning Pacific Islands

solomon islandNo the Pacific islands are not drowning because of climate change – and all the media outlets who insist on claiming otherwise really need to get a grip.

This is the highly unusual message in the normally eco-hysterical Guardian from a scientific researcher evidently disgusted by the way any new paper even remotely connected with climate change is seized on by the usual media suspects as further proof of imminent “man-made global warming” catastrophe.

CLIMATE CHANGE OUTRAGE: Claims wildfire caused by global warming BLASTED as 'not credible'

wildfiresSeveral reports had linked the wildfire in Canada to increased global temperatures and said that more wildfires will ensue as a result of global warming.

Temperatures in the continent of North America have risen by four degrees Fahrenheit in the first third of this year when compared to the 20th century average, which makes it the second hottest on record.

This led Marko Princevac, a fire expert at the University of California at Riverside, to warn: "Based on what we know and in which direction the climate is going, yes, we can expect more frequent super fires.

Elon Musk’s SolarCity Crashes

solarcity crashSolarCity is struggling. Tesla is struggling. Elon Musk is not the King Midas of making companies perfect. Musk's magic can't do everything anymore. --Ryan McQueeney, Nasdaq, 10 May 2016

Shares of SolarCity nose-dived on Tuesday after disclosing earnings results that cast gloom over the provider of solar systems. The big problems for the solar company: The quarterly report disclosed a loss that was bigger than expected, and management followed that up with a dismal outlook for future results. So far in 2016, SolarCity shares have plummeted 65 percent. --George Avalon, Silicon Beat, 10 May 2016

Misleading infographic shows Earth's temperature spiraling out of control

infographicA new infographic making the rounds today claims to show the temperature history of planet Earth since 1850, this time using an animated spiral presentation (see video after the jump). There's only one problem: the temperature record they rely on is spotty, doesn't include vast amounts of sea surface temperatures (because they don't exist), and disregards uninhabited areas like Antarctica or less developed regions like Africa, South America, Siberia, and rural China (which don't have reliable historical data).

Obama White House showed ‘bad faith’ in global-warming case, judge rules

holdrenThe White House showed “bad faith” in how it handled an open records request for global warming data, a federal court ruled Monday, issuing yet another stinging rebuke to the administration for showing a lack of transparency.

For President Obama, who vowed to run the most transparent government in U.S. history, Judge Amit P. Mehta’s ruling granting legal discovery in an open records case — the third time this year a judge has ordered discovery — is an embarrassing black eye.

Does Fracking Increase Or Decrease Global Warming? The Report Environmentalists Don’t Want To Read

frackingEnvironmentalists like to claim that fracking accelerates global warming, but that’s likely not the case, according to numbers crunched in a report published Monday by the pro-industry group Energy In Depth (EID).

Environmental claims that America’s hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, boom accelerated global warming due to methane emissions were just blown away, according to a report published Monday by the pro-industry group Energy In Depth (EID).

After hot rally, solar shares turn ice cold

solar array(h/t Raining Sky) After their hot rally at the end of last year, shares of solar energy firms have turned ice cold as concerns about slower growth and regulatory uncertainties plague the group.

SolarCity (SCTY.O) led the sell-off on Tuesday after the company cut its 2016 forecast for solar panel installations late on Monday and posted a larger-than-expected quarterly loss. The stock, down 25 percent at $16.94, was on track for its worst decline in three months and is down 66.8 percent for the year.

The End Of Hunger? ‘Calamitous Famines’ Seem To Have Disappeared

cornIndian farmers shocked observers Tuesday when it was announced foodgrain production increased despite a massive drought hitting the country, reflecting the resiliency of India’s agriculture sector.

The Agriculture Ministry estimates the country will produce 252.23 million metric tons of foodgrains despite the drought impacting 11 Indian states. It’s something that was unthinkable just a few decades ago when mass starvation was the result of massive droughts.

Sinking Solomon Islands and climate link 'exaggerated', admits study's author

solomon island - TetepareA new study published in Environmental Research Letters shows that some low-lying reef islands in the Solomon Islands are being gobbled up by "extreme events, seawalls and inappropriate development, rather than sea level rise alone." Despite headlines claiming that man-made climate change has caused five Islands (out of nearly a thousand) to disappear from rising sea levels, a closer inspection of the study reveals the true cause is natural, and the report's lead author says many of the headlines have been 'exaggerated' to ill-effect.

India’s Foodgrain Production Grows Despite Drought

chartThe battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate. – Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb (1968)

Despite widespread drought in 11 states across the country, India’s foodgrain production is actually set to grow marginally, the third advance estimates released by the agriculture ministry on Monday showed. Total foodgrain production in 2015-16 is estimated at 252.23 million tonnes, marginally higher than 252.02 million tonnes produced in 2014-15, the data shows. If the estimates hold up, it would imply that the damage to the agrarian economy is less than what had been initially feared; at the same time, it also reflects a degree of resilience of Indian agriculture to a deficit monsoon. --Sayantan Bera, Live Mint, 10 May 2016