“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Global Warming Pause Puts 'Crisis' In Perspective

earth-from-spaceMuch has been written and argued, from all sides in the global warming debate, about the meaning of the asserted 17-year pause in global warming. Is a 17-year pause significant? Is a pause even occurring? Does the pause signal a longer-term halt to global warming or even a long-term cooling trend? Would a resumption of global warming to pre-pause rates end the global warming debate? A look at recent temperatures and their appropriate context provides helpful meaning to the much-discussed global warming pause.

Satellite instruments began uniformly measuring temperatures throughout the Earth’s lower atmosphere in 1979. Climate scientists overseeing these NASA satellite instruments produced the chart below showing the following temperature trends:

The hidden “persuaders” of the environmentalist elite

SuhAmerica’s Big Green environmental agenda is set by elite foundations that decide which activists get the money. They form “affinity groups” to collude with President Obama’s bureaucracy, which funnels tax dollars to Democratic advocates to enforce that agenda.

And they don’t just attempt to develop public policy and persuade Americans to adopt them. They find numerous ways to impose those policies on us – without our advice or consent, and despite the harm they inflict on our economy, national security, jobs, living standards or well-being.

Gore's Advice: Dump Coal Stocks

First he invented the Internet, then he invented global warming, and now he's become a financial wizard.First he invented the Internet, then he invented global warming, and now he's become a financial wizard.AL GORE'S ADVICE: DUMP COAL STOCKS BEFORE 'MAJOR MARKET CORRECTION.' Al Gore is making the case to investors that they should divest their holdings in coal companies and related assets for financial as well as environmental reasons.

In a new Financial Times column (subscription required), the former vice president says there are growing odds of a "major market correction that will reprice coal assets unfavourably." "[T]he repricing of carbon-intensive assets is likely to happen more suddenly and turbulently than many investors expect, as the growing negative effects of carbon emissions—and the market's reaction—will be neither gradual nor linear," he writes.

Gore argues that the growth of renewables (especially solar photovoltaics), stricter environmental rules like the Environmental Protection Agency's big power-plant regulation, and rising social discontent with coal's climate impact will together drive the value of coal holdings downward.

There Is No Difference Between A Forecast, A Scenario, or A Projection

cartoon-climate-excusesThis is a tad incoherent, but the gist is here. I had the opportunity of submitting an abstract to the AGU fall meeting, and had only a couple of hours in which to do it. This is the, eh, plain-English rendering of that abstract. Stand by for more news.

People trying to escape the implication of a bad forecast often claim their forecast wasn’t a forecast but a projection or scenario. The implication is that a bad forecast means a (possibly beloved) theory is no good. Therefore, if the forecast wasn’t a forecast, but a projection or scenario, the theory can still be admired (or funded).

This won’t do. Forecasts are scenarios are projections. And bad forecast-scenario-projections means bad theories.

Modern Solar Maximum A 'Rare & Unique Event In The Past 3000 Years'

solarUsoskin et al. “present the first fully adjustment-free physical reconstruction of solar activity” covering the past 3,000 years, which record allowed them “to study different modes of solar activity at an unprecedented level of detail.” Their reconstruction of solar activity also displays several “distinct features,” including several “well-defined Grand minima of solar activity, ca. 770 BC, 350 BC, 680 AD, 1050 AD, 1310 AD, 1470 AD, and 1680 AD,” as well as “the modern Grand maximum (which occurred during solar cycles 19-23, i.e., 1950-2009),” which they describe as “a rare or even unique event, in both magnitude and duration, in the past three millennia.” --CO2 Science Magazine, 6 August 2014

We may be witnessing the sun’s last dying gasps before entering into a long slumber. The impact of that slumber on Earth’s climate remains the subject of growing scientific speculation. --Jack Dini, Canada Free Press, 6 August 2014

The Ignorance of Climate Alarmism

cartoon-kerry-wmdOne of the sad side effects of the global warming climate scam is the way otherwise fairly intelligent people have been snookered into believing the dumbest things. An example in point: in a world where millions die each year due to malnutrition, US Secretary John Kerry lectured African leaders attending a summit in Washington that creating more farms in Africa causes too much carbon pollution.

Can you imagine the response of any national leader, being told he must let his people starve because a bunch of rich nation, ivory tower science boffins have this unproven, wild idea that CO2 might cause the world to warm by a degree or two a hundred years from now?

This is the type of imbecility that comes from following a pernicious untruth down a rabbit hole of false assumptions. Yet around the globe people seem defenseless against the infectious ignorance that is climate alarmism.

The BBC Is A Cross Between PBS And The IRS

bbcThe BBC monopoly can send inspectors into people’s homes and gives them a criminal record for failing to pay its special tax.Have you ever been channel surfing and run into one of those PBS fundraising drives? They have a host extolling the virtues of public television. Then the camera pans across a phone bank of volunteers waiting to take your call and your money. You probably changed the channel as fast as you could.

If that happens again, you should take a moment to give thanks those fundraisers are voluntary. In 2012, in the United Kingdom (UK), 180,000 people tried to withhold their money from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). They were taken to court, fined, and given criminal records. If they could not or would not pay the fine, they went to jail. Their cases represented over 10 percent of all criminal prosecutions in the UK that year.

PR Firms' Foolish Global Warming Fatwa Could Backfire

exxonGet ready, America: Many of the world's largest public relations firms are creating a climate change litmus test by asserting that they will not work for companies or organizations that don't buy the global warming mantra that is being used to destroy the free market system.

What these PR geniuses apparently fail to realize is that by taking this action, any company or group they currently represent has to be assumed to hold the same global-warming position they so lovingly cling to, making them prime economic boycott targets by those who oppose the climate change agenda.

One wonders if they have already gone to their clients in the energy field and informed them they will no longer represent them unless they sign a note certifying that they corporately bow to the PR firm's political beliefs?

Lawless "Billionaire Club" Behind Green Scam, Senate Study Finds

gatesGatesA shadowy network identified as the “Billionaires Club” is showering funds on the environmentalist so-called “green movement.” In addition, this network may be violating federal laws in its controversial efforts to elect its operatives, seize control of the federal regulatory regime, and push its radical agenda on America, according to a new report by Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Now that the Billionaires Club has purchased so much power, it is using its agents in the bureaucracy to further fleece taxpayers to advance its own goals by granting its front groups even more money, the Senate investigators found. Top insiders such as David Rockefeller and Bill Gates are deeply involved.

Operating under the bogus guise of “philanthropy” with little scrutiny from the IRS, the network also goes to great lengths to conceal its activities and insulate itself from the damage it is doing to the U.S. economy and average Americans.

Sorry, Alarmists, Lies and Insults Don’t Change Cooling Trend

cartoonIn a recent column at Forbes.com I called attention to the latest, most accurate data showing U.S. temperatures have cooled during the past decade. At the end of the article I predicted global warming alarmists would try to claim the temperatures are irrelevant. Sure enough, freelance blogger Erik Sherman did not disappoint, subsequently performing an epic face plant making that very argument.

As I noted in my initial article, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in January 2005 began collecting temperature data from a nationwide network of more than 100 pristinely located temperature stations immune to corruption by human development or other factors. After a decade of collecting data, NOAA has released the first decade of data. The data show a fairly consistent cooling throughout the decade. Temperatures are cooler now than they were in 2005. Moreover, with the exception of a very brief period in 2011 and 2012, cooler temperatures have dominated since 2007.

It's about the Money, Not the Climate

cartoon cap and tradeOscar Wilde (1854-1900), the Irish poet and dramatist, wrote “Pray don't talk to me about the weather. Whenever people talk to me about the weather, I always feel quite certain that they mean something else.”

These days, when some world leader or politician speaks of the climate—the weather is what is happening right now wherever you are—they are not talking about sunshine or rain. They are talking about a devilishly obscene way of raising money by claiming that it is humans that are threatening the climate with everything they do, from turning on the lights to driving anywhere.

That’s why “global warming” was invented in the late 1980s as an immense threat to the Earth and to mankind. Never mind that Earth has routinely passed through warmer and cooler cycles for billions of years; much of which occurred before mankind emerged. And never mind that the Earth has been a distinct cooling cycle for the past seventeen years and likely to stay in it for a while. If the history of ice ages is any guide, we could literally be on the cusp of a new one.

Washington Post Worries Global Warming 'Could' Make Ebola Worse

ebolaIn a wildly speculative Tuesday editorial, the Washington Post worried that global warming "could" make the spread of the Ebola virus worse as time goes on.

In its August 5 Capitol Weather Gang blog post, the Post helpfully reported that Ebola is "out of control" and then goes on to wonder: "Could climate change hasten the spread of the deadly virus?" 

The Post answers, quite unironically: "Perhaps, but the linkages are complicated, according to limited scientific literature on the topic."

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