“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Climate Change Benefits Forest Growth

forestNew research in Germany has found that tree growth has accelerated since 1870. Analysis suggests that this is due to a rise in temperature and longer growing seasons.

Forest stand growth dynamics in Central Europe have accelerated since 1870

Hans Pretzsch et al.


Jobs, prosperity and security via oil exports

Oil BoomThe midterm elections underscore how much Americans value energy, job and economic revival – and how much they want less Washington control of their lives, livelihoods, and dreams for their children and grandchildren. They also reflect the waning influence of radical Obama and Steyer climate change and anti-energy environmentalist elites. If ever there was a time to end the ban on oil exports, it’s now.

With U.S. demand for oil products falling, production rising, and myriad studies making a strong case for selling American crude abroad, the president and Congress should terminate the ban as soon as possible.

If You Want Attention, Just make Up A Bunch Of Global Warming Lies

This story is all over the Internet.

ScreenHunter_4388 Nov. 07 07.39

OGDEN — The greatest snow on earth could be in danger, according to an environmental advocate and writer who spoke to students at Weber State University Tuesday about the effects climate change will have on snow and the ski industry. By the end of the century, some scientists predict Utah will no longer be a skiing destination, because global warming will prevent snow from falling and in turn will affect the ski industry.

WSJ: Little Green Machine: Democrats make a bad investment in the climate-change lobby

steyerTom Steyer became a billionaire by investing in fossil fuels, among other things, and maybe he should return to his roots. He may need the money after blowing at least $74 million trying to persuade voters to oppose Republicans who disagree with him on climate change.

If you want proof that money doesn’t buy elections, Mr. Steyer and his fellow green comrades are it. The San Francisco investor gave most of his money to his NextGen Climate Action Super Pac, which spent almost exclusively for Democrats. Environmental groups including NextGen spent $85 million to support President Obama ’s green agenda, especially his regulations targeting coal for extinction.

ClimateProgress’s Joe Romm Translates the IPCC’s 2014 Synthesis Report

rommIt’s been months since I’ve wandered over to the ClimateProgress wing of the political blog ThinkProgress.  The title of the November 4, 2014 blog post by alarmist Joe Romm is truly remarkable.   Please sit.  Put down your coffee, unless you want to spritz your keyboard. (I have a standby keyboard from my old computer just in case I run into something like this.) Here it comes, ready or not.

The title is IPCC Scientists Emphasize Immorality Of Inaction By Focusing On ‘Irreversible Impacts’.

Told ya’.  It’s a doozy.

Odd thing, I don’t recall the IPCC being tasked with preparing reports about the ethics of hypothetical human-induced global warming and climate change.   Do you?  Referring to the IPCC History webpage, the IPCC I know was tasked with preparing reports that (my bold):

US polar vortex dead ahead

cold-tempsTemperatures expected to plunge 10- to 20-degrees below normal.

As the polar vortex heads southward, ‘Areas from the northern and central Plains to the Great Lakes, the upper Gulf Coast and the Appalachians will feel significant impact from the arctic outbreak,’ said AccuWeather Long Range Expert Paul Pastelok.

‘It is possible single-digit low temperatures occur in parts of the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest, away from the Great Lakes with temperatures plunging to 20 degrees below average in parts of the South,’ Mr Pastelok said.

New paper finds a huge false physical assumption of IPCC climate models

Updated 11/4/14:

A new paper published in PNAS finds an astonishing deficiency and major false assumption of climate models, which has major implications for Arctic and global warming/climate change, the Earth's energy budget, and which is also another nail in the coffin for the overheated and falsified IPCC climate models. IMHO, it is effectively a death knell to conventional climate models and their projections, as well as the attribution statement of the IPCC based upon such models and blaming allegedly "more than 100%" of global warming on man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

The authors state climate models falsely assume water (71% of Earth's surface) is 100% efficient in emitting (and absorbing) far-infrared energy, but instead find "that is not the case," and that this discovery is allegedly a "previously unknown phenomenon."

Green Britain, Green Poverty

povertyMore than 15 million UK households plan to ration their energy use this winter to cope with “sky-high” energy costs, according to uSwitch. The price comparison website, which surveyed 5,300 people, found that almost six in ten (57%) people have already cut back or plan to ration their energy use this winter in a bid to reduce bills. The research also revealed that more than a third of people (36%) who rationed their energy last winter said it affected their health and wellbeing. --Ian Silvera, International Business Times, 6 November 2014

As many as 69 per cent of UK households are worried about the cost of using extra energy this winter, with many bill payers claiming they would spend less money on food in order to pay for energy bills, the survey found. Around 45 per cent said they would struggle to pay their energy bills if they went up, while one in six says they're already struggling to make ends meet, despite the recent warm weather. A third are claiming they would spend less on food to make ends meet. --Natalie Wain, This is Money, 6 November 2014

Republicans Promise Keystone XL Bill, But Will It Get Signed?

cartoon-obama-actor-energy-independenceThe new Republican majorities are expected to include bills to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and expand the U.S. energy boom in their upcoming legislative package.

There will be a “renewed effort to debate and vote on the many bills that passed the Republican-led House in recent years with bipartisan support, but were never even brought to a vote by the Democratic Senate majority,” House Speaker John Boehner and soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote in The Wall Street Journal.

“These bills include measures authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which will mean lower energy costs for families and more jobs for American workers,” the two Republican leaders wrote. “We’ll also consider legislation to help protect and expand America’s emerging energy boom and to support innovative charter schools around the country.”