Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.
–Albert Einstein

Obama and the Insanity of the Liberal Mind

protestIn his masterpiece, Common Sense, Thomas Paine observed:

Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions.

Paine may have been discussing the British monarch circa 1776, but his insight is equally applicable to Obama and Co., who reign like kings while exhibiting ignorance and incompetence. This is particularly surprising, given that many liberal policymakers, including Obama, are highly educated, and therefore presumably adept at critical thinking and analysis. But after seven years of Obama leading the Democratic Party in insane notions of transforming the country, it is clear that rational thought and common sense are skill sets greatly lacking among liberal elites.

EPA Chief: Obama Rolling Out New, Aggressive Global Warming Rules In 2016

mccarthyismThe chief of the Environmental Protection Agency said Monday that the Obama administration and regulators will cash in on the regulatory successes in 2015 by doubling down on global warming regulations in 2016.

Writing on the environmental group’s website, EPA head administrator Gina McCarthy stated that a whole new set of rules regulating the environment will take place this upcoming year, including regulations limiting methane gas ruptures and rules cutting emissions from large commercial vehicles.

“Heading into 2016, EPA is building on a monumental year for climate action—and we’re not slowing down in the year ahead,” McCarthy wrote, adding, “So we’re hitting the ground running.”

Heartland's Joe Bast replies to Mann and Bada

mann michaelMichael MannTo the Editor:

The recent letters by Michael Mann ("G.D. Holcombe misinforms readers about climate change," 12/18/2015) and Jeffrey Bada ("Paris Climate Conference, 2015," 12/4/2015 and "Professor Bada Responses," 12/24/2015) did more to reveal the arrogance and bias of leading global warming alarmists than anything I or any other climate realist could write.

Lakeland Times readers should take note of the name-calling by Mann and Bada ("unhinged," "charlatans," "deniers," "liars") and their refusal to acknowledge as legitimate any disagreement with their recital of global warming dogma. Anyone who disagrees with them is "uninformed" or has "close ties to fossil fuel interests" or has "parroted baseless talking points that have no place in honest scientific discourse."

A Profile In Courage In Iowa: Cruz Won't Bow To Ethanol Lobby

corn ethanol pumpEthanol has long been the dead man's pass of presidential politics: No one makes it through Iowa without paying homage to the corn-based fuel now a $5 billion state industry. But this year may be different.

Ted Cruz is leading the Republican polls in the Hawkeye State despite his opposition to the federal mandate requiring gasoline to be blended with 10% ethanol. He considers the mandate to be a form of corporate welfare — which it is.

The Agriculture Department program that requires the blending is known as E10. The industry is now lobbying for a 15% mandate, or E15.

At that level, ethanol could seriously damage car engines while raising costs at the gas pump. Recent studies have also questioned whether there's any environmental benefit to ethanol, and even many green groups oppose forcing people to put corn in their tank.

Texas Shale Gas Headed For Europe

shale gas plantCheniere Energy has begun liquefying natural gas at its Sabine Pass terminal on the Texas-Louisiana border. The gas will be loaded onto a ship scheduled to travel overseas later this month. That’s welcome news for Texas and U.S. gas producers. A glut of shale gas has depressed prices in the domestic market. Slower growth in China and South Korea have clouded prospects for LNG shipments from Alaska to Asia. That leaves Europe, where demand for natural gas remains strong —  and prices are much higher. --Jack Beavers, WFAA News, 4 January 2016

The worst fears of OPEC and Asian gas exporters are about to come true. U.S. shale drillers who pushed domestic crude production to a 45-year high and unlocked record amounts of natural gas are letting those supplies loose into global markets they were absent from for decades. The tanker of shale oil that shoved off from a Texas port on New Year’s Eve and a shipment of liquefied natural gas that’s prepared to set sail later this month will inaugurate a new era of competition among the world’s largest energy producers. “Who would have thought we would be exporting both oil and LNG in the same month?” said Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago. “Fracking has changed the world.” --Joe Carroll and Naureen Malik, Bloomberg, 4 January 2016

Obama Set To Unleash Thousands Of New Global Warming Regs In 2016

mccarthy ginaThe Obama administration is set to propose thousands of new energy regulations targeted at global warming in 2016, according to a Politico report Monday.

The new regulations are likely to help implement Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) and include everything from Department of Energy efficiency measures to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules on pipeline safety and fuel efficiency for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Obama may only have until May of 2016 to issue the new regulations, as anything later would allow Congress to reject the rules under the Congressional Review Act.

1001 Reasons Why Global Warming Is So Totally Over In 2016

protestLet’s start the New Year as we mean to go on: by dancing joyfully and triumphantly on the grave of man-made global warming.

Climate change is over. It’s a busted flush. The alarmists now have all the credibility of bewildered Harold Camping followers shivering on a mountaintop the morning after the night before, looking all shifty and embarrassed as they realise the Rapture their models so confidently promised just ain’t going to happen…

If you still doubt this, here are three recent pieces which should put your mind at rest.

The first – modestly titled The Most Comprehensive Assault On Global Warming Ever – was written by a US physics professor called Mike van Biezen. It lists ten of the reasons (though there are many more) why man-made global warming theory no longer has any credibility. They are:

Limbaugh’s Al Gore Armageddon Clock About To Hit Zero After Ten Years

gore countdown clockFormer Vice President Al Gore made a prediction for the earth’s point of no return 10 years ago and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh held him to it since that day in 2006.

The countdown clock on Limbaugh’s site has been running for nearly 10 years since Gore’s apocalyptic prediction about the earth as a result of greenhouse emissions. Less than a month remains in the countdown.

Gore predicted, when his film “An Inconvenient Truth” was first released at the Sundance Film Festival, that the earth would be in “a true planetary emergency” within the next ten years unless drastic action was taken to reduce greenhouse gases.

Study: We Should Crowdsource Global Warming Solutions Using Artificial Intelligence

supercomputerA super-intelligent hybrid human-computer — i.e. artificial intelligence — might be the ticket to solving “wicked” problems like global warming and war, researchers at the Human Computation Institution (HCI) and at Cornell University suggest.

If only scientists could find a way to combine the creative abilities of humans with the immense data analyzing capabilities of computers, then we could really get down to solving complex problems, HCI researchers claim.

The solution, according to HCI Director Dr. Pietro Michelucci, is to create a human computation crowd-sourcing social network — like Facebook but geared exclusively toward solving big-world problems. Michelucci argued in a press statement earlier this week that the idea is akin to that of reCAPTCHA, a human computation spam-blocking security system combining the strengths of computers and humans.

Central England Temperature Pause Now 17 Years Long

chartDespite the warm end to the year, the annual CET ended up pretty close to the long term average. As I have pointed out before, the Met Office only like to show the CET since 1772. For some reason, they don’t like people to see the full picture, which just happens to include the much bigger and faster rise in temperatures in the early 18thC! If we focus in on the period since 1980, we can see more clearly the step change in the late 1980’s, but, just as significantly, the flatlining since. Indeed, the 10-Year average has actually been declining since 2007. --Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That, 2 January 2016

Arctic ice declined in the decade prior to 2007, but has not declined since. What we have seen in the last decade is a plateau in Arctic ice extent, analogous to the plateau in surface temperatures. --Ron Clutz, Science Matters, 1 January 2016

Paris Climate Goals Require Global Industrial Shutdown

money pigThe Associated Press struggles mightily to avoid admitting that the Paris “climate conference” was a very expensive dystopian fantasy, in which world leaders soaked their taxpayers and also spewed vast amounts of carbon into the atmosphere with their luxury jets, just to hold the world’s largest “Mad Max” live-action role-playing game:

If governments are serious about the global warming targets they adopted in Paris, scientists say they have two options: eliminating fossil fuels immediately or finding ways to undo their damage to the climate system in the future.

The first is politically impossible — the world is still hooked on using oil, coal and natural gas — which leaves the option of a major cleanup of the atmosphere later this century.

Unnatural consensus on climate change

graphsThe world’s leaders are touting a victory over the 2015 agreement in Paris to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and so to prevent dangerous climate change.

A number of scientists have spoken out, saying that the Paris agreement is merely political theater and will do little to reduce global warming. Ironically, many scientists on both sides of the climate debate agree regarding the potential efficacy of the Paris agreement to alter the trajectory of climate change: i) scientists who view the proposed emissions reductions as insufficient to significantly alter the warming trajectory, and ii) scientists who regard climate variations to be relatively insensitive to carbon dioxide emissions and hence insensitive to such policies.

The 2013 Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made the dire projection that we can expect about 4 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the 21st century if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced. To assess the credibility of this prediction in terms of the actual trajectory of the 21st century climate, it is important to point out that the global climate models cannot predict future major volcanic eruptions or solar cycles, and do not adequately predict the long-term oscillations in the ocean.

What is the global warming hiatus, and why does it matter?