“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Climate change supporters suffer losses

toiletDespite millions spent to make climate change a wedge issue during the midterms, environmentally friendly candidates didn’t fare well on Election Day.

Green groups funneled an unprecedented amount of money into top Senate races that determined control of the upper chamber but fell short.

The nation’s top environmental groups including the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate spent at least $85 million on six Senate races.

Climate for the Layman: The First Two Laws

climate-for-laymanIf I drive my car to my local Supermarket and back, a distance of 5 miles, the engine gets hot. Why is that? Because of work done. To be more specific the engine has got hot by reason of compression, combustion and friction all of which are forms of work that produce an increase of temperature. This illustrates very simply the First Law of Thermodynamics.

If you were to put your hand on that hot engine – well, please don’t – it would also illustrate what is meant by thermal contact. Your hand would be scorched. As it is the air surrounding the engine is warmed.

If I leave my car to stand say overnight in my driveway, what will happen? The engine will cool down, without any work. I do not have to cool my engine because everything under the Sun will cool down naturally and inevitably by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  Even red-hot lava will cool to black basalt.

Inhofe now the most powerful Environmental Senator

inhofeThough the article is not exactly a ringing endorsement and uses the pejorative term 'denier' to describe the reelection of Sen. James Inhofe (let's see if the Anti-Defamation League takes this news rag to task), it is a celebration of sorts for rational people nationwide as Inhofe rightly takes his place as majority leader of the Senate's EPW. And remember, if Oklahoma thinks he's such a wing-nut, why do they keep reelecting him? Maybe now we'll have a chance of getting the Keystone pipeline built. From the New Republic:

In handing Republicans control of the Senate on Tuesday, Americans effectively voted for the party's hostile plans against President Barack Obama’s environmental legacy. Their votes also put the Senate's environment and climate policy into the hands of the worst science-denier in national politics: Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who is almost certainly the next chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

U.N. Demands Fossil Fuel Phase Out By 2100 To Save Planet

ipccThe high priests of the climate change religion decree in a recipe for global poverty that renewable energy must generate most of the world's electricity, with fossil fuels purged by the end of this century.

In a report released in Copenhagen on Sunday that Secretary of State John Kerry has called "another canary in a coal mine," the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recycled its prophecies of doom. The document is titled "Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report."

The "synthesis" refers to the report's being essentially the "greatest hits" of prior climate assessment reports that have been published since 1990, as if the falsehoods become truth in the retelling.

These claims have been roundly and soundly debunked based on empirical evidence gathered by satellites and other actual observations, as well as the actual history of earth's climate, not the edited version from climate zealots that ignores inconvenient truths such as the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period.

Powerful Green Lobby Defeated In US Midterm Elections

20141108 gdm333 4For Tom Steyer and other environmentalists, $85 million wasn’t enough to help Democrats keep the Senate blue or win more than a single governor’s mansion in Tuesday’s toughest races. The billionaire’s super PAC and other green groups saw the vast majority of their favored candidates in the battleground states go down to defeat, despite spending an unprecedented amount of money to help climate-friendly Democrats in the midterm elections. The outcome brought gloating from Republicans and fossil-fuel supporters even before the results rolled in — and raised questions about whether greens can fulfill their pledge to make climate change a decisive campaign issue in 2016. --Andrew Restuccia, Politico, 5 November 2015

Climate Change: This was one of the dogs that didn't bark in the 2014 election, even after liberal billionaire Tom Steyer spent an estimated $70 million to promote the issue and a new U.N. report Sunday warned of "severe, pervasive, and irreversible" global warming that will worsen without environmental policy changes. Robert Brulle, professor of sociology and environmental science at Drexel University, said a GOP-led Congress is more likely to try to stop Obama's Environmental Protection Agency from imposing new regulations on power plants than endorsing any additional steps to reduce U.S. carbon pollution. Said Brulle: "I am not an optimist about us doing anything - I think it looks bad for political action on climate change in any way." –Will Bunsch, Philadelphia Daily News, 5 November 2014

What would a +2°C warmer world look like?

Cretaceous-ParkAn argument regularly advanced by alarmists is – can we afford to take the chance? This argument is often associated with a claim that a rise in global temperature greater than 2°C would be catastrophic – a theory backed by authoritative sounding computer simulations which suggest dangerous ocean acidification, deadly heat, and extreme weather.

It is all very well to simulate these scary possibilities, but at the end of the day a computer simulation is just an educated guess – it is no substitute for observation.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to actually observe what a warmer world would actually be like? What if it were possible to create a parallel Earth, dial up the CO2 level, and actually see what really happens? Would anyone bother running a computer simulation, if we could observe the reality?

Exposing the Green Money Machine

cracking big greenIt is doubtful that most Americans and others around the world know how vast the organizational structure of the environmental movement is and how much wealth it generates for those engaged in an agenda that would drag humanity back to the Stone Age.

If that sounds extreme, consider a world without access to and use of energy or any of the technological and scientific advances that have extended and enhanced our lives, from pesticides that kill insect and rodent disease vectors to genetically modified seeds that yield greater crop volumes.

Two of my colleagues in the effort to get the truth out are Paul Driessen and Ron Arnold, both of whom are affiliated with a free market think tank, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, They have done the research necessary to expose the wealth and the power structure of the environmental movement. They have joined together to write “Cracking Big Green: To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money Machine.” ($4.99, available from Amazon.com)

This is the IPCC's true goal: De-Industrializing the world

flintstonesThe only actual new item from the IPCC's latest report is that it finally revealed its true intent: the end of fossil-fuel use by 2100. That means any type of power generated by coal, natural gas, oil, basically anything that comes out of the ground. That leaves the ever-reliable hydro, geothermal, nuclear, and sun. Say goodbye to The Jetsons, and give a big yabba-dabba-do to The Flintstones. It's all very Club Of Rome-ish:

The unrestricted use of fossil fuels should be phased out by the end of the century, and the majority of the world’s electricity can and should be produced by low-carbon sources by 2050, according to a new report released Sunday by a United Nation’s panel.

Why Bureaucracies Never Die

cartoon-poor-al-goreEver wonder where the billions of dollars from taxpayers worldwide end up? Keeping an out-dated, seemingly impecunious organization such as the IPCC greased and running forever. Even the titular chairman of the IPCC, who has NO background or education in climate science, says the IPCC is there to "re-establish what was known earlier on the basis of new research, new information."

Except it doesn't. Or can't. Or won't. In 1988, the IPCC had a laudable goal, but now it's in the racketeering business, an illicit organization sucking the cash out of governments too stupid to see they're being rooked. The IPCC looks at actual facts as noisome observations. All the while the suet along its appendages grows bloated and less relevant in the face of what is actually observed. Its reports are nothing more than the product of computer models, and the word-wrangling tongue-twisters of lazy bureaucrats who perambulate the Arctic circle with hair dryers in hand. From the CSM:

Next year, the IPCC is set to make a decision on its future and even the panel itself is asking whether it makes sense to embark on another mammoth climate report, which would be its sixth since 1988.

Does IPCC climate scientist now admit "Global Warming" is natural and not caused by humans?

Dr Mojib LatifDr Mojib LatifAddressing the fact that satellite datasets show the average global temperature has not warmed in more than 18 years, Dr. Mojib Latif of the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences and who is also a top scientist with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) told Bavarian Radio:

“That does not surprise climate scientists like me at all, as for us this is completely normal,” “When one takes a look at the development since 1900, that is the last 110 years, then we see that it has not always gone up. Rather it has progressed in waves. This is why it is necessary to look at long time periods.”

It is encouraging that Dr. Latif now acknowledges what more and more scientists are coming to understand. There is no connection between human activity and global climate change, either warming or cooling. It's all part of perfectly natural climate cycles that are confirmed by historical and geological records. Current long term gradual warming is viewed by most scientists as the continuing rebound from Little Ice Age cooling which followed Medieval Warm Period warming.

The New Coal Boom

growthSince 1973, coal consumption has grown faster than any other form of energy. Growth in coal consumption has been critical in providing electricity access in developing countries. Based on the results of three different estimates, this paper finds that between 1990 and 2010, about 830 million people—the vast majority in developing countries—gained access to electricity due to coal-fired generation. Coal-fired-generation capacity continues to grow in wealthy countries, too. For electricity production, no other energy source can currently match the black fuel when it comes to cost, scale, and reliability. In all, more than 500 gigawatts of new coal-fired capacity will likely be built worldwide by 2040. --Robert BryceManhattan Institute, October 2014