“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

President Obama's veto of Keystone XL pipeline only serves his political objectives

pipelinePresident Barack Obama vetoed legislation that would have greenlighted the Keystone XL pipeline, linking Canadian oil sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast. The Senate lacks the votes to override Obama’s veto. Yet Keystone isn’t dead. Both Democrats and Republicans have an interest in keeping this political football in play.

Someday, we hope, the pipeline will be built. But that day won’t come any time soon — and perhaps never during Obama’s dwindling presidency.

In his veto message, Obama asserted that he hasn’t decided whether Keystone should be built or not. Obama said he was using his veto pen — for only the third time — mainly to preserve the executive branch’s jurisdiction over cross-border projects such as Keystone.

ed Cruz Unhappy with NASA’s New Focus on Global Warming

shuttleAs chairman of the Senate Space, Science, and Competitiveness Subcommittee, Texas Republican Ted Cruz is on a mission — to get NASA back on course regarding it’s original focus, space, and less on what many view as pseudo-science: global warming research.

According to this National Journal report, “The Republican lawmaker argues that the Obama administration is wrongfully neglecting the country’s space exploration operations—like potential missions to Mars and beyond—in favor of global-warming research.”

Now, Cruz is asking NASA’s administrator, Charles Bolden, if he agrees.

“I’d like to start by asking a general question,” said Cruz on Thursday during a subcommittee hearing on the president’s $18.5 billion budget request for NASA for fiscal 2016, which allocates considerable funding for Earth- and ocean-science projects. “In your judgment, what is the core mission of NASA?”

Conflict Experts Dispute Impact Of Global Warming On National Security

cartoonGlobal conflict experts say the Obama administration’s recent focus on climate change as a national security threat may be misguided. “The link between global warming and national security needs is tenuous at best, though the Arctic might be an exception, if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin continues his revanchist ways,” Harvard psychology professor and best-selling author Steven Pinker said in a recent e-mail interview. “Most wars have nothing to do with climate, and vice versa.” --David O. Williams, Real Vail, 11 March 2015

One of Wall Street’s most successful hedge fund managers is once again wading into the climate change debate. His conclusion: It’s not as big of a problem as some suggest. --Stephen Gandel, Forbes, 11 March 2015 

ASU prof 'shocked' to be target of Dems' climate probe

ballingASU Prof Robert BallingAn Arizona State University scientist said he is "shocked" to be among seven researchers at the center of a probe by an Arizona congressman over funding for their climate-change research.

U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., wrote letters to seven universities last month, saying he has concerns about issues of potential conflicts of interest and failure to disclose corporate funding sources related to climate research. The issues were raised in a New York Times article.

Grijalva is seeking records on external funding going to Robert Balling Jr., a professor in ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. The request also seeks drafts of any testimony Balling prepared for a government body or agency and correspondence surrounding his testimony and funding dating back to 2007.

I Deny I’m a Denier

sajak(h/t Climate Depot) I consider myself to be a skeptic in the matter of man-made global warming. I’m not a denier; I’m not smart enough to be that certain. But, as with a lot of things in life, I’m skeptical. (And see what they did there? By labeling skeptics as deniers, they equate us with Holocaust Deniers. Pretty clever, huh?) Every now and then, I’ll use my Twitter account to send out a tweet poking fun at climate alarmists (see what I did there?). And, while most Twitter users understand the humor, there are those who get very, very angry.

First, they pointedly remind me that I’m not a scientist. That’s very helpful, because sometimes I confuse being a TV game show host with being a scientist. (It’s always embarrassing when I show up for a taping in a white lab coat.) Actually, that’s not the first thing they do; the bulk of them usually start with obscene name-calling.

Latest consequence of 'global warming'

iceRemember the ‘melting polar ice caps” and poor polar bears drifting out to sea on remnants of the vanishing ice? Tell it to residents of Cape Cod. Watts Up With That reports:

CBS Boston has published a story with photographs of giant Icebergs washing ashore at Cape Cod, many of them metres thick.

According to CBS Boston;

WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher says this could be a “once-in-a-generation” event due to the extraordinary amount of ice on the Massachusetts Bay. Fisher says the ice won’t be around for long.

New Reports: There Is No Global Warming

goreThe liberal media machine has spent decades bulldozing anyone who tells you global warming is a sham.

They even came up with a clever little title — “deniers.”

Every time a heat wave hits, every time a picture of a lone polar bear gets taken . . . the left pounds the table for environmental reform, more policy, more money to combat climate change. But how much has the world really warmed?

Their message is simple: Get on the man-made global warming bandwagon . . . or you’re just ignorant.

But how much has the world really warmed?

Are Climate Skeptics Like Doubters of Evolution?

darwinA friend of mine is a journalist who writes about scientific issues for major national publications. He recently wrote a piece trying to explain why some people doubt an established consensus in the physical sciences. One consensus he cites is that emissions of warming gases pose a “serious threat.” Being conflated with critics of evolution and vaccines got under my skin, so I responded with the following email.

From: Caleb Rossiter
Subject: Hi from Caleb, the luke-warmist

Dear _________: I just read your piece in ______________ on doubters of a scientific consensus. You include with modern doubters of Darwin, Galileo, fluoride, and vaccines those of us who study the science, math models, and statistics of “climate change” and find little evidence of human-caused climate catastrophe. I think that our inclusion on that list is inappropriate at present. 

The EPA Thinks You're Stupid

ginaThe folks at the Environmental Protection Agency, starting with a long line of its administrators that now includes Gina McCarthy, think you and the Congress of the United States are stupid. They have been telling lies for so long they can’t imagine that their chokehold on the American economy will ever end.

It is, however, coming to an end and the reason is a Republican-controlled Congress responding to the countless businesses and individuals being ravaged by a ruthless bureaucracy driven by an environmental agenda determined to deprive America of the energy sources vital to our lives and the nation’s existence.

his was on display in early March when Gina McCarthy testified to the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, asking for a nearly $500 million increase in its 2016 budget. The total discretionary budget request would have topped out at $8.6 billion and would reward states nearly $4 billion to go along with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

Koch Industries schools Senate Dems on First Amendment rights

boxerKoch Industries has given its answer to three liberal Democrats requesting 10 years worth of detailed information by April 3 about its support for scientific research. In a March 5 letter, Koch's general council told the senators they will provide nothing.

According to the National Journal, the three senators, Ed Markey, Barbara Boxer, and Sheldon Whitehouse, sent the letter to roughly 100 companies, lobbying groups, and conservative organizations in their attempts to find ties between fossil-fuel companies and research that casts doubt on man-made global warming.

This came on the heels of news that a climate researcher, astrophysicist Wei-Hock (Willie) Soon, received money from fossil fuel companies as did his affiliate sponsor, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

The ‘Crime’ of Dr. Wei-Hock Soon

soonWei-Hock Soon’s “crime” is being a scientist who sincerely believes that the global warming of the 1900s was caused by a rise in solar output, whereas most scientists believe that you and I are to blame because we use fossil fuels.

What is particularly appalling about his crime is that he has actually substantiated his views in scientific journals and argued for them in public. His accusers have clothed their accusations in terms of funding sources, but have no doubt: his real crime is his ongoing scientific work within a theory of global warming that blames the sun, not us, for global warming.

Climate Change, Latest: It’s Real Because of the Children

capitalToday, we learn from the New Republic, a delegation of six schoolkids is visiting Washington DC with a view to educating Republican senators including Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz about the reality of global warming.

Let us pause awhile to relish the arrogance, stupidity and frankly borderline child-abusive nature of this ludicrous stunt, cooked up by the hard-left pressure group Avaaz.

One of the kids, Nadia Sheppard, 16 from North Carolina is quoted as saying: “Scientists have noticed that this was a problem for a really long time, like, maybe 20 years ago? Longer than I’ve been alive.”