In questions of science, the authority of a thousand
is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

–Galileo Galilei

2016 El Nino Not Linked To Global Warming, Says Former IPCC Vice-Chairman

mixed artThe current El Nino phenomenon that has brought prolonged drought and sweltering heat to Malaysia is the strongest of the 20 over the last 60 years, but there is no concrete evidence to link its heat intensity to global warming, says former IPCC vice-chairman. Climatologist and oceanographer Prof Dr Fredolin Tangang of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia said this year’s El Nino was even more extreme than the severe phenomena experienced in 1982/82 and 1997/98. “There is no conclusive evidence that the occurrence of El Nino (frequency and intensity) is influenced by climate change,” said Tangang, who had served from 2008 to 2015 as vice-chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations agency. --Voon Miaw Ping, Malaysian National News Agency, 9 May 2016

Major Blow To Wind Power …Bavaria’s Highest Court Upholds 10H Rule! Shoots Down Industrialization Of Idyllic Landscape

wind turbinesBavaria’s highest constitutional court (Verfassungsgerichtshof) has just upheld the southern German state’s hotly contested 10 H wind turbine permitting rule which has been in effect since February 2014.

The Court ruled that the requirement is indeed constitutional. Full story here.

The ruling represents a major landmark victory for wind energy opponents, who have been increasingly shocked by the rampant destruction of Germany’s countryside and natural landscape. They greeted the ruling with loud cheers.

Map: States Which Support Green Energy Have Higher Electric Bills

solar panelsStates which offered substantial taxpayer support for green energy pay a lot more for electricity, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis.

The most notable examples of this trend were California and West Virginia. California had some of the nation’s highest power prices, paying 14.3 cents per kilowatt-hour, and had a whopping 183 policies offering support to green energy. In contrast, West Virginia had some of the nation’s cheapest power at 7.91 cents per kilowatt-hour and a mere 11 policies.

EPA Head Says Obama May Want To Create New Carbon Tax, But Her Regs Do Just Fine

mccarthy epa officeThe head administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Friday it was her job to create overarching regulations as an alternative to the carbon tax legislation the Obama administration was unable to pass last year.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told activists and diplomats at a gathering in Washington that the agency was tasked with forming a seemingly never-ending amount of environmental regulations because President Barack Obama failed to pass the kind of “elegant” legislation needed to comply with last year’s climate change deal in Paris.

Emails show activists colluding with AGs to squash free speech

Claude Walker (right) with his "hero" Al GoreClaude Walker (right) with his "hero" Al GoreU.S. Virgin Islands' attorney general Claude Walker has placed a bullseye squarely on the backs of conservative and libertarian-leaning groups over allegations of “racketeering” in the increasingly partisan global warming debate. Described as an all-encompassing effort, the subpoena was first issued in March and finally made public Tuesday in its unredacted form. Emails released also show how green activists conspired with government officials to squelch "contrary views", suppress free speech, and demonize the fossil fuel industry.

DiCaprio and the Hypocrisy of Moral Licensing

dicaprio indonesiaThis week, Time Magazine released its list of the top 100 Most Influential People and placed Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of its magazine for the personal example he sets on climate change. How Ironic!

DiCaprio is a one-man carbon-polluting machine. According to the leaked Sony documents for example, DiCaprio took six private roundtrip flights from Los Angeles to New York over a 6-week period and, a private jet to the 2014 World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. Pictures of him vacationing on big yachts show that his polluting ways extend far beyond his charitable work. What hypocrisy! He enjoys the very luxuries that he admonishes others not to indulge.

Forbes Exposes Glaring Inconsistency In Global Warming Opposition

nuclear power plantConservatives should “call the left’s bluff” on global warming by asking why environmentalists oppose using proven technologies like nuclear power or hydraulic fracturing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, according to an article published Thursday in Forbes.

James Taylor points out in the piece that if conservatives pressure the left to accept natural gas and nuclear power by citing their environmental benefits, the left would either be forced to abandon their opposition or risk their political credibility by continuing to claim that global warming is the nation’s greatest threat.

Myths about global warming are not facts

protestWell-intended citizens have recently written letters and articles in the Tribune expressing anxiety and creating fear about their perception of global warming.

They state the earth is heating up because of man-made pollution that’s melting polar ice caps, shrinking glaciers, dangerously raising oceans, and hurting flora and fauna. As a solution, they quote national prophets preaching that we need bigger and more oppressive governments to regulate the established beneficial freedoms that they feel cause these problems.

No one ever says it, but in many ways global warming will be a good thing

forestsLast week, a study in the prestigious journal Nature revealed just how much CO₂ increases have greened the Earth over the past three decades. Because CO₂ acts as a fertilizer, as much as half of all vegetated land is persistently greener today. This ought to be a cause for great joy.

Instead, the BBC focused on warning that the paper shouldn’t make us stop worrying about global warming, with threats like melting glaciers and more severe tropical storms. Many other major news outlets did not even report on the study.

Two-thirds of all natural gas now comes from fracking

eia chart on frackingA new report today from the U.S. Energy Information Agency shows that two-thirds of natural gas extracted comes from fracking, despite the Obama administration's best efforts to slow its growth through crippling regulations. By looking at data over the past 10 years, hydraulic fracturing has slowly grown to provide more natural gas extraction than crude oil production. The EIA report (see chart) estimates that fracking has allowed the U.S. to ramp up production of natural gas to historic levels.

Greenies Terrified A Trump Presidency Would Kill Their Big Paris Agreement

French foreign minister Laurent FabiusFrench foreign minister Laurent FabiusOne of the lead authors of the Paris climate summit agreement told an audience in London Monday that the election of Donald Trump would likely lead to doom and gloom for the deal forged in December.

The U.S. presidential election has weighed heavily on the hearts and minds of the architects of the climate summit, and many fear a Trump presidency would spell the end for the measure aiming to regulate global carbon emissions.