Climate change journalism is mostly crap if you didn’t notice,
because it’s not done by journalists. Mostly advocacy & self promotion.

–Climate scientist Ryan Maue via twitter (@RyanMaue)

Data shows 2015 was not hottest year ever--wasn't even close

satellite-measurementsSince 1978, satellites have been measuring the Earth's temperature and have given us a snapshot of our global climate: it's not as warm as some people would have you believe. In fact, 2015 didn't even come close to breaking all-time records, the Daily Caller reported yesterday. Culling data from weather satellites that have been orbiting the Earth since 1978, climate scientists at the University of Alabama/Huntsville (UAH) reported that 2015 has only been the third-warmest year since satellite tracking began.

As for 2015, the temperature was .44 degrees Celsius above the 1981 to 2010 time-frame, it's above-average warmth owed in large part to a naturally occurring El Niño event occurring in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. The last time an El Niño of this magnitude occurred was in 1998, the warmest year in the satellite record. But this current El Niño still ranks third when compared to the ones that occurred since 1950, when recordkeeping began.

2015 may NOT have been the hottest year on record after all

For months, reports have claimed 2015 was the hottest year on record, with temperatures reaching unprecedented levels globally. 

However, this title may have been awarded a little hastily after scientists in the US found evidence to suggest it was actually the third hottest year since records began.

By studying satellite data, their results contradict the previous readings and predictions made using land-based weather stations. 

satelliteMeteorologists at the University of Alabama, Huntsville have disputed reports 2015 was the hottest year on record. They claim satellite data measuring Earth's lower atmosphere (pictured) contradicts previous predictions and readings taken from land-based weather stationss

The satellite readings were taken from the lower atmosphere. 

Satellite Data Shows 2015 Wasn’t Even Close To Being The Hottest Year On Record

satellite weatherSatellite temperature data measuring Earth’s lower atmosphere shows that 2015 only ranks as the third-warmest year on record, and not the warmest year as predicted by scientists relying on weather station data.

Climate scientists with the University of Alabama, Huntsville reported Tuesday the temperature anomaly for December 2015 was 0.44 degrees Celsius above the 1981 to 2010 average, fueled by an El Nino warming event. UAH scientist Dr. Roy Spencer posted on his blog that this “makes 2015 the third warmest year globally (+0.27 deg C) in the satellite record (since 1979).”

Hiding the Hiatus: Global Warming on Pause

earth stratosphereAs world leaders, climate activists, and a swarm of media commentators converged on Paris for COP 21, the UN’s extravagant climate-change summit, they unleashed a torrent of heated rhetoric about the supposed, still-imminent global-warming catastrophe. Hyperbolic expressions such as “catastrophe,” “apocalypse,” “disaster,” “final warning,” “last chance for humanity,” and “existential threat” flowed freely.

But one all-important word was conspicuously not on the lips of the assembled alarmists: hiatus. They studiously avoided that word like the plague, and with good reason; it threatens their entire agenda. Various dictionaries define “hiatus” as a break, gap, or interruption in time or continuity. As it pertains to “climate change,” the “hiatus” refers to the widely accepted fact that the most reliable temperature data, from orbiting weather satellites, show no warming for nearly two decades.

Insurers: El Niño And Global Warming Make Natural Disasters Less Expensive

graphDue to El Niño and global warming, 2015 natural disasters are much less costly than expected, according to a study by an insurance industry group. The insurance industry’s largest losses in recent years are due to severe winter weather. Global warming and El Niño — a weather event that warms up ocean temperatures in South America, causing the United states to get unusually warm for a year — abated these insurance costs, according to Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. Historically, hurricanes are the insurance industry’s biggest weather related expense, but no hurricane made landfall in the United States during 2015. In fact, no major hurricane has made landfall in the U.S. in the last 10 years, setting a new record. --Andrew Follett, Daily Caller News Foundation, 5 January 2015

Ongoing gas leak reveals conflict of interest in Gov. Brown's office

brownBeing called one of the worst environmental disasters, a ruptured gas valve in California’s Aliso Canyon is still spewing methane into the atmosphere, making nearby residents sick, and thousands more fleeing their homes. Now people are fingering California's governor, Jerry Brown, for sitting on his hands amid growing allegations of conflict of interests. The gas rupture occurred just outside of Porter Ranch city last October at a storage facility owned by parent company Sempra Energy.

To date, at least 150 million pounds of methane gas have gushed into the atmosphere. Gov. Brown finally met with residents at a home in Porter Ranch city after residents fumed to media outlets regarding the governor's apparent lack of concern.

Low Gas Prices Show Consensus Is Dead Wrong On Oil

chartIt would be hard to find anyone in all of America who has been more wrong on the American energy story than Barack Obama. Oil prices have fallen from $105 a barrel in the summer of 2014 to hovering at $35 a barrel today. That's a two-thirds reduction in the price, and the biggest factor is shale oil brought to you by fracking. In many areas of the country, gas is less than $2 a gallon and could fall further in the weeks ahead.

The falling price means, of course, an expanded supply. But now listen to Obama, who has lectured the nation on energy as if he were one of the top experts for the past eight years.

Obama and the Insanity of the Liberal Mind

protestIn his masterpiece, Common Sense, Thomas Paine observed:

Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions.

Paine may have been discussing the British monarch circa 1776, but his insight is equally applicable to Obama and Co., who reign like kings while exhibiting ignorance and incompetence. This is particularly surprising, given that many liberal policymakers, including Obama, are highly educated, and therefore presumably adept at critical thinking and analysis. But after seven years of Obama leading the Democratic Party in insane notions of transforming the country, it is clear that rational thought and common sense are skill sets greatly lacking among liberal elites.

EPA Chief: Obama Rolling Out New, Aggressive Global Warming Rules In 2016

mccarthyismThe chief of the Environmental Protection Agency said Monday that the Obama administration and regulators will cash in on the regulatory successes in 2015 by doubling down on global warming regulations in 2016.

Writing on the environmental group’s website, EPA head administrator Gina McCarthy stated that a whole new set of rules regulating the environment will take place this upcoming year, including regulations limiting methane gas ruptures and rules cutting emissions from large commercial vehicles.

“Heading into 2016, EPA is building on a monumental year for climate action—and we’re not slowing down in the year ahead,” McCarthy wrote, adding, “So we’re hitting the ground running.”

Heartland's Joe Bast replies to Mann and Bada

mann michaelMichael MannTo the Editor:

The recent letters by Michael Mann ("G.D. Holcombe misinforms readers about climate change," 12/18/2015) and Jeffrey Bada ("Paris Climate Conference, 2015," 12/4/2015 and "Professor Bada Responses," 12/24/2015) did more to reveal the arrogance and bias of leading global warming alarmists than anything I or any other climate realist could write.

Lakeland Times readers should take note of the name-calling by Mann and Bada ("unhinged," "charlatans," "deniers," "liars") and their refusal to acknowledge as legitimate any disagreement with their recital of global warming dogma. Anyone who disagrees with them is "uninformed" or has "close ties to fossil fuel interests" or has "parroted baseless talking points that have no place in honest scientific discourse."

A Profile In Courage In Iowa: Cruz Won't Bow To Ethanol Lobby

corn ethanol pumpEthanol has long been the dead man's pass of presidential politics: No one makes it through Iowa without paying homage to the corn-based fuel now a $5 billion state industry. But this year may be different.

Ted Cruz is leading the Republican polls in the Hawkeye State despite his opposition to the federal mandate requiring gasoline to be blended with 10% ethanol. He considers the mandate to be a form of corporate welfare — which it is.

The Agriculture Department program that requires the blending is known as E10. The industry is now lobbying for a 15% mandate, or E15.

At that level, ethanol could seriously damage car engines while raising costs at the gas pump. Recent studies have also questioned whether there's any environmental benefit to ethanol, and even many green groups oppose forcing people to put corn in their tank.

Texas Shale Gas Headed For Europe

shale gas plantCheniere Energy has begun liquefying natural gas at its Sabine Pass terminal on the Texas-Louisiana border. The gas will be loaded onto a ship scheduled to travel overseas later this month. That’s welcome news for Texas and U.S. gas producers. A glut of shale gas has depressed prices in the domestic market. Slower growth in China and South Korea have clouded prospects for LNG shipments from Alaska to Asia. That leaves Europe, where demand for natural gas remains strong —  and prices are much higher. --Jack Beavers, WFAA News, 4 January 2016

The worst fears of OPEC and Asian gas exporters are about to come true. U.S. shale drillers who pushed domestic crude production to a 45-year high and unlocked record amounts of natural gas are letting those supplies loose into global markets they were absent from for decades. The tanker of shale oil that shoved off from a Texas port on New Year’s Eve and a shipment of liquefied natural gas that’s prepared to set sail later this month will inaugurate a new era of competition among the world’s largest energy producers. “Who would have thought we would be exporting both oil and LNG in the same month?” said Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago. “Fracking has changed the world.” --Joe Carroll and Naureen Malik, Bloomberg, 4 January 2016