“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Green Fiasco: 92% Of Swiss Voters Reject Carbon Tax In Referendum

teaserbreitSwiss voters Sunday overwhelmingly rejected an initiative that would have scrapped the Alpine country’s value-added-tax system and replaced it with a carbon tax. Roughly 92% of voters opposed the initiative while 8% supported the measure. The initiative would have encouraged Swiss households to use renewable energy sources, including solar and wind, which would have been exempt from taxes. The initiative, which was introduced by the Green Liberal Party of Switzerland, was designed to help lower carbon emissions and reduce global warming. --Neil Maclucas, The Wall Street Journal, 8 March 2015

Silencing skeptics – financing alarmists

cartoonSen. Edward Markey (D-MA), other senators and Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) recently sent letters to institutions that employ or support climate change researchers whose work questions claims that Earth and humanity face unprecedented manmade climate change catastrophes.

The letters allege that the targeted researchers may have “conflicts of interest” or may not have fully disclosed corporate funding sources. They say such researchers may have testified before congressional committees, written articles or spoken at conferences, emphasizing the role of natural forces in climate change, or questioning evidence and computer models that emphasize predominantly human causes.

UK Winter Precipitation – As Unpredictable As Ever

A year ago, we were told that the wet winter was due to climate change. Apparently the climate has changed again, because this rainfall is pretty much back to average this winter. The consensus of Dr Slingo [the Met Office Chief Scientist] and her pals is that “climate change” will lead to wetter winters. (This is except when we get a cold, dry one, which is then blamed on the melting Arctic). The reality is that none of them have a clue what the next month will bring, never mind the next century. --Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That, 6 March 2015


The floods affecting large parts of the country are probably connected to climate change, David Cameron has said. The prime minister told MPs that there were more "abnormal" weather events occurring and he "suspected" they were linked to global temperature changes. --BBC News, 8 January 2015

EPA's chief administrator unaware of climate data showing no extreme weather

mccarthy2Gina McCarthy, the EPA's chief administrator, was recently excoriated by members of the senate for not knowing whether "extreme weather" is actually occurring, getting worse, or lessening.

In a humiliating performance before Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee, McCarthy was up on the hill justifying a proposal that asks for nearly $500 million increase for its 2016 budget.

McCarthy's request for an $8.6 billion discretionary budget for fiscal year 2016 left many senators befuddled, since some of the funding increase would be dedicated to Obama's controversial Clean Power Plan, an initiative to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are blamed for any type of extreme weather.

‘Climate Change Is Real Because Shut Up!’ Explains the BBC. Again

bbcTonight on BBC4 you have another chance to see the BBC’s latest propaganda effort on behalf of the climate change alarmism lobby. It’s called Climate Change By Numbers and I reviewed it, briefly, in the Spectator.

Its arguments went something like this: climate change is real because nice, smiley girl with red hair; climate change is real because maths; climate change is real because potted history of US sea captain who standardised methods for measuring water temperature; climate change is real because Tottenham Hotspur; etc. With these ingenious distractions, it effortlessly swerved contentious issues such as the fact that the entire 20th-century temperature record has been subjected to unexplained — and probably unjustifiable — adjustments. I wonder what percentage of its presumably tiny audience it convinced.

Now I see on Twitter that Team Climate (they hunt in packs) are taking umbrage.

Following the Right Scent on Climate

greeen protestHealthy, effective scientific research requires the participation of trained people with many takes on a subject. Trying to eradicate the participation of those who do not share one politically approved view on climate has been a profitable political tactic, but it is completely destructive for science, which has been seriously damaged by climate activism.

Recent attempts to openly attack prominent scientists have crossed a line, raising this destruction to new heights, making real scientists think twice about working on climate. The attacks are carried out with a particularly pungent red herring that makes it nearly impossible to keep the hounds from distraction.

Why not let honest science take its course?

cartoonAnthropogenic (human-caused) global warming enthusiast David Barnhill spills a lot of ink in a recent letter (Feb. 13) trying mightily to explain away the inconvenient truth that average global temperatures have not risen over the last 18 years — a result wholly unpredicted by the prevailing AGW computer models. He does this mostly by referring vaguely to what “science has revealed” (after the fact) about the hiatus, then dismissing those who point out this elephant in the room as … part of a Koch brothers-funded “denial campaign.”

No surprise: When your evidence and your arguments get a little shaky, haul out the Koch brothers and holler “Denier!”

US Shale Oil Keeps Booming Despite Low Prices - For Now

texasoil1There’s been plenty of hand-wringing in recent weeks as America’s oil rig count has dropped precipitously in the face of plunging crude prices. This has sparked worries that the shale boom’s best days are behind it. It seems reports of fracking’s death have been greatly exaggerated. --Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest, 18 February 2015

For oil output in Texas to more than double in the last three years, and increase so dramatically that the state now produces more than 37% of US oil, is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable energy success stories in US history. At the current pace of consistent annual increases of 25%, daily Texas oil production is on track to surpass the 4 million barrel milestone by as early as July of this year. With those projected increases in Texas oil output, the state could soon surpass Iraq and even Canada to move up in the international oil production rankings to become the world’s No. 5 oil producer this year. --Mark J. Perry, AEIdeas, 2 March 2015

Dems steadfast in ‘witch hunt’ of doomsday-denying climate scientists

RaulGrijalvaDemocrats may be flustered after a week of being accused of engineering an anti-science “witch hunt,” but they aren’t backing down from their investigations into the financial backing of climate-change researchers who challenge the movement’s doomsday scenarios.

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona, the ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, told National Journal earlier this week that he may have been guilty of “overreach” even as he defended his probe into the funding sources of seven professors, now known as the “Grijalva seven.”

“I think that us asking for empirical, fact-based science is not trying to stop research,” Mr. Grijalva told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on Monday night’s show. “Research can be done. If the Koch brothers or Exxon want to fund their research, fine. Just disclose that that’s who’s funding it so the American people can make their own decisions.”

And That’s the Way It Was: In 1972, Cronkite Warned of ‘New Ice Age’

cronkiteThe “brutal” winter is on the attack again, bringing sleet and heavy snow to the mid-Atlantic region. Previous storms targeted the deep south including Dallas, Texas, and several hammered New England. By March 4, Boston was just 2 inches away from hitting an all-time record for snow, Boston.com reported.

It’s a reality more in keeping with media warnings from the 1970s than today’s arguments about global warming.

NBC “Nightly News” reported Feb. 23, that Dallas was paralyzed “after an entire season’s worth of sleet and freezing rain, up to two inches, fell in a single day” causing massive traffic problems. Similar scenes happened in other southern states as the cold swept across the U.S. Single digit temperatures hit New York City and Newark N.J. saw temperatures as low as 8 degrees on Feb. 23, NOAA said.

EPA administrator races to finish landmark climate rules

mccarthyGina McCarthy is locked in a race against time to complete landmark climate change regulations before President Obama leaves office.

With just 22 months left in Obama’s presidency, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator and her team are burning the midnight oil to enshrine emissions regulations for power plants in federal law.

McCarthy says she’s “busier than [she’s] ever been” as the caretaker of what Obama hopes will be a legacy-defining achievement on climate change.

“One of the main focuses of the White House right now is to make sure that the administration is coordinated, so that the entire breadth of the climate action plan can be basically realized before the president leaves office,” McCarthy said during an exclusive sit-down interview in her office.

Head of the EPA can't tell Sen. Jeff Sessions if its climate models are correct

sessionsThere was a pretty heated exchange recently between Alabama's Sen. Jeff Sessions and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy during a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing.

During the hearing, Sessions said he hears a large number of complaints from constituents about the Environmental Protection Agency's "overreach." Sessions then questioned McCarthy on data about droughts, hurricanes and the figures used to show climate change.

On droughts, McCarthy said: "I don't know in what context (a scientist) is making statements like that..."