“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Why Climate Change is a Moral Crusade in Search of a Scientific Theory

protestersThomas Kuhn, in his classic book on the structure of scientific revolutions, points out how difficult scientific paradigms are to shift. He suggests they become even more so when there is a moral element involved.

I will suggest that projected catastrophic man-made climate change is less a scientific theory with a moral element than a moral crusade that has recruited a scientific theory.

The great global warming fandango is – at root — the latest example of politically expedient demonization of the capitalist system. First let me provide some background on how I came to this issue, and pay tribute to a very important academic advisor to the GWPF: David Henderson.

Amendment introduced because Democrats don't have enough work to do

scottDon't Democrats have anything better to do than write these silly amendments (see this post) that will go nowhere in a Congress that's controlled by the party with the largest cerebral cortex? From National Journal:

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has introduced an amendment to the Senate budget that would prevent any ban on federal agencies and employees from talking about climate change.

In a speech Thursday introducing the amendment, Nelson said it was a pushback about "news reports … that indeed some folks are trying to muzzle scientists from speaking about the science involving the oceans, the atmosphere, the climate, and the weather."

Rep. Barbara Lee: Stop Global Warming Before Everyone Gets an STI

leeI don't delve much into the Global Climate Change debate, mostly because it seems like there's no real way to be part of the conversation on either side without looking like a complete lunatic, and I already do more than enough of that. While I believe that stewardship of the environment is a very important thing, I'm not sure how the government, which can barely deliver the mail correctly on a good day, and frequently spends thirty times more on an item from a hardware store than it would cost on the black market in North Korea, is qualified to address the tragedies associated with a burning atmosphere and a rising ocean level.

I could be wrong. John Kerry could surprise me. But I doubt it.

Documentary Exposes Green Movement's Attack on Christianity

tyrannyA new documentary claims to expose the anti-Christian agenda behind the global environmental movement. The new film entitled "It's Easy Being Green When You Have No Choice" features some of the top experts on the green movement. The narrator for the film is former meteorologist and current morning host at KSFO Radio in San Francisco, Brian Sussman, who has authored two books entitled Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam and Eco-Tyranny: How the Left's Green Agenda will Dismantle America.

The documentary also features Marc Morano, Executive Director and Chief Correspondent for Climate Depot; Beverly Eakman, former writer for the U.S. Department of Justice and Executive Director of the National Educational Consortium; Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute; Randal O'Toole, Cato Institute Senior Fellow; John L. Casey, President, Space and Science Research Corporation and former White House space program advisor and consultant to NASA Headquarters; and E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D, founder of Cornwall Alliance. Dr. Beisner wanted to be part of this important documentary to convey a Biblical perspective of earth stewardship, it is said in the press release from The Adams Group.

Coal Producers: Obama Royalty Reform May Shut Us Down

coal trainThe Obama administration has proposed to change how it collects royalties on coal mined from federal land, a move that environmentalists hope, and the industry worries, will cut use of the fuel linked to climate change.

The Interior Department says the accounting change is needed to update rules adopted almost three decades ago, and streamline the program for companies such as Peabody Energy Corp. and Arch Coal Inc. And more changes are on the way.

“It’s time for an honest and open conversation about modernizing the federal coal program,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said in a speech last week to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “How do we manage the program in a way that is consistent with our climate-change objectives?”

For industry, the broad effort is seen through the prism of their ongoing complaints that President Barack Obama is waging a “War on Coal.” Sales of federally owned coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana -- the biggest source -- topped 350 million tons last year, generating company revenues of almost $5 billion, government data showed.

Justices split: should EPA consider costs when making new rules?

power linesThe Associated Press is reporting that the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a landmark case that challenges whether the EPA "unreasonably refused to consider the costs of new pollution rules" that have already forced some power plants to close, drove up electricity prices, and "threaten grid reliability."

Twenty-one states and industry groups who are challenging the EPA said in their briefs that the EPA was wrong to not consider the costs before instituting new regulations. After the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled last April that the EPA could refuse to assess the costs of its rules, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. The two groups are "adamant that EPA's interpretation of the law is wrong, and asked the Supreme Court" to settle the matter.

The Campaign To Make You Care About Climate Change Is Failing Miserably

WaterIf you want to understand why so many Democrats believe it’s okay to circumvent Congress and let international agreements dictate environmental policies—well, other than their newfound respect for monocracy—you don’t have to look much farther than the new poll by Gallup.

Since 1989, there’s been no significant change in the public’s concern level over global warming. To put this in perspective, note that the most expensive public-relations campaign in history—one that includes most governmental agencies, a long list of welfare-sucking corporations, the public school system, the universities, an infinite parade of celebrities, think tanks, well-funded environmental groups and an entire major political party—has, over the past 25 years or so, increased the number of Democrats who “worry greatly” about global warming by a mere four percentage points.

Gallup: Less Than A Third Of Americans Still Worry About Global Warming

Less than a third of Americans are now concerned about global warming and climate change: 32 percent fret about those environmental factors says the annual Gallup Environmental survey, released Wednesday. Naturally, there’s a partisan divide: 13 percent of Republicans are concerned about global warming and climate problems, compared to 52 percent of Democrats. --Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times, 25 March 2015


Americans’ concern about several major environmental threats has eased after increasing last year. As in the past, Americans express the greatest worry about pollution of drinking water, and the least about global warming or climate change. Importantly, even as global warming has received greater attention as an environmental problem from politicians and the media in recent years, Americans’ worry about it is no higher now than when Gallup first asked about it in 1989. --Gallup, 25 March 2015

Weather Vain: Obama Uses Climate Hoax to Bully Govs

obama puppetIf you can’t beat ‘em, buy 'em! That’s the President’s new approach to climate change skeptics in conservative states. The Obama administration is apparently so desperate for support that it’s willing to blackmail governors into adding global warming to their disaster planning – or block their federal funds. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said the conform-or-pay rules would go into effect next March. In the meantime, governors have a choice: they can bow down to the Left’s faulty science or lose millions of dollars in FEMA relief planning.

Under the new regulations, only states that tackle the effects of “changing environmental or climate conditions” in their long-term “hazard-mitigation plans” will qualify for funding. Specifically, governors must “identify tools and approaches that enable decision-making to reduce risks and increase resilience from a changing climate.” It’s a shocking amount of political arm-twisting, even for this administration.

Clearly, the rules were made to hurt – and it’s no secret whom. Republican Governors like Rick Scott (Fla.), Bobby Jindal (La.), Chris Christie (N.J.), Pat McCrory (N.C.), and Greg Abbott (Texas) have been openly critical of the administration’s climate push, and these guidelines are payback. Of course, many of these regions – including my home state of Louisiana – are coastal, meaning that they are especially vulnerable to storms and other natural disasters. And while FEMA promises that it won’t attach these same strings to hurricane, flood, or other post-disaster relief, the administration’s word is about as reliable as the Left’s science.

A bloated ABC is crushing its rivals

censorshipPAUL Barry, the ABC’s paid media policeman, was sad to see the corpse. Pity he didn’t arrest the killer.

The corpse was The Hoopla, an online magazine edited by former ABC host Wendy Harmer that’s just shut down after four years. No money.

Barry, the Media Watch host, mourned: “So sad to see @wendyharmer and @thehoopla are shutting up shop. What a shame.”

But spare us the ABC’s tears. The ABC is the killer. You see, the worst thing about the ABC isn’t its bias, even though it’s meant by law to be balanced.

Gallup environmental poll: concerns about global warming come in dead last

gallupAccording to a just-released Gallup poll that measures Americans' concerns about environmental threats, global warming came in dead last, dropping more percentage points over last year's survey. At the top of the list, Americans worried most about polluted drinking water.

Gallup says the environmental agenda may indirectly be effecting the level of concern felt by Americans. "The primary focus of the environmental movement has shifted toward long-term threats like global warming -- issues about which Americans tend to worry less than about more immediate threats like pollution. Importantly, even as global warming has received greater attention as an environmental problem from politicians and the media in recent years, Americans' worry about it is no higher now than when Gallup first asked about it in 1989."

Gulf Stream Not Slowing Down, Not Going to Freeze us to Death, Shock

gulf stream watersThe Gulf Stream is slowing faster than at any time in the last millennium, claims a new paper published in the alarmist journal Nature Climate Change.

But the paper, whose co-authors include one Michael E Mann, appears to be contradicted by real-world evidence which shows nothing of the kind.

Here is what the leading expert in the field, H Thomas Rossby, a professor at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography said in 2014 about the Gulf Stream, which he has been measuring for the last 20 years.

“We find absolutely no evidence that suggests that the Gulf Stream is slowing down.”

So why does the new paper, lead-authored by alarmist Professor Stefan Rahmstorf, claim otherwise?