Nothing in the world is more dangerous than
sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity

–Martin Luther King Jr.

CO2 Emissions Increasing In EU, Despite €1 Trillion In Green Subsidies

chartEurostat estimates that in 2015 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion increased by 0.7% in the European Union (EU), compared with the previous year. --European Commission, 3 May 2016

Germany’s carbon dioxide emissions increased by an estimated 10 million tonnes from 2014 to 2015, in a blow to the country’s claims to climate leadership. A 2011 decision to phase out nuclear power within a decade has seen dirty coal maintain a significant share of the energy mix. As a result, progress on emissions has slowed. A decrease in 2011 was followed by increases in 2012 and 2013. --Megan Darby, Climate Home, 14 Match 2016

The return of pseudo-science

disinf DBThis past month, I received an email from a European friend (who has a doctorate in chemistry) saying: “Dear Richard: Now you are a member of this illustrious club! I am beginning to be afraid! What is going on?” It seems my name had been put on a “Global Warming Disinformation Database.” This past Saturday, The Wall Street Journal in its lead editorial on the “climate police” noted that the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands has demanded that the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) “cough up a decade of emails and policy work, as well as a list of private donors” (as if the First Amendment did not exist), because the institute has had the audacity to question.

EPA Methane Rules Would Only Slow Global Warming By 0.0047 Degrees

methane vid clipFracking and Methane: What You Need to Know (video)Proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations intended to lower methane emissions from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to fight global warming would only lower the temperature by 0.0047 degrees Celsius by the year 2100, according to calculations performed Monday by the industry group Energy In Depth (EID).

The EPA’s proposed rules would have essentially no impact on global temperatures, only causing a temperature drop of 0.0047 degrees Celsius by the year 2100. The rules would make it hard to produce natural gas, which would likely increase other greenhouse gas emissions that drive global warming.

No, Hillary did not apologize for bragging about putting coal miners ‘out of business’

hillary in coal countryThe media is claiming Hillary Clinton apologized for saying “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” during a town hall event in March. They are wrong. Mrs. Clinton was confronted Monday by an out-of-work coal worker in West Virginia who took issue with the former Secretary of State’s anti-coal comments. Not only did Mrs. Clinton not apologize for the remark, she also lied about the context and intent behind the remark.

First, let’s remember exactly how Jazz described Mrs. Clinton’s boast that she’d use her authority in the federal government to bring an end to America’s embattled coal industry. (video after jump)

Feds Quietly Admit Polar Bears Doing Fine, Abandon Efforts To Ban Fur Trade

polar bearsU.S. regulators will not be pushing for a ban the polar bear fur trade at international talks this year, and the bear still won’t be put on a comprehensive list of species immediately threatened with extinction.

“Regarding polar bears, though we remain concerned about the commercial use of polar bear hides as an additional threat to the species, we are not pursuing increased CITES protections at this time,” the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said in recent a statement ahead of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which will take place in September in South Africa.

Pascal’s Wager For The Global Warming Religion

cartoon gw religionDo you freaking love science? Then you might be a big enough sucker to fall for a claim like this one: “Across the span of their lives, the average American is more than five times likelier to die during a human-extinction event than in a car crash.” Which was actually made by an environmentalist group called the Global Challenges Foundation and reported with a straight face in The Atlantic.

What this report means by a “human-extinction event” is one “that would wipe out more than 10 percent of Earth’s human population.” Not exactly extinction, but I’ll grant that it’s big and horrible enough. Nominally, they are referring to rare and unusual cataclysms that we can’t do much about, like supervolcanoes and killer asteroids. But you can guess at what they’re really aiming. The Global Challenges Foundation describes its mission as raising “awareness of the Global Catastrophic Risks. Primarily focused on climate change …” Bet you saw that one coming.

A Real Bet for the Tough Guy in a Bow Tie

bill nyeBill Nye issued a bet more than six years after my initial challenge to him in 2010 (which he would have lost) and four months into 2016 after reviewing the impact of El Niño on global temperatures. News flash, Bill: Midway through last year I said 2016 global temperatures would rise thanks to El Niño. I can forecast this because I don’t believe CO2 is a major player in determining global temperatures. I believe the sun, ocean cycles and stochastic events play a much more significant role.

Year-long study reveals secret of Greenland's growing ice sheet

greenlandA new study of Greenland's ice sheet shows that very little precipitation on the island's expansive interior is "lost to the atmosphere through evaporation" because of the island's unique thermal "lid." This remarkable thermal lid essentially prevents any snow and ice from escaping the island via evaporation, allowing the ice sheet to continuously build up on the island. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the study was published in the open access online-only journal "Science Advances." This is more evidence that Greenland's ice sheet is robust and stable, even though computer models claimed it would be the first casualty in a warming world.

Climate Hustle knows: Ten dire predictions that have failed as global polar bear population hits 20-31k

polar bears[Reposted today from earlier this year in support of the May 2, 2016, release of the intentionally funny documentary, Climate Hustle (across the US and a few Canadian locations) because host Marc Morano knows that polar bear numbers have not declined as people have been lead to believe, see the trailer below after the jump.]

Grim predictions of the imminent demise of polar bears – their “harsh prophetic reality” as it’s been called – have been touted since at least 2001. But such depressing prophesies have so widely missed the mark they can now be said to have failed.

The climate change brigade, press freedoms - and clockwork bluebells

bluebellsThere recently arrived on the desk of the editor of The Times an extraordinary three-page letter, signed by 13 members of the House of Lords. They informed him in no uncertain terms that, if he wished to save his paper’s reputation, he must stop printing articles which don’t accord with the official orthodoxy on climate change. Headed by Lord Krebs, its signatories read like a check-list of our “climate establishment”.

Hillary’s Secret Garden Poisons Millennials

tom steyerHillary Clinton is working alongside billionaire Tom Steyer to sow a garden of climate change paranoia. Clinton is scaring young voters into supporting her campaign by leading them to believe that a Republican president will unleash a climate apocalypse.

Calling millennial voters the 2016 presidential election’s “biggest cohort,” Steyer announced his plan last Monday to inject $25 million into targeting young voters. Specifically, Steyer will allocate millions toward an aggressive ground campaign based on climate alarmism. The goal? Getting the youth vote out for Clinton.

The Mark Carney Effect

Berkshire Hathaway ShareholdersThe number big investors ignoring climate change risk increased last year despite a stark warning from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s about the potential for “huge” losses from a sudden shift in regulation designed to curb global warming and fossil fuels. Almost half of the world’s top 500 investors are failing to act on climate change — an increase of 6 percent from 236 in 2014, according to a report Monday by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, which surveys global companies on their climate change risk and management. --Jessica Shankleman, Bloomberg, 1 May 2016