“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

The Station That Was Formerly Known As The Weather Channel

weather channel propagandaWant the weather report without a sermon? Just need to know if it's going to rain tomorrow and hope to find out without being hectored? Looking for a forecast, not a lecture? Then the Weather Channel is probably the place to avoid.

The Associated Press said Monday that the Weather Channel is taking an "active stance on climate change." It will feature "the voices of 25 prominent people talking about the need to take action on climate change."

Bipartisan distrust of Obama threatens trade deal, remainder of term

obama whcdGlobal warming has emerged as the newest battleground on trade, with opponents on both the right and the left trying to use the hot-button issue to sink President Obama’s quest for a legacy-building free trade deal.

Conservatives argue that Mr. Obama will use trade negotiating powers to write a binding climate deal into any agreement and say that alone is reason to deny the White House fast-track negotiating powers. Liberal opponents of a trade deal say they don’t think the agreement gives the president enough power to work on trade.

Global warming causing hot dogs to slip out of buns

hotdogWe know that global warming is a big threat. Oh, it may help us with our mummy problem, and be a boon for great tits, but it causes more problems than it solves – shrinking horses, causing seals to be oversexed, causing poison ivy to become even itchier, making trees less colorful, making trees more colorful, making reptiles walk uphill, destroying opium in Afghanistan, and even increasing cannibalism to unacceptable levels, with that last prediction courtesy of former CNN founder and exotic diner Ted Turner.

And now it turns out that global warming is causing a new problem: it is shrinking the size of our buns.

Two Degrees of Separation from Reality

cartoons by joshThe UN is calling on national leaders to back a global agreement on reducing human-produced CO2 emissions with the stated intention of limiting “global warming to 2C degrees above the pre-industrial level”. This pact is to be signed in Paris in December and Australia has agreed to participate. Thrashed out at the 2014 Lima conference, the process called upon individual nations ‘ready to do so’ to submit national pledges by the first quarter of 2015, with Australia saying it would take the pledge sometime around now.

Yet it remains unclear if the Australian government subscribes to the 2C target.The recently released issues paper, ‘Setting Australia’s post-2020 target for greenhouse gas emissions’, does not refer to this aim. I have sought clarification, unsuccessfully, from Environment Minister Greg Hunt and my local member, Dr Peter Hendy, a Liberal. The 2C limit is a very specific target, one that doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.This is as it should be if one accepts the prognostications of catastrophe upon which the alleged need for this agreement is based.(Which, for the record, I don’t. But let us play the game anyway.)

UK Government Scraps 250 Wind Farms As Subsidies Are Axed

cartoon turbinesLarge swathes of the British countryside are to be spared the blight of windfarms by the axing of taxpayer subsidies, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has revealed. She said about 2,500 proposed turbines in 250 projects are now “unlikely to be built”. Ms Rudd said: “We are reaching the limits of what is affordable, and what the public is prepared to accept.” --John Ingham, Daily Express, 23 June 2015 

Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Forum, which argues that many anti-climate change measures are too costly, said: “This announcement is a move in the right direction but it is a bit schizophrenic. The Government is phasing out subsidies for onshore wind but they are still subsiding offshore turbines which are twice as expensive. This will not reduce the overall cost for renewables because that was agreed by the coalition Government a year ago. Under the Levy Control Framework subsidies for renewables will double from £4billion now to about £8billion in 2020.” --John Ingham, Daily Express, 23 June 2015

How the TPA could fast-track Obama's green agenda

SessionsSen. Jeff Sessions penned an open letter today in Breitbart News asking Congress to not rush through the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill as you're walking right into Obama's environmental agenda. If the TPA bill receives a final cloture vote in the Senate Tuesday, it will end up on Obama's desk and signed into law. This would then allow the president unfettered ability to write complex treaties that can't be changed or modified by the Legislative branch, and the Senate's only job would be to rubber-stamp it yeah or nay.

According to Sessions' open letter to congress, "an enormous amount has been discovered about how the President plans to use this authority – information that was either not known or understood when the vote was held." He goes on to say that the TPA includes a "pledge by this Administration to use the TPA to impose 'environmental governance.'" In fact, Sessions has just learned that Obama's  trade representative, Michael Froman, said no treaty would proceed without environmental considerations:

Green Tyranny with John Stossel

Stossel shows how the EPA has been caught colluding with environmental activists.Stossel shows how the EPA has been caught colluding with environmental activists. And vice versa.One can love nature but still hate the tyranny the green movement imposes.

SHUTTING DOWN PROGRESS: America is blessed with abundant resources but cursed with boneheaded regulators. Now the EPA has been caught colluding with environmental activists to shut down a mine in Alaska. The Green Tyrants say the mine might hurt fish, but the fish are 90 miles away. Stossel asked Bob Deans of the Natural Resources Defense Council, "are any mines okay?" He didn't name one that the NRDC would approve.

Green Tyrants opposed to the Keystone pipeline say it will never be finished. Even if President Obama finally approves it, they say, "we will tie it up in court, and get in the way of construction crews." It makes Stossel wonder why anyone would try to build anything big today. "NIMBY" used to be the chant (Not In My BackYard!). Now it's "BANANA" (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody).

The BBC’s ‘Warning from 850 New York Lawmakers’ Is a Ruse by 10 Democrats From Bumblef**k, USA

bbc misleadingThe headline “New York warning over Lancashire County Council fracking vote” appeared on the BBC news website this weekend, above a report about how “850 legislators” from New York City had sent a letter to Lancashire County Council, urging them to ditch plans to allow fracking to occur in the northern English county.

“Wow!” one might think, “Lawmakers from the Big Apple paying attention to a comparatively small British county… this must REALLY mean that fracking is bad!”

Well, that’s what the BBC wanted you to think anyway. But a quick look into the letter that has come from the “non-partisan” group calling itself “Elected Officials to Protect New York” reveals that once again, the BBC has either been duped, or has willfully misrepresented the letter. The truth is, it has just 10 signatories. They’re all left-wing Democrats. And they’re all basically the equivalent of British, parish councillors – representing no more than about 75,000 people between them, across little villages and counties in the outskirts of New York State. Oh and one of them is a “former council member”.

EPA’s New Fuel Regulations Will Avert 0.0026 Degrees Of Warming

tractor trailerThe EPA’s new carbon dioxide regulations for heavy trucks is meant to help the U.S. meet its goal of reducing emissions to fight global warming.

There’s just one problem: CO2 regulations on heavy trucks will have little to no impact on global warming over the next 85 years, according to the EPA’s own analysis.

The EPA says limiting carbon dioxide from heavy trucks will reduce emissions by more than 1 billion metric tons by 2050. Cutting CO2, the agency says, will create up to $34 billion in “climate benefits” along with up to $40 billion from reducing traditional pollutants. Regulating heavy trucks are part of the Obama administration’s goal of reducing U.S. CO2 emissions 80 percent by 2050.

The EPA's Clean Power Plan: A scheme for rich white elitists

meterOne of the few beliefs liberals and conservatives rally around is that government power should not harm the powerless.

This is simply not the case under the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed Clean Power Plan. The results of a recent poll show Americans are finally starting to understand the consequences of this flawed, expensive and unconstitutional (at least according to Harvard Professor Lawrence Tribe) plan.

In exchange for the thinnest of prospective environmental gains measured at some point in the future, the EPA proposes effectively to take over the electric power generating system in every state, forcing the shutdown of plants and the firing of thousands of hardworking Americans. It will also raise the cost of electricity on every business and family.

Running Out Of Cash, Greece Returns To Coal

cartoonGreece’s energy minister Lafazanis said that [the coal-fired power plant] Ptolemaida V is required since renewable power plants are intermittent and endanger the country’s energy security. In May, Lafazanis sent a letter to the European Commission asking permission to operate the Ptolemaida III, a separate coal plant that is shut down due to its very old technology that pollutes the environment enormously. One of Lafazanis arguments was “the economic crisis in Greece, which makes the need for keeping the cost of energy for households’ heating as low as possible.” --Ilias Tsagas, PV Magazine, 19 June 2015

Poland’s leading opposition party is seeking to negotiate exemptions from the European Union’s rules on reducing carbon emissions because the nation’s energy security and economic development depends on coal. Law & Justice, which opinion polls show winning October’s general election, has vowed to toughen Poland’s stance on climate issues to protect the nation’s $526 billion economy, which relies on coal for about 90 percent of its electricity. “The strategy that we’re planning for the economy rejects the dogma of de-carbonization,” Piotr Naimski, in charge of energy policy at Law & Justice, said in an interview last week. --Maciej Martewicz, Bloomberg, 22 June 2015

US Republicans Shrug Off Pope Francis' Climate Message

cartoon popeThe reactions [to the papal encyclical] suggested that the pontiff's desire to translate his climate views into real action to combat greenhouse gases could fall flat, at least as far as the American political system is concerned. --Erica Werner and Matthew Daly, Associated Press, 18 June 2015

Pope Francis' call for dramatic action on climate change drew a round of shrugs from congressional Republicans on Thursday, while many of the party's presidential candidates ignored it entirely. "I don't want to be disrespectful, but I don't consider him an expert on environmental issues," said Texas Rep. Joe Barton, a senior Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, in a comment echoed by a number of other Republicans. Even Capitol Hill's many Catholics, despite their religion's reverence for the holy father, seemed unmoved by his urgent plea to save the planet.  --Erica Werner and Matthew Daly, Associated Press, 18 June 2015