“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Scientists Say New Study Is A ‘Death Blow’ To Global Warming Hysteria

goreA new study out of Germany casts further doubt on the so-called global warming “consensus” by suggesting the atmosphere may be less sensitive to increases in carbon dioxide emissions than most scientists think.

A study by scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology found that man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought. Why is this big news? It means increases in carbon dioxide emissions likely cause less warming than most climate models suggest.

Obama to bypass Congress again with UN climate treaty

obamaPresident Obama is expected today to bypass Congress again with a pledge to cut carbon emissions of up to 28 percent as part of a global climate treaty. By using federal agencies like the EPA to invoke stringent limitations on carbon dioxide emissions, Obama can keep his pledge without congressional approval. White House sources say the United Nations is working on this treaty with the United States and other countries. Under the U.S. Constitution, any International treaty must be approved by Congress, and there is little bipartisan support for the plan as it is expected to hit businesses very hard.

Don't be an April 'Earth Month' Fool

earth monthThe annual calendar is filled with days and months designated for the purpose of calling attention to some event, personality, or cause. The U.S. celebrates the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington that fall close together. There’s Mother’s and Father’s Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day, Valentine’s, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas.

But who decided that April was “Earth Month” or that April 22 is “Earth Day”?

Why are we expected to worship the planet that was here billions of years before we showed up and will likely be here long after we manage to destroy ourselves with cataclysmic wars. And it is worship that is at the heart of these two events. That alone should tell you how essentially pagan they are.

States, get ready to report to feds on 'global warming'

Congressman Kevin BradyA Republican congressman says FEMA should focus on helping people – not on pushing a political agenda.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a new, impending policy that would require states consider the changing environmental or climate conditions that may affect and influence the long-term vulnerability from natural hazards in the state. That has led many citizens and lawmakers to speak out against the rules, saying the science is not settled on climate change. Others argue this is an attempt by government to force an ideology on states.

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) had this to say about the "State Mitigation Plan" in a recent "Morning Memo" podcast:

Senator Tim Wirth vs James Hansen: At Least One of Them is a Liar…

Hansen giving testimony in a rigged room in 1998.Hansen giving testimony in a smoke-and-mirrors room in 1998 with the help of Sen. Wirth.It was the moment when global warming hysteria first grabbed the world’s headlines: the day in June 1988 when a visibly perspiring Dr James Hansen testified before a Senate Committee – and a credulous media – that the “earth is warmer in 1988 than at any time in the history of instrumental measurements” and that this was attributable to the “greenhouse effect.” (H/T Climate Depot)

According to a subsequent interview given by the environmental activist who chaired the committee, Senator Tim Wirth of Colorado (a big ally of Al Gore’s), a great deal of its success was down to smoke and mirrors.

Here’s what Wirth confessed in a 2007 PBS interview:

US Oil Production Largest In More Than 100 Years

EIA2014 was a record-breaking year for US oil production. Spurred by the shale revolution, US crude output increased by a record 1.2m barrels a day to 8.7m b/d last year, according to a report published by the Energy Information Administration on Monday. That is the largest volume increase since 1900, the year the agency began keeping records. --Financial Times, 30 March 2015

Ever since the oil price decline began in earnest back in July 2014, popular discourse has suggested US shale plays would be in deep trouble. However, assumptions about a wholesale decline in activity now appear to be exaggerated at best. Tom Morgan, Analyst and Corporate Counsel at Drillinginfo, says making assumptions based on headline data miss one crucial point – efficiency gains. “No one in the industry is pretending that a lower oil price doesn’t bite. Yet, technological progress over the last decade, especially in terms of horizontal drilling is reaping benefits when times are hard. Over the last three years, efficiency of shale explorers has increased by 25%; so in effect three years ago the profitability of $100 per barrel oil is the same profitability at $75 per barrel.” --Gaurav Sharma, Forbes, 30 March 2015

Did Antarctica really have its warmest day on record?

peninsulaAccording to an article published today by United Press International (UPI), Antarctica had its warmest day on record, and they attribute it wholly to global warming. Except the temperatures were measured on bases controlled by Argentina, and may be more indicative of Argentina's climate, not Antarctica's.** None of the bases are located inside the Antarctic Circle. UPI got its information from a blog posting at the Weather Underground, a notorious site for alarmist stories about climate change.

The temperature measurements were done at Argentina's Esperanza Base and Marambio Base on the northern tip of the Trinity Peninsula, both of which are outside the Antarctic Circle and on the same latitude as the tip of South America. The temperature of Esperanza of 63.3°F (17.4°C) base was recorded on March 24, and a second temperature reading was recorded at Argentina's Marambio base on March 23 7.4°C (63.3°F). See map.

Climate Poker: Most Governments Delay UN Climate Pledges

obama poker faceThe United States will submit plans for slowing global warming to the United Nations early this week but most governments will miss an informal March 31 deadline, complicating work on a global climate deal due in December. Other emitters such as China, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada and Australia say they are waiting until closer to a Paris summit in December, meant to agree a global deal. Late submissions complicate the Paris summit because it will be far harder to judge late INDCs. --Alister Doyle and Valerie Volcovici, Reuters, 29 March 2015

Less than a week before the United Nations deadline for countries to file greenhouse-gas pledges necessary to keep a global climate change deal on track, it looks like most of the world is missing in action. Ahead of the March 31 target, only the European Union and Switzerland have unveiled plans, representing about 10 per cent of global emissions. The United States has promised to hit the deadline. The rest of the world’s major economies, including China, India, Australia and Japan, are unlikely to complete submissions in time, according to environmental groups tracking U.N. climate talks. --Alex Nussbaum and Alex Morales, Bloomberg, 25 March 2015

Earth Hour 2015 Interest Waning, Except in Dubai

eathhourThis Saturday, the world marked the one of the biggest environmentally-friendly initiatives – Earth Hour. However, while a record number of countries and cities participated in the 2015 campaign, people in many part of the world showed less interest in saving the planet than ever before. The Dubai, on the other hand, companies and organisations challenged the trend with impressive efforts.

Earth Hour 2015’s Success in Dubai

Official data for Earth Hour 2015, shows that Dubai managed to save 305 mWh (megawatt hours) of electricity during this year’s Earth Hour. As a result of the initiative, the emirate managed to reduce its carbon emissions by 183 tons for just one hour. That is 20% more compared to Dubai’s Earth Hour 2014 figures.

Even more impressive is the fact that over the six years in which Dubai has been taking park in Earth Hour, it has saved a total of 1,163 gWh of electricity. In money, that is estimated at almost $205 million.

Grasping For Pause-ible Deniability On Climate Change

earth sun risingClimate change has a major problem on its hands: the Earth’s average surface temperature has failed to significantly increase in nearly two decades, and all this despite ever-increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Unlike the globe, this controversy has been simmering for the past several years. Skeptics have increasingly pointed to the pause as proof they were right all along while the warming faithful’s reaction to the ever-mounting evidence provides a perfect case study in modern psychology’s  Five Stages of Loss and Grief.

ExxonMobil tells the Guardian where to stick it

exxonmobilThe Guardian has run a piece attacking ExxonMobil for its stubborn, selfish refusal to stop being an oil business.

Here’s how the oil giant responded when asked for a quote:

“ExxonMobil will not respond to Guardian inquiries because of its lack of objectivity on climate change reporting demonstrated by its campaign against companies that provide energy necessary for modern life, including newspapers.”

The tip of the climate spending iceberg

icebergLockheed Martin, a recent Washington Post article notes, is getting into renewable energy, nuclear fusion, “sustainability” and even fish farming projects, to augment its reduced defense profits. The company plans to forge new ties with Defense Department and other Obama initiatives, based on a shared belief in manmade climate change as a critical security and planetary threat. It is charging ahead where other defense contractors have failed, confident that its expertise, lobbying skills and “socially responsible” commitment to preventing climate chaos will land it plentiful contracts and subsidies.

As with its polar counterparts, 90% of the titanic climate funding iceberg is invisible to most citizens, businessmen and politicians. The Lockheed action is the mere tip of the icy mountaintop.