“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Vatican Drama Centers on Pope Francis and His Eco-Encyclical

pope francis environment encyclicalI recently reported that some Vatican officials were unhappy with scientists who directly challenged the questionable data and erroneous assertions being used as the basis for Pope Francis’ upcoming eco-encyclical.

Now, in a drama worthy of a Dan Brown novel, there is a dispute about the status of that much-anticipated publication.

A widely-cited report has been released by an Italian journalist who covers the Catholic Church and the Vatican indicating that these papal plans may be delayed.

Walsh takes a page from Deval’s book

walshHas Mayor Marty Walsh gone Deval on us?

Walsh went head first into the shallow end of the Boston 2024 pool. With the potential treasure trove of hack jobs, he could not resist the patronage haven or the glory of being the host city for the Olympics.

Like former Gov. Deval Patrick, he forgot one little constituency — the taxpayers.

Already, there’s one new job at Boston City Hall. Walsh hired Sara Myerson as a six-figure fact-checker to ensure that tax dollars are not used for the Olympics. Luckily, this shouldn’t cost the taxpayers a dime because Boston 2024 is covering the costs of the new office. No conflict there. That makes as much sense as the 
Patrick administration replacing the working 
Romneycare website that cost $3.5 million with a billion dollar glitch-ridden website.

Bee facts changed – green agendas did not

beeThe White House finally appears ready to announce conclusions and policy recommendations from the Pollinator Task Force it appointed a year ago. Environmentalist groups eagerly await the decision. After clamoring and campaigning for years for government action, they hope to get tough restrictions on using innovative new insecticides called neonicotinoids.

Agricultural interests await the decision with trepidation. A ban or broad restrictions would cost billions of dollars annually, force them to employ pesticides that are more difficult to use and more toxic for beneficial insects, and compel them to confront more secretive government “science” and faulty justifications for policies that are not supported by the evidence.

Will David Cameron Make Britain An Energy Powerhouse?

ShaleFor years, political gridlock and environmentalist opposition have prevented natural gas drilling to move forward in the UK, but the massive conservative victory in the country’s recent election could make Britain a world energy player. Tory Prime Minister David Cameron and his new conservative government have made developing the UK’s vast shale gas reserves a major priority in their bid to create a “Northern Powerhouse” of the island nation. Chancellor George Osborne is a big supporter of the Northern Powerhouse plan, so shale could soon become a reality for the the British. --Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller, 14 May 2015

Pope ponders paganism

paganNot since the rule of Emperor Constantine, during the Roman Warm Era, have pagan gods been tolerated in Rome.

Before Constantine, Romans worshipped 12 main gods, including Apollo (the Sun), Diana (the Moon), Flora (the plants), Uranus (the sky), Ceres (the crops), Gaia (the Earth), and of course Bacchus (wine), Venus (love), and Mars (war). Some of these gods demanded tribute and sacrifice.

Christianity, the worship of one forgiving God, slowly absorbed or eliminated its pagan rivals. The popes in Rome came to lead a Catholic empire of Christians.

Flashback 2009: John Kerry's epic fail on an ice-free Arctic by 2015

kerryWhen John Kerry was still a powerful Democrat from Massachusetts, he stood on the Senate floor on June 25, 2009, and said that in five years, the Arctic would be completely ice free (see video at end). Except that prediction, like so many others made by climate alarmists, failed on every level. Kerry also berated fellow senator James Inhofe (R) on his global warming beliefs, who has gone on the record saying that these very same predictions about catastrophic global warming effects are nothing more than fearmongering.

In 2009, Kerry told the Senate, "You have sea ice which is melting at a rate that the Arctic Ocean now increasingly is exposed. In five years, scientists predict we will have the first ice free Arctic summer." Kerry's divinations on an ice-free Arctic were so off the mark that you have to wonder why, in his position as Secretary of State, he keeps predicting that climate change disasters are just around the corner.

The ocean is rising at a quick snails pace

tidal gaugeTidal gaugeWell, well, well, the global warming — no, let me correct myself — climate change alarmists are at it again.

I awaken this morning to the catastrophic news headline on the Internet that “Sea Level Rise Accelerating, say Scientists.” Man, that sounds pretty bad. Before long, I will be able to go to Dothan if I want to spend a week at the beach. New York City will be underwater and Savannah will be like Atlantis — spoken about, but long gone.

These headlines were based upon an international team of scientists who published a report in a publication called Nature Climate Change. I’m no forensic investigator, but do you think a magazine named Nature Climate Change might have a little leaning one way or the other? I suspect if there is no claimed climate change, there is no need for the publication.

Toyota Challenges Tesla With A Hydrogen Car

MiraiTesla Motors founder Elon Musk recently introduced a new line of batteries to help solve the energy storage problems with his luxury electric cars. Too bad for him Toyota’s plans for a hydrogen powered car could upend Musk’s designs.

The Toyota Mirai, a four-seater sedan, is challenging Tesla’s Model S for the spot of “car of the future,” getting its power from hydrogen tanks under the sedan’s seats instead of relying electricity and battery storage.

The scandal of sea levels — rising trends, acceleration — largely created by adjustments

ocean wavesHeadlines across Australia yesterday told us the dire news that a new study finds that “Sea level rising faster in past 20 years than in entire 20th century.   A new paper by Watson et al is driving the headlines, but underneath this Nature paper is a swamp of adjustments, an error larger than the signal, and the result disagrees with many other studies and almost all the raw measurements. Paper after paper kept showing that sea levels rates had slowed (e.g Chen showed deceleration from 2004, Cazenave said in the last decade sea-levels had slowed 30% (but argued post hoc adjustments could solve that). Beenstock used 1000 tide gauges and found no acceleration of sea levels over the last 50 years. A different researcher — Phil Watson, found that Australian sea levels rose faster before World War II then slowed down.)

Obama's Energy Regulations Will Cost $460 Billion To Implement

Shown here is water vapor leaving a tailpipeShown here is water vapor leaving a tailpipe.Between 2009 and 2015, the Obama administration enacted energy and environmental regulations that will cost a total of $460.5 billion to implement, with the most expensive coming as a result of President Obama's push for cleaner greenhouse gas emissions, according to data from the American Action Forum (AAF).

During those years, the administration finalized 275 energy and environmental regulations, each averaging about $1.75 billion. Twenty-nine regulations cost $1 billion or more each to implement, reported The Daily Caller.

Record Antarctic sea ice causing serious problems for scientists

antarcticRob Wooding, the operations manager of the Australian Antarctic Division, told the media on Monday that growing sea ice around Antarctica is creating 'serious problems' for scientists studying the continent. Mawson Station, the longest continuously operated outpost in Antarctica, has relied on access to a nearby bay, which is increasingly becoming more complicated by sea ice blocking the way.

Wooding said "We are noticing that the sea ice situation is becoming more difficult." This briefing was in preparation of "two days of meetings between top Antarctic science and logistics experts in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania."

We Were Wrong About Climate Refugees

Mawson stationMawson stationIt’s a difficult thing to admit when you are wrong. Several years ago, the United Nations suggested we would soon have to deal with refugees fleeing the impact of climate change. Many of us, myself included, scoffed at the idea. But new evidence has emerged, and it would be a failure of personal integrity to reject the now undeniable reality, that we were wrong.

The Australian newspaper reports that the dangerously rapid growth of Antarctic ice is threatening the viability of the Mawson Antarctic research station.