“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Vote to Save the Nation!

YikesNo previous election has ever held the fate of the nation in its hands since the reelection of Abraham Lincoln in the midst of the Civil War. If Obama is elected, he will continue his agenda to drive this nation to the point of financial collapse and leave behind millions of Americans without jobs or any hope for the future.

And that includes the liberal retards who will vote for him in an election that is, according to the pundits, too close to call. There is something terribly frightening to contemplate that half the voters will vote to continue his planned destruction and his potential for declaring himself President for Life. He is the classic tyrant.

Another triumph of central planning by green politicians

English: Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gil...

Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

February 2011:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Minister for Innovation Kim Carr today welcomed the launch of the Australian-made Holden Cruze at the company’s Elizabeth Plant in South Australia.

The Gillard Government is very proud to have supported the production of this low emission car through a $149 million investment from the Government’s New Car Plan for a Greener Future.

 February 2012:

Let us look at the Holden Ltd Enterprise Agreement. It was made with six unions… Between 1997 and 2010 the company gave pay increases of 63.33 per cent, a median increase of 4.87 per cent a year, hardly appropriate for a struggling business relying on government support… Yet the agreement prohibits the company from increasing, decreasing or rearranging the workforce without union approval… Holden cannot choose the labour hire company; they can only use a business selected by the unions.

Superstorm Sandy triggers climate blame game

sandyspace2382471b[emphasis added] … The perspective of the UK Met Office - which prides itself on tropical storm forecasts - is instructive for the degree of its caution.

For a start, the view is that the most accurate record of hurricanes - essential for any comparison - only stretches back to the start of the satellite era in the late 1970s.

Before then, there is no way of knowing whether storms which developed at sea then stayed out at sea and grew or died unseen and unrecorded. So the exact frequency and power of ALL tropical storms is only known for 30 years or so - too short a period, say Met Office scientists, to form a proper judgment.

Climate Change Truth File

stackoffoldersNew guide to climate issues in easy to read question and answer format: CFACT's 'Climate Change Truth File' -- Send to your local political leaders, teachers and neighbors…

Sample FAQs:

  • CO2 is a greenhouse gas and it has been rising steadily. How can you deny global warming?
  • Haven’t the past few years shown global warming to be worse than we thought?
  • If CO2 is not the main driver of global temperatures, what is? The Sun?

Fractured fairy tales

English: Schematic of hydraulic frakturing for...

Schematic of hydraulic frakturing for coal gas and shale gas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have boosted shale gas production from zero a few years ago to 10% of all US energy supplies in 2012, observes energy analyst Daniel Yergin. Fracking has also increased US oil production 25% since 2008 – almost all on state and private lands, and in the face of more federal land and resource withdrawals, permitting delays and declining public land production.

In the process, the fracking revolution created 1.7 million jobs in oil fields, equipment manufacturing, legal and information technology services, and other sectors. It will generate over $60 billion this year in state and federal tax and royalty revenues, reduce America’s oil import bill by $75 billion, and save us $100 billion in imported liquefied natural gas, concludes a new IMF Global Insight analysis.

Climate link to Sandy invalid

Dr. Martin HoerlingDr. Martin Hoerling (NOAA)AUSTRALIA'S Climate Commission has misrepresented data from the leading US meteorological bureau to highlight a link between climate change and the severity of Superstorm Sandy which this week crippled New York.

In a statement on the disaster that hit North America on Monday, the federal government-sponsored Climate Commission said "all the evidence suggests that climate change exacerbated the severity of Hurricane Sandy".

Matthew England, chairman of the commission's Science Advisory Panel, said it was important to get the message out that storms today were "operating in a different environment than they were 100 years ago".

Don’t blame Sandy on Global Warming

New England Hurricane of 1938 track

New England Hurricane of 1938 track (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a one-hour special on Hurricane Sandy’s toll, NBC News anchor Brian Williams on Tuesday called the storm “the new norm.” That was a lead-in for Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel to launch the obligatory global-warming discussion as an explanation for the devastating storm.

Everyone from former Vice President Al Gore to Gov. Cuomo has chimed in to blame climate change for Sandy. But calling a single, rogue superstorm “the new norm” is misleading, if not downright naïve.

ManBearPig Resurrected: Is Global Warming To Blame For Sandy's Destruction?

manbearpigAs you know, weather happened in New York City this week, leaving dozens dead, millions without power, and pundits arguing about whether "Global Warming" is an actual thing.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg appears to be on the side of Al Gore and the Inconvenient Truth-ers -- yesterday, the mayor endorsed President Barack Obama in this year's presidential election, citing "climate change" contributing to Hurricane Sandy's wrath as his primary reason.

There will probably be fewer Sandy-like storms in the future

sandycarsWarning: This is a long post. And it is about science. It is devoid of both climate advocacy and denialism.

It only took a hurricane striking new New York City, but climate change is finally an issue in the presidential campaign. On Thursday, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg cited climate change as a primary reason why he endorsed President Obama.

Bloomie endorses Obama; Cites climate change as reason

English: New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

New York Mayor, Nanny Bloomberg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is anyone really that surprised? Romney should be dancing in the streets he didn't get Mayor Bloomie's endorsement. From AP (emphasis added):

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire politician who has switched party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to independent, on Thursday endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election, citing his leadership on climate change.

What leadership? Bankrupt wind and solar power companies? Misguided loans to green energy fiascos?

Roger Pielke Jr.: Hurricanes and Human Choice

The only accurate part of this Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover is "stupid"The only accurate part of this Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover is "stupid"[The below article was written by Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. and appeared in the October 31, 2012 of the Wall Street Journal. Selected excerpts are reprinted below.]

Roger Pielke Jr.: Hurricanes and Human Choice - Wall Street Journal - October 31, 2012

'Sandy was terrible, but we're currently in a relative hurricane 'drought.' Connecting energy policy and disasters makes little scientific sense.'

Nobel cause corruption?

Description: Front side (obverse) of one of th...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[h/t to Gator] The National Review decided to offer congratulations to Dr. Mann, they write:

Honoring Michael Mann’s Nobel Prize

To mark Michael Mann’s Nobel Prize, we bought this full-page ad that ran in today’s Penn State student newspaper.

Rich Lowry is the editor of National Review.