If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.
–Albert Einstein

So Predictable: Politico's 'Pro' Subscription Service Features Two 'Climate Change' Stories in Its Top Four

Bill McKibbenBill McKibbenPolitico promises readers who sign up for its subscription "Pro" service they they will have "No boring stories telling you things you already know."

Well, there's nothing more predictable and boring than stories about global warming and climate change which appear every time there's a major hurricane, serious flooding, or other weather-related catastrophe. Yet, as will be seen after the jump, the supposedly non-boring Politico Pro front page has two such stories in its top four.

Blaming Hurricane Sandy on the greedy and industrious is just as mad as blaming it on gays

English: Bill McKibben speaks at Rochester Ins...

Bill McKibben (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After every natural disaster that occurs these days, we do two things. First, we guffaw or shake our heads in stern disapproval at those religious freaks who blame said disaster on mankind’s sin. And second, we nod in vigorous agreement with those eco-experts who blame said disaster on man-made climate change. And yet, the impulse behind both forms of finger-pointing, behind both the Bible basher’s harebrained claims that deviant people brought this disaster upon mankind and the environmentalist’s insistence that the disaster is actually the fault of industry and pollution, is the same – it’s about doing that very Medieval thing of finding someone or something to blame for scary natural occurrences. Only where Christian zealots blame sinning mankind, green zealots blame industrious mankind.

Announcement: WUWT-TV to counter Al Gore’s ’24 Hours of Climate Reality’ with live webcast

English: Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming

Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WUWT-TV to debut on November 14th to counter Al Gore’s “Dirty Weather Telethon” on November 14th and 15th

Al Gore is forming another 24 hour media event on November 14th, focusing on “dirty weather”, which you can read about here. It is yet another example of what has been called “Tabloid Climatology”.

Gore’s program is another transparent attempt to link climate and weather, and to make people fearful of common weather events that we’ve seen all throughout history. WUWT hosted a 24 hour event last year, thanks to the talents of our contributing cartoonist, Josh.  You can review that here.

'This is not some spell conjured upon us by great external forces....unless you believe in the monster flicks of Universal Studios fame!'

frankenstormNOAA's Martin Hoerling rejects 'Frankenstorm' climate link: 'This is not some spell conjured upon us by great external forces....unless you believe in the monster flicks of Universal Studios fame!'  -- Meteorologist Hoerling of NOAA: 'The immediate cause is most likely little more than the coincidental alignment of a tropical storm with an extratropical storm. Both frequent W. Atlantic in Oct....nothing unusual with that'

Who were the SECRET 28 who ended all climate debate at the BBC?

BBC TV Centre

BBC TV Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Far from the Jimmy Savile scandal, the director of BBC News Helen Boaden took the witness stand in London today.

A squad of Beeb legal staff, including two barristers, crammed into a small court room to support the £354,000-a-year news chief against her opponent, a North Wales pensioner who was accompanied only by his wife. The case is a six-year freedom of information battle in which the BBC is refusing to disclose who attended a seminar it held in 2006.

Stay Tuned: They're coming out of the woodwork, people

falling skiesBill McKibben says Hurricane Sandy is a "terrifying look" at our future. He's scared, people. S-C-A-R-E-D. The skies are falling, but from ocean-warming aliens not of this world!  Emphasis added:

Sandy, the hurricane that appears set to pummel the East Coast, promises a historic potential for damage and a terrifying look at what may be in store for us in a post-climate change worldever more frequent assaults of not-so-natural origin.

Climate change: no consensus on consensus

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 23JAN08 - Rajendra K. Pacha...

Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairman, IPCC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The manufactured consensus of the IPCC has had the unintended consequences of distorting the science, elevating the voices of scientists that dispute the consensus, and motivating actions by the consensus scientists and their supporters that have diminished the public’s trust in the IPCC.

Our paper has just been accepted for publication.  A link to the final manuscript is provided here [consensus paper revised final].  Below is a ‘reader’s digest’ version of the main arguments made in this paper

Germany’s Christian Democrats Commit Green Suicide

cuttingHosePeople who make themselves green will be gobbled up by goats. --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Germany’s modern populace who live in cities and no longer vote for the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) are beginning again to look for a political party they can vote for. Especially in the affluent Southwest of the Republic the conservative party is under growing threat by the green party. First the CDU lost the state election in Baden-Wuerttemberg to the Greens, and now they also lost the mayoral election in Stuttgart to the Green Party. In Germany, the electorate today is divided along these lines: those who vote for the authentic Greens, those who stay at home, and those who do not change their voting behaviour. As a result, the decline of the party of Konrad Adenauer and Ludwig Erhard will not be halted any time soon.--Günter Ederer, Fulder Zeitung, 25 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Message to America

hurricanesandyeWhen Mother Nature demonstrates her extraordinary power, I always hope that people will draw a lesson from it, but they never seem to. Hurricane Sandy is just the latest example of the futility and foolishness of thinking that humans can do anything about a hurricane or similar demonstration of who is really in charge. It is the planet. Not us.

This suspension of common sense is worsened when our President goes on television, as he did last Friday on MTV, to say “I believe the scientists, who say that we are putting too much carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and it is heating the planet and it is going to have a severe effect.” This is literally junk science, long since debunked by legions of scientists who know that carbon dioxide has nothing to do with the Earth’s temperature. The planet has been in a cooling cycle since 1998.

Mike’s Nobel Trick

whiteoutPreviously on Law & Order:

Last Monday, hockey-stick progenitor Michael Mann filed suit in DC Superior Court against me, NR, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Rand Simberg. I noticed on the press release (published on his Facebook page) that Dr Mann claimed to have been “awarded the Nobel Peace Prize“, and that on the complaint itself we are accused of the hitherto unknown crime of “defamation of a Nobel prize recipient“.

Michael Mann Retracts False Nobel Prize Claims in Humiliating Climbdown

redactDisgraced Penn State University (PSU) climatologist, Michael Mann, concedes defeat in his bogus claims to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Mann’s employer this weekend began the shameful task of divesting itself of all inflated claims  on university websites and official documentation that Mann was ever a Peace Prize recipient with Al Gore and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Thanks to a tip off from respected climate researcher, Dr. Klaus Kaiser, myself and Tom Richard (who scooped the original Nobel story) obtained “before and after” copy images from Penn State [PSU] websites as records of this damning retraction. (see below).

Week in review 10/27/12

Norwegian Nobel Committee

Norwegian Nobel Committee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Michael Mann saga

The big news, as per the WaPo, is Penn State climate professor sues think tank, National Review.  Excerpts:

In a 37-page complaint filed Monday in D.C. Superior Court, Michael Mann and his attorney John B. Williams, charged the National Review and the Capitol Hill-basedCompetitive Enterprise Institute with six counts including libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Michael Mann has been discussing this via twitter, one statement in particular is creating a stir: