“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Truth. It’s All Greek to UWA Warmists

winthrop hallSummoned from his slumber by the cries of academic freedom and integrity being tortured and dispatched at the University of Western Australia, the ghost of Socrates had a few pointed things to say. After that he asked for his statue be removed from from campus.

The University of Western Australia’s magnificent Winthrop Hall is dedicated to Socrates. Now there was a courageous chap. He knew the difference between aurum philosophicum and aurum vulgi – between genuine and pseudo-knowledge – and was prepared to say so. This is clearly a skill in short supply on campus, judging by the extraordinary events of last week surrounding the dismissal of Bjorn Lomborg before he had even reported for work.

The BBC on global warming is beyond a joke

Arctic Ice 2The BBC’s relentless efforts to promote the need for that treaty to “decarbonise” the world’s economies they so desperately want to see agreed in December are getting way beyond a joke. On Monday’s Today programme, for instance, they yet again wheeled on that joke figure Lord Stern to tell us that renewable energy now enjoys “very little subsidy or none at all” (don’t tell the owners of offshore wind farms, who imagine they are getting subsidies of more than 200 per cent).

Most energy from fossil fuels, Stern went on, is “heavily subsidised”, to the tune of “$500 billion a year”. Even John Humphrys sounded faintly disbelieving when Stern explained that most of this “subsidy” was the taxation not imposed on fossil-fuel companies for “polluting” the planet.

Do What They Say... Not What They Spray

Barbra Streisand`s California home Barbra Streisand`s California home Kind of synonymous with ironic that the mouthiest Hollywood and music glitterati in the poppycocky finger-shaking-at-others mode are oblivious of the water crisis in their literal own backyards in California, judging by current flyover pics.

Famously private Barbra Streisand, Babs herself, a huge blabber-lip when it comes to backing (religiously Democrat) candidates attacking us for climate infractions and the improper use of our resources, flora and fauna, keeps her huge grounds lemonade fresh.

People, people who dislike people -- are the selfish-est people . .

Just as Kim (Selfie) Kardashian and Kanye West and their glitterati ilk have lawn and acreage sparkling emerald to the overhead drone and camera eye.

Green Party Turfed Out of Brighton and Hove

greenThe Green Party has been flushed out of power in Brighton and Hove, losing more than half its seats on the south coast council. Labour now have the largest group on the council with 23 seats, but are five short of an overall majority. The Green party has 11, down from 23.

The Conservative party picked up the remaining 20 seats on the council to become the second largest group, again illustrating the rainbow characteristics of a city which returned one Conservative, one Labour and one Green Party MP to Westminster on Thursday.

Tory Victory A Huge Blow To UK Green Energy Industry, Campaigners Warn

cutting wind powerThe conservative election victory has dealt a severe blow to Britain’s green energy industry, campaigners have warned, as the new majority government prepares to scrap crucial subsidies for renewable power; champion the development of polluting shale gas; and make significant cuts to spending. The renewable industry is most worried about the future of onshore wind farm developments, which the Tories have repeatedly dismissed as an unwanted eyesore despite being cheaper than other forms of green energy. --Tom Bawden, The Independent on Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Theology of Climate Change

religionFor a long time I have intended always to carry a small notebook with me when I go to second-hand bookshops to take down a list of the most boring titles ever published. Frequenters of such shops will know what I mean: A History of Banking in Costa Rica 1880 – 1915, Cattle Breeding in Marshland, that kind of thing. Oddly enough, a list of boring titles might in the end be very interesting, in obedience to one of the three purported laws of dialectical materialism: that of the transformation of quantity into quality.

Alas, I have never succeeded in carrying such a notebook with me, not even once. Another notebook I have thought of keeping, but never managed to keep, is one in which to write down the most boring or unreadable paragraphs ever written. Today I happened across a worthy entry to such a notebook in the British Journal of Psychiatry. Full marks (for persistence and determination) for anyone who can read right through to the end of the following:

How Can So Many World Leaders Be So Wrong?

cartoonIn a recent Daily Caller article, Michael Bastach took note of “25 Years of predicting The Global Warming ‘Tipping Point’.” This is the message that the Earth is warming rapidly and, if we don’t abandon the use of fossil fuels for power, it will arrive to wreak destruction on the human race and all life on the planet.

It is astounding how many past and present world leaders are telling everyone this despite the total lack of any real science, nor any actual warming—the Earth has been in a natural cooling cycle since 1997!

At the heart of the global warming—now called climate change—“crisis” has been the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that has been issuing apocalyptic predictions since its inception in 1988. None of its predictions have come true. How could they, based as they are on the false science of computer models, not that based on observable climate events and trends?

Chris Christie talks global warming, Hillary Clinton on immigration

christieAs he meets with voters on his two-day jaunt through New Hampshire, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been fielding questions on everything from climate change to deflate-gate. …snip…

Global warming came up on Thursday, at the Cheshire County Republicans Lincoln Day dinner. There, the New Jersey governor took a strong stand on climate change that sets him apart from the other Republicans running or thinking of running for president. He said, "I think global warming is real. I don't think that's deniable. And I do think human activity contributes to it."

The Iceman Cometh?

sunPresident Obama, Al Gore and other alarmists continue to prophesy manmade global warming crises, brought on by our “unsustainable” reliance on fossil fuels. Modelers like Mike Mann and Gavin Schmidt conjure up illusory crisis “scenarios” based on the assumption that carbon dioxide emissions now drive climate change. A trillion-dollar Climate Crisis industry self-servingly echoes their claims.

But what if these merchants of fear are wrong? What if the sun refuses to cooperate with the alarmists?

Tory Majority Means Full Speed Ahead For UK Shale Revolution

PowerThe Conservative Party’s victory in the UK General Election means that it will be able to put its own man in at the top of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The result of the election should help to move forward the establishment of an onshore shale gas industry in the UK as the Conservatives are fully behind drilling for shale gas in the country. --Jon Mainwaring, Rig Zone, 8 May 2015

David Cameron’s 2014 commitment to go ‘all out for shale gas’ may have been a controversial one, but now he has secured power this could be huge news for the oil and gas industry in the UK.  --Oil Voice, 8 May 2015

Proposed Alaskan habitat will do little to stop polar bear deaths

habitatA quiet little story that appeared on Reuters mid-week came and went with little fanfare. Before a U.S. district court, a coalition of oil industry groups and Alaska Natives successfully won an order to vacate the government's polar habitat that was designated in 2013. And while the Obama administration plans to appeal that ruling, the decision to "list large swathes of the Arctic as necessary for the conservation" of polar bears has been rescinded. And for good reason.

Every ten years, for periods of 2-3 years, polar bears literally die from starvation. The cause? Thick spring ice conditions in the Southern Beaufort regions of Alaska, which prevents the polar bears from eating. But the Obama administration is determined to overturn that ruling even though the move wouldn't protect these large mammals from dying.