“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Predicting Earthquakes. Not.

new madrid earthquakeThe president of the Space and Science Research Corporation, John Casey, is also the author of “Cold Sun: A Dangerous ‘Hibernation’ of the Sun Has Begun!” and has called attention to a meteorological cycle that until the global warming hoax occurred, was largely unknown to many people and, to a large degree still is.

Nature has not cooperated with the charlatans who made claims about a dramatic warming of the Earth. Since 1998 the planet along with the Sun has been in a solar cycle distinguished by very few, if any, sun spots—evidence of solar storms—and a cooling of the Earth that has some predicting a forthcoming new Little Ice Age.

Reality Check: UN Climate Talks Stall Despite G7 Posturing

un climate confCalls by the Group of Seven (G7) Monday to slash world carbon emissions did little to boost UN climate talks in Bonn, where frustration mounted over the snail-­like progress. Due to end on Friday, the 11­day Bonn talks are tasked with shaping a draft text for the November 30 ­December 11 UN conference in Paris, which must yield a global agreement. But after a week of wrangling, just about five percent had been shaved off a sprawling near ­90 ­page draft, mostly by removing glaring duplications, said delegates. --Agence France-Press, 9 June 2015

In a joint declaration from the G7 summit, leaders of the world’s richest countries called for a global phase-out of fossil fuels for the first time on Monday. That sounds great, but unfortunately, they’re talking about a lax timescale — “over the course of this century.” The leaders also committed to “doing our part to achieve a low-carbon global economy in the long-term,” though they didn’t announce any increased ambitions in cutting carbon in their own economies. --Eric Holthaus, Slate, 8 June 2015

Scientists demonstrate more fallacies of ‘manmade global warming’

earth cloud spaceIt seems that every few weeks we hear or see some scientific data that seriously challenges the politically correct notion that the activities of man, burning fossil fuels for energy, are irreversibly and catastrophically damaging the Earth’s atmosphere and causing global temperatures to rise to dangerous levels.

There are two competing ideas about the last two decades of global temperatures: One says temperatures have plateaued for the last 18 years, but the other that says the rising temperature trend has continued through that period.

According to a CNS News story Dr. John Christy, professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center (ESSC) at the University of Alabama/Huntsville, argues that there has been no global warming for at least the last 18 years, and bases that position on actual raw temperature data he and fellow University of Alabama/Huntsville professor and NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer collected from 14 instruments aboard various weather satellites.

New York Magazine’s Climate Change-Pushing Jonathan Chait Blown Up by His Own ‘Science Bomb’

scientific method stepsThere’s a long article in the grown-up Australian magazine Quadrant which I wouldn’t expect columnist Jonathan Chait to be capable of finishing, let alone comprehending.

But since it’s quite germane to a silly piece he has published in New York magazine entitled “Scientists Drop Science Bomb on Climate Skeptics,” I thought I might kindly help the afflicted by offering a precis.

The piece is by science writer Matt Ridley (well known to readers of London’s Times, The Wall Street Journal, and of books including Genome and The Rational Optimist) and it’s called”What The Climate Wars Have Done to Science.”

Ridley, formerly a believer in Catastrophic Man Made Warming (CAGW), describes how the scales fell from his eyes and he came to realize that climate change alarmism was a massive fraud akin to Stalin-era Lysenkoism or the persistent myth (invented in the 1950s by Ancel Keys) that dietary fat is the main cause of heart disease.

Retired NASA Scientists Take on Pope

francis popeWith the papal encyclical on climate change scheduled for a June 18 release, the liberal media can be expected to portray the Vatican document as a major step forward for the United Nations agenda of controlling and taxing the use of natural resources by governments and people. But a group of retired NASA scientists is taking on the pope directly, armed with the expertise that has come through decades of planning U.S. space missions and dealing with the most complex and difficult issues of climate science.

Their verdict: the pope is risking his moral status and his credibility.

Global Left’s Machiavellian Misrepresentation of the Pope Is Failing Read

francisThere has not been this kind of palace intrigue at the Vatican since the 1500s. Foreign potentates are making a power grab, trying to seize the moral authority of the papacy for their own, secular ends. Like modern-day courtiers, lay and clerical aides to Pope Francis are slyly assisting these foreign princes from the United Nations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and other such non-friends of Catholicism. In public comments, for months, officials such as Jeffrey Sachs and Ban Ki Moon from the UN, and lay leaders such as Margaret Archer at the Vatican, have been telling the public the pope believes it is time for radical regulatory action on the environment.

Polar Bear Scientists ‘Willfully Blind To The Facts’

Polar Bear AlaskaA new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation accuses scientists of systematically misleading the public, saying that they are blaming changes in polar bear populations on global warming despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In the paper `The Arctic Fallacy’, Dr Susan Crockford, an expert in Arctic mammals, notes that reductions in polar bear populations are clearly linked to thick spring ice, which reduces the availability of the bears’ prey.

Montini versus Ducey on climate change

gov duceyArizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini takes on Governor Ducey and the Arizona legislature in an editorial “Flawed forecast from Ducey and climate change skeptics” in which Montini demonstrates his own ignorance on the subject of climate change.

Montini admits his ignorance by writing “I’m not scientifically equipped to illuminate the governor on this issue.” Nevertheless, he goes on to attempt just that.

Putin and Buffett’s war on U.S. pipelines

gas methaneAbundant, reliable, affordable oil and natural gas empower people. They support job creation, mobility, modern agriculture, homes and hospitals, computers and communications, lights and refrigerators, life and study after sundown, indoor plumbing, safe drinking water, less disease and longer lives.

Hydrocarbons make plastics, pharmaceuticals and synthetic clothing. They create fertilizers and pesticides, to improve crop yields, reduce food prices and improve nutrition.

How Many Lousy Predictions Until Error Is Admitted?

How long does it take for an expert who has, year upon year after year, made predictions of unrealized doom, an expert hailed heeded and hearkened to by the whole world, to admit error? Answer: forever. He never will, and neither will most of his admirers.

NOAA Scientists Can't Find The Heat, So They Start A Fire

cartoon scienceThat pause in warming since about 1998, which we've been talking about for some years, doesn't actually exist, a new paper insists. Researchers wouldn't play with the data, now, would they?

Of course they would. In fact, the agenda-driven, politically saturated science behind the global warming scare demands that they do.

The paper, published in Science magazine and written by a team from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, claims the missing heat was there all the time. It was merely hidden from view by "data biases."

Yes, there are biases at work here, but not the ones the NOAA paper is referring to.

Sen. Whitehouse has lost all perspective

sheldonLast Sunday, in The Washington Post ("The fossil-fuel industry’s campaign to mislead the American people"), Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., called for his opponents in the global warming debate to be charged under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, the law designed to put organized crime bosses in prison. His logic seems to be that there’s a vast conspiracy being perpetrated against the American public regarding global warming by the fossil-fuel industry.

From where I sit, neither side in this debate has much credibility left. It doesn’t take any conspiracy by the fossil-fuel industry to come to this conclusion. The “truthers” have taken care of that all by themselves. Al Gore, in his 2007 movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” told us that the polar ice caps would be devoid of ice by 2013. Guess what didn’t happen?