No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right;
a single experiment can prove me wrong.

–Albert Einstein

Obama Rebuffed As Superpowers Refuse To Sign Arctic Climate Agreement

mapOn Sunday and Monday, foreign ministers and other international leaders met in Anchorage, Alaska to attend the Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic. As a sign of the importance the United States placed on the Alaska forum, President Barack Obama attended. He used the conference as a platform for urging swifter action to combat climate change. After the conference, the representatives of the Arctic Council members signed a joint statement affirming “our commitment to take urgent action to slow the pace of warming in the Arctic.” China said that it needed more time to review the document before signing. But RT had a different take, saying that China and India “opted not to sign the document” because “reducing emissions entails huge expenditure and loss of economic effectiveness.” The failure to come to an agreement at the GLACIER conference sends a troubling signal for the Paris summit, and for U.S.-China cooperation in general. --Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat, 1 September 2015

The Tyranny of Consensus

cartoon-settled-scienceNever mind that climate change is the single most complex scientific question of human history. Human nature has managed to morph politics and science together into a repulsive, philosophic monstrosity -- half science and half religion -- specifically designed to reduce multifaceted, chaos-based theory and its inherent, profound complexity to absurdly simple computer modeled abstractions.

This was accomplished for a reason, of course: specifically so that billions of dollars in global taxes may be levied at the point of a gun against the specter of anthropogenic climate change. It was carefully planned that way from the outset, and it was successfully leveraged upon a single event embedded within Western thought: the undetected collapse of the most fundamental understanding of the philosophy of science itself. This is not a complaint against anthropogenic climate change -- for the jury is certainly still out on that question. But there is a full-frontal attack against science itself that has been mounted in its name.

Renaming Mount McKinley Obama's Insult To Competence

pres mckinleyPresident Obama says he's changing the name of Alaska's Mt. McKinley to Denali. Given President McKinley's record on racial healing, fiscal discipline, global power and disaster response, Obama's got some timing.

Ohioans were right to take President Obama's unilateral changing of the name of the 20,200-foot peak to Mount Denali as an insult.

The mountain, North America's highest, was named after one of America's best presidents, William McKinley, a native of Canton, Ohio. Now, after nearly 100 years, at the current president's whim, the mountain will be called by its Native American name.

McKinley Who?

McKinleyIf you’d mentioned the name of the 25th president before this week, that’s the answer you would have gotten from about everyone except some Ohioans and the residents of a small California city (more about them later).

President Obama changed all that with his announcement that the nation’s highest peak, Mt. McKinley, would be officially renamed “Denali” by his secretary of the interior. Never mind that a 1917 Act of Congress had designated it as “Mt. McKinley.” As we know, Acts of Congress don’t matter when Obama’s working on his most important priority, his “legacy.”

Three Facts to Counter Obama’s Alaska Global Warming Hype

Arctic Ice 2I applaud President Obama for visiting Alaska. I have family there, and it is a state often forgotten when the White House schedules presidential trips. But Obama’s reason for going — to highlight the results of man-caused climate change — is fraudulent. Humans are not causing global warming in Alaska or anywhere else on the globe.

Here follow three facts to counter the nonsense you will hear this week. And by “facts” I mean data collected by incorruptible sources, not predictions based on dodgy computer climate models or readings from land-based stations that skew recorded temperatures upward, keeping alive the ever-failing hypothesis of man-caused global warming.

Another BBQ Summer Fiasco: Met Office Gets It Wrong (Again)

rainThe Met Office has defended its forecast for a hot, dry summer despite some areas looking set to have the most rain since records began. As summer officially came to a close amid extreme downpours on Monday, the forecaster was left facing questions about why it predicted a ‘drier-than-average’ season even though a strong El Nino climate event was expected. In May the Met Office said that it ‘wouldn’t expect (El Nino) to be the dominant driver of our weather’ in the summer months. Yet this weekend Met Office chief scientist Professor Dame Julia Slingo said that the El Nino phenomenon had disturbed weather patterns, which might have been predicted. “We all know that forecasting months and seasons ahead is still in its infancy and much more research needs to be done.”--Sarah Knapton, The Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2015

The Adventure of the Antarctic Anomaly

antarcticaIt all began on an unusually cold and windy July day on my return from a summer holiday in Lapland. “Welcome home, Watson. How good to see you again,” Holme-Truth said, on opening the door to our rooms. After the reindeers and rigors of travel, it was a relief to be reacquainted with 221B Baker Street. For the truth is I had grown fond of Sherlock’s scientific charts, the acid-charred bench of chemicals, the violin-case in the corner, the coal scuttle full of old pipes and other narcotic paraphernalia.

We sat down to lunch in front of the fire. Holme-Truth suddenly asked me about the steps leading up from the hall.

“Watson, you have frequently seen them, have you not?”

Obama Fixates On Climate, Ignores Faltering Economy

obamaAnyone who studied U.S. history remembers Seward's Folly — America's purchase of Alaska by then-Secretary of State William H. Seward. Today in the 49th state, the president is carrying out folly of his own.

Russia's price tag for Alaska in 1867 was $7.2 million — or 2 cents an acre for a land area twice the size of Texas. At the time, it was seen as an inflated price, but Alaska was soon recognized as strategically important for national security and rich with natural resources — first gold, then oil and gas.

Obama's apocalyptic Alaskan scenario more fiction than fact

obama alaskaPresident Obama kicked off his three-day tour of Alaska to highlight global warming by commending the work of GLACIER on Monday, saying world leaders weren't doing enough to "stop global warming." Obama is visiting carefully choreographed areas that appear to show the negative consequences of a warming world. This apocalyptic doom and gloom has been the hallmark of his second term, even as much more tangible threats such as ISIS and Iran are considered far more pressing than climate change.

What he didn't discuss was that each of the sites he is visiting was carefully chosen ahead of time to show the apparent effects of global warming. As Steven Goddard of the popular science blog Real Science noted, Alaskan glaciers had lost half their mass before 1950, long before the Industrial revolution took off around the world.

London’s low-emission zone fails to improve air quality

low zone(h/t Raining Sky) Bad news for people with asthma – and London motorists. Attempts to clean up the city’s air by charging drivers of polluting vehicles to enter a “low emission zone” didn’t get off to a good start.

Launched in 2008, the zone requires coaches, lorries and buses that fail to meet low-emission standards to pay a charge to enter the city. The scheme was projected to deliver drastic reductions in polluting gases and particles – levels of nitrogen oxides were predicted to drop 10 per cent in 2012, for example. But in its first three years, there was no change in air quality, says Frank Kelly at King’s College London.

How Our Vision of Climate Is 'Atmospherically Biased'

Figure 1.) Antarctic Penguins afloat a melting iceberg.Figure 1. Antarctic Penguins afloat a melting iceberg.When it comes to understanding climate trends, many people are extremely biased. Atmospherically biased.

Why? The atmosphere affects our lives in very tangible ways every day: the morning drive to work, our children’s soccer game, our dress, and, yes, even our state of mind. These daily atmospheric variation experiences (the “weather”) cloud our vision of what actually drives longer term climate trends. Stated in another way, most people incorrectly assume that daily weather patterns and long-term climate trends are both driven by the same singular force: the atmosphere.

Except they aren’t.

Obama panders on Mt. McKinley, disses great Republican president

Obama's previous visit to Alaska was to an AFB before taking off.Obama's previous visit to Alaska was to an AFB. He never actually visited any other parts of the state.President Obama is declaring that Mt. McKinley henceforth shall be named Mt. Denali, after the Athabascan tribal name despite the fact that legislation to do so has failed. The New York Sun editorializes:

…legislation has been before Congress to change the name, but the Congress has decided not to do so. If the Supreme Court has been clear about anything it has been that the failure of Congress to act doesn’t amount to license for the other branches to act. (snip)

[Denali is] the name the state’s senior senator, Lisa Murkowski, sought to attach to the mountain via legislation she earlier this year introduced, to no effect. Legislators from Ohio understood better, and moved to block the measure. William McKinley may never have been to the mountain, but he was an important and assassinated president.